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Publication Order of Matt Logan Books

Capture or Kill (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defend or Die (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Target and Destroy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Soldier Spy (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Spy: My Life in MI5 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Tom Marcus

Tom Marcus is a critically acclaimed British thriller author. His novels center around the struggles of protagonists in tough, high-stakes situations. The authenticity of his stories is a testament to his background in MI5 and the British Armed Forces. His characters and protagonists are crafted with insight and great detail, drawing readers into their lives and struggles.

The stories themselves are captivating and entertaining. His gift for creating compelling narratives with a mix of suspense and suspenseful plot twists make for thrilling reads. Marcus is especially skilled at crafting stories that feel real and tangible, as if you are living the story alongside the characters.

Not only that, but Tom Marcus is a masterful storyteller, and his novels are unmatched in the thriller genre. His protagonists are dynamic and engaging, leaving readers eager to learn more about them and their stories. His gift for creating suspenseful plot turns and captivating narratives draw readers in, making his stories difficult to put down. Through his characters and storylines, Marcus creates stories that are vivid and tangible, as if you are living the story alongside the protagonists.

His stories are also gripping and entertaining. His skill for crafting believable characters in tough and high-stakes situations pulls readers into the story and keeps them enthralled. Marcus has a knack for creating authentic and compelling stories that are full of suspense and intriguing plot twists. His work is often praised for its realism and suspense, and he is well regarded in the thriller genre.

Overall, Tom Marcus is a highly talented and respected British thriller author. His experience and background contribute to his work, creating stories that are memorable and engaging. His skill in crafting protagonists and providing suspenseful plot twists make his stories a joy to read.

Early and Personal Life

Tom Marcus is a British thriller author who draws much of his inspiration from his own life experiences. Growing up on the streets in the North of England, Marcus enlisted in the Army at sixteen and went on to become the youngest member of the Armed Forces to pass the 6-month selection process for Special Operations in Northern Ireland.

He was then hand-picked from the British Army into MI5 to work as a Surveillance Officer, where he worked for a decade protecting his country. Following this, however, he left the Security Service after being diagnosed with PTSD. His experience in MI5 and the military has brought a unique authenticity to his writing, creating stories that feel tangible and real.

Marcus has found a renewed passion in writing in recent years, and his work is highly praised in the thriller genre. His protagonists are dynamic and his stories are full of suspense and gripping plot twists. His characters are crafted with great insight, drawing readers into their lives and struggles. His stories are captivating and entertaining, and his gift for creating compelling storylines and engaging characters makes his books a joy to read.

Keeping his real identity a secret at insistence of the MI5, he continues to write to this day.

Writing Career

Tom Marcus is a British thriller author with a career in writing that has been nothing short of extraordinary. After a battle with PTSD, Tom wrote his first book, Soldier Spy, which was vetted then cleared for publication by MI5 back in 2016. It was the first true ground-level account ever to be told, and went straight to Number 1 on the Sunday Times best sellers list.

In addition to his writing, Tom also consults on various different projects within film and TV, including the TV dramatic adaptation of his book Soldier Spy. His first fictional novel, Capture or Kill, was released in 2018. He has since gone on to write two more novels in the Matt Logan series, Defend or Die in 2020 and Target and Destroy in 2023. In addition to his novels, Tom has written a non-fiction book, I Spy: My Life in MI5, which was released in 2019.

Soldier Spy

Tom Marcus’ non-fiction memoir ‘Soldier Spy’ was published on October 6, 2016 by Penguin. His account of his time in the MI5, the United Kingdom’s Security Service, provides readers with an insightful look into his life as an agent. Marcus’s book was published to critical acclaim and was a Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller.

Tom Marcus was a British counter terrorism operative, recruited to MI5 after the 7/7 attacks on London. His job was to watch, follow, and infiltrate networks of terrorists, spies, and foreign agents. His memoir, Soldier Spy, tells of the intense physical and mental challenges of the job, and recounts the extraordinary operations that helped keep Britain’s streets safe. It is the only true account by an ex-MI5 officer of the tireless fight against terrorism.

‘Soldier Spy’ is sure to be of interest to anyone looking for an authentic look at the workings of MI5. Marcus’ book recounts the extraordinary operations that kept Britain safe from terrorist attacks, with a focus on the physical and mental challenges of the job. As an authentic account from an ex-MI5 officer, readers can be sure that Marcus’ story is accurate and captivating. For those looking for a unique perspective on the fight against terrorism, ‘Soldier Spy’ is an engaging and informative read.

Target and Destroy

On September 1, 2023, the exciting thriller novel ‘Target and Destroy’ was officially released. This is the third novel in the ‘Matt Logan’ series, written by renowned author and publisher Macmillan UK. This latest installment follows the story of MI5 Agent Matt Logan as he embarks on a series of thrilling missions and encounters a variety of enemies. Readers will be captivated by the thrilling plot of ‘Target and Destroy’ and the action-packed adventures of Matt Logan.

The Blindeye team, an undercover and off-grid elite team, have total deniability which allows them to bypass red tape. They are currently investigating a notorious East End gang boss and a corrupt police officer. In their mission, they work to uncover the secrets of the underworld, including people trafficking, forced prostitution, and sex slavery. As they move through the dark and dangerous London gangland, Blindeye must remain vigilant and unseen, ensuring their mission is a success.

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