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Tom Cain is the pen name used by the well known English author of mystery and thriller books named David Thomas. He is particularly famous for developing the character of Samuel Carver, who makes frequent appearances in his mystery novels. Author Cain was born on January 17, 1959 in Moscow. He was brought up in England after spending the first several years of his life in his birthplace in Moscow. Author Cain has also lived for some time in Havanna and Washington DC. Other than being a famous novelist, Cain is also an award winning journalist, who has spent around 25 years of his life working for the newspaper agency called as the Fleet Street. He has even worked with a few other major publications in the United States as well as in The United Kingdom. The writing career of author Cain started in the year 2007 with the publication of his debut novel titled as ‘The Accident Man’. This was the first book that launched the Samuel Carver series by author Cain. After its immense success all over the world, he went on to write and published a few more interesting and equally successful books in the series. Samuel Carver is described as the main protagonist in all the thriller novels written by author Cain. He is introduced as a former marine, who used to work for the Royal British Navy. Now, he earns his living by working as a hitman.

Samuel Carver’s primary job is to create accidents that are meant for killing the bad guys all across the globe. For this, he gets paid and makes his living. So far, six books have been written and published by author Cain in the Samuel Carver series. It is still going on as he is working on the plot of the next book of the series. For his frequent contributions to the daily publications like The Sunday Mail and The Daily Mail during the 25 years of his journalism career, author Cain was mocked in the ‘Private Eye’. He was satirized as being the Daily Thomas of the David Mail. In the year 1989, author Cain became the youngest editor to work for the Punch magazine. He continued to work for the magazine for the next 3 years. Before going to work as a journalist and then as a novelist, Cain completed his graduation from the King’s College, located in Cambridge. He obtained his degree in the subjects of History of Art and Philosophy. Whenever author Cain gets any spare time from his writing work, he likes to spend them with his wife and children. He always tries to manage some time from his busy schedule and spend them qualitatively with his family. Apart from writing mystery novels and thriller books, the other hobbies of author Cain include playing guitar and singing. He also likes to watch some popular thriller television shows like 24, Elmore Leonard, Life on Mars, The Black Book, Flashman, and Oldboy.

The books in the Samuel Carver series written by author Tom Cain were published between the years 2007 and 2012. The debut book of this series was titled as ‘The Accident Man’. It was released by the Viking Adult publication in the year 2007. Author Cain has set the pace of this book in a breathless manner and has described one of the most interesting and intriguing protagonists in the recent world of fiction, Samuel Carver. The story mentioned in this book is so intriguing that it surprises the readers at each and every turn. The character description of Samuel Carver is such that he is always ready to arrange death for the bad guys of the world for some amount of money. He always makes the deaths look like accidents and therefore, was popularly called as The Accident Man. Some of his popular modes of killing included a vehicle crash, a gas line rupture, a fall from height, etc. On one occasion, Samuel Carver is asked to carry out a job in one of the tunnels in Paris. But, a little mistake happens and the whole job goes wrong. Due to this, he gets pursued by the same people who had hired him to do the job.

Now, Samuel lands in a position in which he has to execute the most daring job of his life in order to prevent himself from getting killed at the hands of his employers. In the end, the story appears to be the most exhilarating and the grandest thriller, which races up and down on the Paris streets. It travels all across Europe and finally storms into the sea. The book became a startling introduction for a protagonist who gets engaged in the acts of some moral violence. The novel also goes on to ask some important questions to the readers, who become more or less amazed after reading them. One of them was that how can a person justify death at the difficult times of the dissolution of the world powers and everything and anything being up for sale? It hasn’t before Samuel Carver himself faced a deadly situation that he understands the prices required to be paid for his determined actions. Author Cain says that the fans of Jason Bourne, Lee Child, and James Bond will get very much thrilled by reading about the uncertain and violent world of Samuel Carver.

The second book in the Samuel Carver series written by author Tom Cain was titled as ‘No Survivors’. This book was released by the Viking Adult publishers in the year 2008. At the start of this book, it is shown that Samuel Carver lies damaged and broken in a sanitarium in Switzerland. He seems to have been badly injured after saving his lover named Alix Petrova from a Russian spy master. After a short while, Alix is forced by his former employers to leave Samuel and carry out the task of seducing a military official from America. When Samuel Carver comes to know about this, he emerges from the catatonia and violently returns to his previous form. He goes on to track Alix Petrova and in the process, uncovers a chilling plot by a Messianic billionaire from Texas to reactivate the stolen nuke suitcase of the Soviet. Now, he faces the tough challenge of stopping the global holy war due to the evil intentions of the Texas billionaire. On the whole, this novel appears to have a terrific and a plausible story line and brilliant set of characters. Just like the previous novel of the thriller series, this one too turned out to be a pulse-pounding read for the readers. Due to this, author Cain a lot of positive responses from all over the world.

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    Wow I have just read the accident man again,and I must say that I found it to be an absolutely fantastic story,it has everything to keep the reader on their toes,fantastic Tom Cain,I am now going back to book 2 The Survivor


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