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Publication Order of Heaven is For Real Books

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back (With: Lynn Vincent) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Changes Everything: Living Every Day with Eternity in Mind (With: Sonja Burpo) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Changes Everything: The Rest of Our Story (With: Sonja Burpo) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven is for Real for Little Ones (With: Sonja Burpo) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Is for Real: And He Longs to Answer Your Most Difficult Questions (With: David Drury) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Todd Burpo is a Christian non-fiction author and a pastor at Wesleyan. The dedicated family man also works as a volunteer fireman. When he is not sharing the word of God with his congregation or helping in his community, the author enjoys spending time with his wife, Sonja, and children. Together, this couple has four children. There is the eldest girl Cassie, followed by Colton, a younger brother Colby and the unnamed sister that Colton met in heaven.

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real is a Christian story that emphasizes the presence of Jesus, angels, and life after death. The story introduces Colton Burpo, a three-year-old boy who is said to have gone to heaven and come back after a near-death experience. It all starts when Colton gets real sick. His parents take him to the hospital only for the doctor to say that all tests came out negative. With nothing but some meds for a stomach bug, Colton is taken back home, and his parents hope that he will be feeling okay soon. Unfortunately, this young boy doesn’t get better. A few days later, and now almost unconscious, Colton is rushed to another doctor, and he is immediately admitted.

It turns out that Colton’s appendix had ruptured. For days, the poison from the appendix had been going through his bloodstream, which explained the nausea and frequent vomiting. This young child had not eaten for days and is very close to death when he gets to another hospital. An emergency appendectomy is scheduled, and Colton is put under anesthesia. This is when he undergoes the out-of-body experience. Colton’s parents are overjoyed when their son comes out of theatre alive. Given his condition when being wheeled to the theatre, they never thought that they would see their son again. What surprises them is that Colton starts to talk about heaven and the events that happened as doctors were working to save his life.

According to Colton, he went to heaven and met with Jesus, angels, sister, and grandpa. He talked about life in heaven and God’s love for us. The young boy even shares with his parent’s events that happened way before he was born. As he was enjoying spending time with Jesus, he also looked down on earth to see his mom pray over the phone as his dad cried. For a three-year-old, the descriptions were so detailed there is no way this young boy would have heard them from someone else. For Example, the details on what Jesus was wearing were so accurate when placed against those recorded in the bible. To test his son, Colton’s father asks him many questions and his answers remain clear for a long time.

It was initially hard for Colton’s parents to come to terms with the truth. However, the more the young boy talked about his experiences, the more the parents were convinced that he had experienced heaven. How else would he know about his miscarried sister, who no over talked to him about? The young boy also talked about meeting his grandfather, who had died about 30 years before his birth. How did this young boy know about all these things if not from heaven? Colton talked about the big horse Jesus rode and God sitting on his big chair. He also mentioned something about the holy spirit and how he often shot power down to earth to help someone in need.

This is an extraordinary and beautiful story about a boy who went to heaven and came back to share the love of God with the world. The story is told in the child’s disarming innocence using simple words that even the young ones will understand. Colton’s story comes through questions asked by his father. The parents also explain how they came to believe that their son had indeed gone to heaven and sat on Jesus’s lap. Given the love Jesus had for young children when he was on earth, this is not farfetched. The young boy’s detailed descriptions about how things look like in heaven matched whatever is written in the bible.

If you are a believer, this book will inspire you. There is life after death, and those who believe in Christ do go to heaven after they die. Imagine living in a beautiful place where death and pain don’t exist? What about that new body that doesn’t age or suffer from disease? Colton had a chance to see all this, and you can be sure that you will experience it when your time to go to heaven comes. To give more power to his son’s words, the author highlights the parts in the bible that are in line with Colton’s testimony. You will enjoy going over these verses and hearing once again the loving nature of God.

Even for people who do not believe in heaven or God, this is a good book. It is amazing witnessing Colton’s recovery after a sickness that almost took his life. The parents cannot hide their joy, and they are more than happy to share their son’s testimony to the world. This story flows well, and the writing is done from the point of a young child. Colton is very bright for his age, and you cannot help but wonder how he is doing now and what he thinks about his out-of-body experience.

Heaven is Real paints a perfect picture of the life those who believe in Jesus are going to enjoy. According to Colton, there are no old people in heaven. This moving story will change the way you look at eternity. As a Christian, it serves as encouragement that there is another good life waiting for you. Do not be surprised if this story by a three-year-old turns you into a believer. The first part of this story is heartbreaking, given the child almost loses his life. His recovery is quite inspirational, and the changes he experiences after meeting Jesus are worth writing about.

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