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Bale was born in 1966 in Brighton in the United Kingdom. He has not always been an author. He has held a number of different jobs. He worked as a claims negotiator, a project manager, and a retail assistant. However, he says that none of the jobs have been quite so tiring as the years that he spent being a stay at home husband with his two children at preschool ages.

Tom has been writing from a very young age. He began writing when he was seven years old. Some time would pass and when he was fifteen years old, he was able to write and finish his very first novel. He continued to write and over the years amassed many rejections for his work. But after two decades he got an agent and then Random House signed him to a book deal. As a result, he now writes on a full time basis.

Today Tom resides with his family in Brighton. He likes to go swimming in the sea when he can and the weather is good. Tom also has hobbies that include reading, going on bike rides, and walking. He admits that he probably spends more time online than he should.

He is the author of several full length novels. His first to be published came out in 2009 and is titled Skin and Bones.

Skin and Bones is the first novel from British author Tom Bale. If you have not checked out any of his work yet, be sure to start with one of his early classics!

A small village in Sussex has no idea what is waiting for it. It’s a cold early morning in January, and little does the town know that they are in for a nightmare in the making.

A young man that has become deranged makes a choice to go on a rampage. The man goes on a shooting spree and shoots at all people that he comes across before ultimately choosing to end his own life. It’s a horrible event to have happened, and the village is reeling with the senselessness of it all.

Still, everyone knows that these things do happen and they do their best to adjust. After all, shootings happen every day across the world. Julia Trent is thought to be the only person that went through this shooting and survived. But she has information on the event that others don’t. She knows that this was not the actions of just one person working solo. There was a second man that was personally involved in this shooting.

However, Julia was also horribly injured after being shot during this event. So no one is really paying close attention to what she has to say about the massacre. Still, she knows that there was another person involved and it isn’t being reported by the media. It’s possible that others don’t even know anything about this at all.

Julia doesn’t want this information to be lost but no one will listen to her. She decides to reach out to the son of one of the shooting’s victims, a journalist named Craig Walker. The two team up and Julia is determined to do whatever it takes to get out there and find out the truth about what really happened.

Working with Craig, they both start to follow up on clues from the case. But the deeper they go, the more that they find that they may be delving into a conspiracy that doesn’t want to come to light. The pair find out more information as they go along. One of the biggest pieces of information that they find out is that the killings may not have even started on that January day but long before that.

Craig and Julia are also starting to understand that perhaps this is not the end of the violence. In fact, it might just be the beginning. Can the two do what it takes to put a stop to this for good? Or will they find that they are too close to the truth to avoid becoming targets? Read this interesting thriller for yourself to find out!

Terror’s Reach is the second full length fictional novel to come out from Tom Bale. If you read Skin and Bones or another one of his novels, then be sure to check this story out and see what you think!

Terror’s Reach is the name of an island located on England’s south coast. The exclusive island is not meant for outsiders. It is the home to two business tycoons in particular that are both rivals. Robert Felton and Valentin Nasenko both reside here.

One hot May weekend, the island is totally unprepared for what’s in store for it. A group of killers has targeted the island and everyone who lives there is threatened. There’s only one person out there that could possibly save its residents and liberate them from this band of cold killers.

Joe Clayton lost everything around four years ago when an undercover operation with the police went horribly wrong. He lost his family as well as his career, and never even saw it coming. Now he’s had to take on a different identity together, living with the wreckage of his former life. He tried many different jobs, never finding an ideal fit.

One day he found himself in a new job. He’s a bodyguard for Nasenko’s family, which includes his wife as well as her children. That’s how he found himself on the island when the killers came. It’s his job to make sure that they get out of this alive, which is going to mean calling upon what he knows from the past as well as great inner strength.

This scenario may be more involved than anyone can now, however. Joe is quickly finding himself in the middle of a battle between two different forces. He’s got to figure out what the right move is, and fast. They say that there’s treasure hidden on the island. But is it a prize or a trap? Read this intriguing novel to find out!

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  1. Robin Powell.: 2 years ago

    Dear Tom.
    I have just finished the ninth book written by you (Survive) and I beleive this is your latest offering, although I do remember you saying you had another three in the pipeline. Have they come to fruitition yet or are you havinbg agrdening leave at present!!!
    I would be grateful if you could update me, so as I do not losse track of your excellent works./
    Kindly yours Robin M. Powell.


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