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Tom Hunt is an American bestselling author of thriller books. He was born and grew up in Washington some miles South of Lowa City. Tom Hunt worked in the American petroleum industry as the chairman and was also an advisor to H.L Hunt who was his uncle. He participated in the Second World War as a member of 380th Bomb Group. He studied chemical engineering at the University of Arkansas. Tom Hunt was then given the responsibility of managing the Hunt family operations.

Hunt participated in the June 2008 negotiations on the acquisition of Hunt petroleum. He worked as a trustee of Margaret Hunt Hill and Hassie Hunt who was the owner of half of Hunt petroleum.

Tom Hunt’s debut novel, Killer Choice, narrates of a character named Gary who has to make a callous decision to save his ill wife in the hospital.

Killer Choice

Killer Choice is the debut novel of Tom Hunt. The book tells the story of Gary Foster and his wife Beth who are just ordinary couples who have been married for many years. They have been trying to have a child, and when they are almost losing hope, Beth gets pregnant. Gary has just started a business and has partnered with his brother and things seem to be going on well for both of them

All the happiness fades away when Gary receives a phone call, and he is informed that his wife fainted and had been taken to the hospital. Several tests are done, and she is diagnosed of a brain tumor. The doctors advise her that she has to undergo an experimental treatment in Germany that will cost 200,000 dollars to save her and the unborn child.

Gary and Beth are shocked but decide to hold fundraising to raise that money. Their friends and relatives contribute whatever they had, but it did not near the required amount. At this time Gary receives a phone call from a stranger who promises to give him the whole amount but on one condition of killing a man. The caller had seen from the local news about the couples’ situation and decides to use their desperate need for money to his advantage.

At first, Gary is against the idea but as time pass and the offer seems better since he is not ready to lose his wife. He is a moral and reasonable man, but he is forced by that desperate situation to save his wife.

Most of the story is narrated from Gray’s point of view that is the main character of the book. It is a suspension thriller with some turns and twists that will keep you at the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. Additionally, there are many moral lessons readers can learn from the story. The novel has exciting characters that are likable and vivid and solid writing. The story is fascinating from the beginning, and the reader can’t fail to sympathize for this couple.

One Fatal Mistake

One fatal mistake features two storylines which are tragically intersected. The characters are a teenager, his parents and three bank robbers. The book begins with 18-year-old Joshua Mayo who has completed high school and is almost joining college returning home with his car and clothes soaked with blood. He is trying to hide the bloody scene after the hit and run accident which he decides to keep it as a secret. Together with his accomplice, they choose to hide it and never think about it again so that they don’t end up in jail.

Joshua has just secured a chance at a college of his choice to study landscape architecture which has been his dream career since childhood. He doesn’t want a criminal record because it will destroy his future. His mother, Karen, works at Mercy Hospital as a nurse. Being a single mother, she works extra shifts to be able to give his son a better life and future. As she maintains a friendly relationship with Joshua’s father, she has managed to raise him by herself from the day he was born. As a mother, she is concerned about his son’s recent behavior and decides to keep a close eye on him to know what’s bothering him.

Joshua feels guilty about the secret they are hiding and returns to the crime scene after realizing that he left one of his gloves there. He sneaks out of the house at night not aware that his mother is following him using a phone app which can track the whereabouts of Joshua’s phone. She finds her son standing near a dead body at. First, she is shocked, but she is ready to help her son to protect him.

Karen is an exciting character and mother, she is good and understands that the ethical decisions are sometimes not easy to make. In this case, she had to make a decision which would protect her only son.

The other story is about Shane, his brother Ross and Ross’s girlfriend, Amber, who are planning to steal in a bank. The plan is ready only that Ross and Amber are planning to
Leave Shane at the scene after the robbery and escape with the money but Shane is unaware. After accomplishing their mission, the two-run through the back roads so that the police do not arrest them. They foot across the woods so that they are not discovered but they come across Joshua and his mother. The four come together leading to another big mistake, and others follow afterward.

The tension builds up as the lies increase each day and the story shows no signs being resolved. A plan is then brought up, but it can only work if everything goes on well as planned but it is not that easy.

The story is fast paced with a lot of deep imagery and twists to keep the reader you on their toes. It engages the readers and captures their attention which remains in their minds even after they complete the story.

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