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Tom Lowe is one of the noteworthy authors from The United States, who is popular for writing books based on the thriller and mystery genres. He is particularly well known for writing down the very successful Sean O’Brien series of novels. Author Tom was born in Charlotte, a town located in the foothills of the North Carolina state in the United States. In addition to being a successful author, he considers himself to be a history buff. Author Tom also loves traveling a lot. He has visited a number of places all around the world and has seen numerous sites of historical importance. Before starting his writing career, he used to work in the field of journalism and was associated with a number of newspapers agencies in the city. Tom has written for numerous magazines, newspapers, as well as television news. The other fields of interest of author Tom include writing and producing television programs, documentaries, and screenplays. However, at the moment, he is focused only on increasing the horizons of his successful writing career and establishing himself as one of the prominent authors of the mystery, thriller, and crime fiction genres. He is looking forward to expanding his Sean O’Brien books series by writing and publishing a few more books as part of the well known mystery series. Author Tom started his writing career in the year 2009. He also wrote and released his debut book in the same year, which was titled as A False Dawn.

During the initial days of his writing career, he had written a standalone book titled as Destiny. This book revolves around the discovery of the important lost notes of Sir Isaac Newton’s research works. It goes on to show how the opening of a Pandora’s Box takes place and helps a former code breaker from CIA to put the dangerous pieces of a puzzle together. In his other career fields, author Tom has won awards for filmmaking and screenwriting. Along with writing the plots of his books, he continues to travel to different parts of the world, especially those having some or the other historical importance. He uses these elements to develop the plots of his books. Author Tom also draws important information with the help of his other backgrounds in broadcast and print journalism. Tom has received training in scuba diving and sailing. He loves to enjoy sailing and scuba diving whenever he gets a chance and spare time from his busy work schedule. He has a home located in Florida, where he resides currently and spends most of his time writing mystery novels. Author Tom believes that he has a certain curiosity gene in his DNA, which has motivated him to travel extensively. This curiosity has also enabled him to enjoy a number of adventure sports such as cliff diving, boat fishing, sailing, scuba diving, exploring Cuba, etc. He used to be a frequent traveler during the 1980s.

Author Tom says that there is a ‘why’ factor in him that makes him question about each and everything that he wants to know and thereby, raises his curiosity to different levels. And he likes to play with the extent of his imagination with the use of ‘what ifs’. This is how he begins to write his books usually. He always wonders what is going to happed if the dominoes are tipped and how far are they going to fall as well as who are they going to touch? Tom also wonders how the characters in his books tend to change over the course of the books’ plots. As far as his reading hobby is concerned, he likes to read a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, etc. He likes the books based on these genres because they always show human triumph in spite of facing great obstacles and difficulties in their path. This is one of the factors that enabled him to get attracted towards journalism. And as a responsible journalist, Tom loved to cover all those stories which brought some good news out of the bad ones. He liked to show the struggle and the undying attitude of the individuals. Author Tom started his own life journey by doing many odd jobs, like most people do. He worked in restaurants, boatyards, factories, and bars. He was associated with the smaller as well as the bigger companies. The biggest company for which he worked is Disney. Riding on his continuous struggle, he went on to become a writer and tasted success in life.

The Sean O’Brien series written by Tom Lowe consists of a total of 7 books which were released between the years 2009 and 2015. Its debut novel is titled as ‘A False Dawn’ and it was released in the year 2009 by the Minotaur books. The main characters introduced in this book by author Tom include Sean O’Brien and his wife Sherri, who live in Miami, Florida. Sean intends to keep all the promises that he makes to his wife, but somehow he ends up breaking most of them. And after she dies, he loses all hopes of living and resigns from his job as a homicide investigator. He leaves Miami and goes on to live in the wilderness near St. Johns River. While trying to restore an old house and rebuilding his life, he comes across a young woman who is badly beaten ad left to die near the river full of alligators. Sean starts investigating the matter on his own and soon finds himself returning back to his old complex life full of twists and turns. But this time, he seems determined to fulfill the promise that he made to the injured woman. Another popular book of this series is titled as ‘The 24th Letter’. It came out in the year 2010. In the opening scene of this book, it is shown that something happens to Sean O’Brien that every homicide detective comes across, but Sean had not thought it would ever happen to him. The look that he saw on the face of the accused man was something he could not forget. It begins to haunt Sean during the dark hours between his consciousness and sleep. Due to the high workload, he forgets about the man after a few days. But, when he gets a phone call from a priest, he remembers again the blurred desperation lines on the man’s face. Later, the priest informs Sean that he has learned something about the accused man from one of the inmates. When he inquires, he finds out that he is innocent. Now, he faces a tough challenge to prove his innocence within 84 hours or else it would be too late.

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