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Tom Barber is a writer of international political thriller and detective mysteries set in England the United States. His most popular work is the “Sam Archer” series of novels, the first of which was the 2012 published “Nine Lives” that went on to spawn several more titles in the still ongoing series. Barber was born in Sydney Australia, before his parents moved him around from England to Brunei. As a child, he had always loved storytelling and writing, and could be found with his nose in a novel for most of his childhood and teenage years. After clearing high school, he proceeded to Nottingham University in the UK, where he studied English Studies graduating with a Bachelor in 2009. Post-graduation, he decided to indulge his interest in the arts and moved to New York City. In New York, he went to The William Esper Studio where he enrolled for 2 year Meisner Acting course that involved screenwriting and acting programs.

He returned to England in 2011 and set about writing his debut novel “Nine Lives” that went on to become an Amazon Kindle bestseller, with subsequent titles in the Sam Archer series going on to become five star reviewed novels on Amazon Kindle UK. His series of novels has sold more than 50, 000 books worldwide, which is not surprising, given the prolific nature of the author who wrote eight titles in three and a half years since the debut. The lead character of Tom Barber’s series of novels is Sam Archer, a British intelligence operative who turns into an FBI operative halfway into the series as he migrates to the US. Barber is currently in his late twenties and shuttles between the UK and the US researching his books. He hates bad weather and coffee, and loves a good thriller and the movies.

Tom Barbers lead character in the Sam Archer series of novels is Sam Archer, a British intelligence operative working with an elite unit of the police force known as the Armed Response Unit (ARU). Over the course of the series, Sam moves to the United States and works as an ARU member in conjunction with US intelligence before he becomes a fully-fledged member of the Counter Terrorism Bureau of the NYPD. Sam starts out as one of the youngest members of his team at only 26 years of age, though there are a few colleagues such as Danny White that are only about three years older than him. Over the course of the series, Sam and his teams have to deal with a range of explosive action ranging from grisly murders by the mob, two-bit criminals terrorizing residents of London, kidnappers threatening his family and the ARU and the Counter terrorism bureau, and Kosovan terrorists. Tom Barber spices it up with some little bit of romance by making Sam some kind of James Bond character. Archer often finds romance with several of the women he rescues or partners with in his crime fighting endeavors in the US and the UK.

The Sam Archer series by Tom Barber are action-packed suspenseful thrillers that take one on a wild ride right from the very first page to the last. The novels in the series are fantastic stories following different criminals who threaten national security, ordinary people on the streets, persons close to the lead character and even the agencies of the Counter Terrorism Bureau and ARU. They often have to deal with hell, as their antagonists are as vicious as they come coming from a wide variety of criminals with strong convictions or determination to do crime. Given the motivations of the criminals and the counter determination of the elite forces, the novels are full of high-energy drama and nonstop action in fantastic plot lines. The author conducts his research well and portrays his settings and characters with vivid detail that makes the terror and urgency of the story jump right out of the book. The villains are very well developed and defined, to make for some of the scariest of adversaries a super hero cop has ever had to face. The series brings back characters from the previous titles in subsequent novels, making for some great continuity particularly in terms of the relationships and friendships forged from book to book. They are great fun reads with excellent plot lines and riveting action sequences that will leave any international political and detective thriller fan in thrall.

“Nine Lives”, the first novel of the Sam Archer series and Tom Barber debut novel is set in London’s New Year’s Eve, where a terrorist cell is planning a major attack. The government has had surveillance on the cell, with a man on the inside ready to move in and take them out if their plan escalates. Now the inside man cannot be found, and the cell has disappeared onto the streets putting hundreds or even thousands of lives of Londoners at risk. It is now up to the ARU, the elite counter terrorist team in the country to track down and neutralize the cell. These are not your ordinary terrorists, and even though the ARU prides itself on having professionals with nine lives, they may just have met their match. With crowds celebrating New Year oblivious of the nefarious plot of the terrorists, the Armed Response Unit have to confront one of the most dangerous nights tracking down nine terrorists. Just how many times can the nine officers cheat death before they run out their mythical lives?

“The Getaway”, the second novel in Tom Barber’s Sam Archer series is a woolly and truly wild narrative happening set on the streets of New York City. Sam Archer has just got the news that his father had been a victim of a vicious murder in New York City. His father had been an ex New York cop that had for the best part of the last decade been working for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He had met his death when someone had callously and in cold blood shot him in the back of the head. Sam is heading to the US to find some rest before he attends his father’s funeral. On the plane, he bumps into FBI Supervisory agent Todd Gerrard who had been one of his father oldest and best of friends. The FBI Agent is in charge of the New York City Federal bank robbery task force. He informs Sam that they have information that one gang may be targeting agents and now wants Sam to melt into the gang and neutralize the bad elements therein.

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