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Publication Order of Hamstersaurus Rex Books

Hamstersaurus Rex (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hamstersaurus Rex Gets Crushed (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hamstersaurus Rex vs. the Cutepocalypse (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Homerooms and Hall Passes Books

Homerooms and Hall Passes (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heroes Level Up (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Space Rocks Books

Space Rocks! (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
For the Love of Gelo! (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tom O’Donnell is an experienced author who has written for the McSweeney’s, New Yorker, and numerous other television shows. Currently, Tom O’Donnell resides in Brooklyn, New York city with his son and wife.

Tom O’Donnell Best Books
Space Rocks
In Space Rocks, author Tim O’Donnell takes an alien invasion theme and turns the theme on its head. Author Tom O’Donnell introduces the readers to Chorkle, Chorkle resides on an asteroid, which humans have decided to use it to mine iradium. Chorkle comes from a group known as the Xotonians, who from the look of things are not happy with the arrival of a new race. Apart from misunderstandings, suspicion and several other problems arise as these two races interact with one another. The younger generation of the mining race have several things in common with young Chorkle including a love for ice cream and playing video games such as Xenostryfe. Despite the fact that they live in an outer space colony, the younger generation are very realistic.

Apart from arguing, the younger generation play video games, watch movies, race their rocket-bikes, and even talk to their online friends. Despite the fact that Chorkle comes from the Xotonians, he still appears to experience the different challenges that human beings do; dealing with the bullies, disagreeing with his parents and not excelling in sports. One day, Chorkle manages to steal a holographic-device, which contained hundreds of video games. The holographic device enabled Chorkle to learn English. When the local Council agreed to use a weapon to create an Asteroid quake, Chorkle ends up being trapped inside one of the dorms together with four other children from the different race. Chorkle’s sense of honor in turn forces him to offer the children safety in the tunnels that belonged to his clan, when the children were running out of air.

Nonetheless, troubles arises when a new alien race arrives and in turn demands for the Q-Sik, a device that has the ability to create huge holes. Chorkle and his people should learn to trust the new race of they are to win the war against evil. Apart from being funny, Space Rocks has been well plotted and has a rather surprising sophistication language. Space Rocks is highly recommended for any elementary student who loves space travel and aliens.

Hamstersaurus Rex
In Hamstersaurus Rex, author Tom O’Donnell introduces the readers to Sam. When a hamster mysteriously disappears in Sam’s classroom, the students end up being excited. One Martha even decides to appoint herself as the Hamster monitor. After the hamster disappeared, the class teacher was somehow revealed. Rex many at times, kept on catching glimpses of the hamster. One day, Sam saw the hamster ingest a huge amount of body building supplements and in turn, the hamster grew up in size and even grew wicked teeth and a scaly tail. However, the Sam is thwarted by the huge quantities of food that it consumes and Sam’s mother allergy to fur. Sam’s constant difficulties with the class bully, Kieffer Vanderkoff does not help and neither does Martha’s interest in locating the animal or her constant attempts to make Sam her friend.

From time to time, Martha attempts to invite Sam to one of the local museum. Sam’s weekends up being extremely completed when they are informed that they will not only be involved in a physical education competition, and a science fair as well, that Sam had long forgotten about. O’Donell, popularly known for the Space Rocks has yet delivered another brilliantly done and amusing novel that is full of unusual situations and many great lines. While many readers may not be funs of the stereotypical bullies who love to give smaller children the swirls, Beefer the school bully takes this installment to a new level. Apart from making Sam to rock a sad unicorn hairdo, Beefer also adds pancake-mix to water. Furthermore, Beefer also tries to add cement mix to the pancake but later on decides to change his mind.

The illustrations in Hamstersaurus Rex added lots to the narrative and will definitely cause fans of Mr. Puffball, Teddy Mars and Naughty List to add it to their reading lists. With that said, Hamstersaurus Rex is an extremely rare book, which mixes two extremely popular elementary concerns Dinosaurs and hamsters with a rather solid middle-school experience. In the process, author Tom O’Donell has made Hamstersaurus Rex extremely important for elementary students who may want some comfort readings, which will definitely remind them of the simpler times. One of the best things in Hamstersaurus Rex is the protagonist, Sam. Apart from being a highly likeable character, Sam was also very respectful, especially when it came to his dealings.

For the Love-of-Gelo
In For the Love-of-Gelo, we meet once again with Chorkle and his human friends, Nicki, Becki and Little Gus. These four characters have been warped in an extremely strange and new galaxy, which is millions of light years away from their home. Furthermore, the four of them are extremely close to their sworn enemy. It does not take long before their security shield is compromised and thus, Chorkle and his team are forced to head to another planet, which is beneath the one that they are trapped in. The team have already identified the planet as Kyrial and it is believed to be the home for possible allies. Nonetheless, when the originator does not return, Gelo is ultimately thrown into a political turmoil orchestrated by one, Sheln, a power-hungry Xextonian. Things eventually take a turn for the worse when an enemy fighter attacks their ship and almost gets all the four characters killed.

A majority of their long-time allies has been subdued by the enemies and in turn restricted their involvement in the galaxy battles. As the narrative progresses, Kalac mysteriously disappears and cannot be located. Furthermore, Chorkle the protagonist is still not certain as to whether they will be able to find what they need on the other planet and eventually reunite with their parents. Despite the fact that most of the characters in For the Love-of-Gelo are featured from Space Rocks, several other interesting characters not only emerge to frustrate but to also complicate the situations further. Author, Mac O’Donnell has done a brilliant job of creating an exceptional world. Planet Kryal is an extremely sad place mainly because their technological progressions were destroyed and in the process left bird like creatures who were constantly fighting one another. Author O’Donnell also gives the readers some in-depth insight into enemy, Vorem.

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