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Publication Order of The Grand Game Books

as Rohan M. Vider
The Grand Game (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Way of the Wolf (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The World Nexus (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
House Wolf (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolf in the Void (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scion's Duty (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Grand Game, Elana Books

Empyrean's Rise (As: Rohan M. Vider) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empyrean's Flight (With: Amelia Winter) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tom Elliot is the pseudonym of a South African fantasy and LitRPG fiction novelist. Writing as Tom Elliot, he is a bestselling author of GameLit series of novels.

The author made his debut when he published “The Grand Game,” the first of the “Grand Game” series of novels in 2021. Since that time has become prolific in the genre and his new series now has at least half a dozen titles.

The author Tom Elliot has made a reputation for coming up with action-filled novels that have fascinated GameLit readers worldwide. His unputdownable novels are written in a fluid and easy-to-understand manner, even as he is always pushing his narrative forward.
Writing his novels, he tends to tug on emotional strings every now and then as he paints some colorful characters and some intriguing scenes that get one very interested in what will happen next.

Since the author is also a gamer, he is an expert at penning intricate systems into his GameLit fiction that usually come with a special structure and balance to them.
However, the best thing about Tom Elliot’s fiction has to be the high-quality prose which is particularly rare in GameLit fiction.

“The Grand Game” by Tom Elliot is the story of a new world, one man, caster, and assassin in a game that is as complex as it is brutal.

The lead in the novel is introduced as a man named Michael, who wakes up in the Forever Kingdom but does not know how he got there. Nonetheless, he will have to take part in the grand game and make a new destiny for himself.
Michael finds himself in a dungeon of strange magic, monsters where losing would mean death. He is all alone and has nothing but his wits to help him survive and he needs to gain experience and advance as a player to slay his foes. He has to do all this while finding his destiny and navigating the intrigues all around.

It is a very familiar but intriguing story as the lead does not have internal dialogues on why he must kill to survive as he does it mechanically and ruthlessly. He decides to do what needs to be done and gets it done just to survive.
The work is a dark tale full of tension, twists, traps, and turns, similar to what the lead finds himself in. Directed by the Master, a shadowy and dark entirety Michael peels back the layers to reveal an interesting new world.

Tom Elliot’s novel “Way of the Wolf” changes gears as Michael gets out of his dungeons to freedom only to find himself in almost the same situation.

The place he finds himself in is under the control of the enemy and he does not seem to have any way out. He soon learns that he needs to get into a non-aggression treaty with the master if he is to survive.

However, even if he signs the treaty the master could still go after him using his allies. There is a 1000 gold bounty on his head placed by spider power which is unusual for a brand-new player whose only sin is staying alive.

It is true that he killed some of the spider power’s allies but that was because they were trying to kill him. While trying to deal with hunters on his trail, he also needs to make some critical and irreversible decisions that will impact his life going forward but hardly has any information.

He has only a week to choose between light, shadow, or dark. What is worse is that if he chooses badly he may end up dead.
It is a well-balanced story with a nice progression of the character, story, and levels.

“The World Nexus” by Tom Elliot is another interesting addition to The Grand Game series.

In this work, the lead has to deal with a deadly city, multiplying foes, and no clear path toward the achievement of his goals which makes this a very dangerous and even deadly world.

Upon arriving in Nexus, Michael had been hopeful only to find advancing is more difficult than he believed it would be. There are shifting allegiances and all manner of factions, making separating the lies from the truth a huge challenge.
The line between foe and friend is blurred and his path toward survival becomes even murkier. Nexus turns out to be a place of danger and opportunity, even as it is a city that is home to thousands of Powers, players, and ordinary people as it sits at the heart of the world.
How will Michael escape getting entangled in the machinations of the Powers?

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