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Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Books In Order

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Publication Order of Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Books

Rick Mofina is a Canadian author of fiction. He has also written several thriller novels that have won him several awards. Mofina grew up in Ontario, Canada. In grade school, he began writing fiction. He sold his first story when he was just fifteen years old to a United States magazine.

His reporting took him to interview murderers in the state of Texas as well as Montana. He has also covered an armored car heist in Sin City, a case of serial killing in California, flown over L.A., as well as patrolled up near the Arctic with Canadian Mounties.

Mofina has also reported from all types of countries, from the Caribbean to countries in Africa and Kuwait’s Iraq border. Mofina doesn’t just write full-length novels– his articles on true crime have been run by publications such as Reader’s Digest and the New York Times.

His novels are available in many languages and have been sold and are being read in at least a dozen countries and counting. He lives in Ottawa with his two children and his wife. Mofina works as a communications adviser.

Rick Mofina is the author of the Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Series. The series started off in 2000 with the release of the debut novel, If Angels Fall. That was followed by Cold Fear and the third book in the mystery and action-adventure series, Blood of Others. No Way Back is the fourth book and the fifth book is called Be Mine. An omnibus came out of the series in 2017. Check it out and read the entire collection at once or break it up over weeks– it’s up to you!

The first book in this series is If Angels Fall. The series features the main characters of Tom and Walt. Tom Reed works with The San Francisco Star as a crime reporter. He is such an acclaimed journalist that he has earned a nomination for a Pulitzer. This was definitely one of the high points in Mofina’s career. However, just a few years later, Reed’s life simply seems to be coming apart at the seams.

Just what is the trouble with Tom? Well, for one thing, his editor is demanding that he be fired. His wife has no longer got his back as well. She’s grown tired of being ignored so that Tom can feed all of his demons and she’s getting out and has left him behind. Now Tom is forced to face his problems all on his own without the codependent support of his wife that he has depended on to keep the house going and intact for so long.

That’s not the worst of his problems, however. Reed is all alone now and he is starting to be torn apart by fears that he may have caused an innocent man to commit suicide. The man was suspected of killing a young girl that was just two years old. He can’t shake the worry that he caused this man to kill himself. Was the man innocent? Was he guilty? Reed may never know.

Reed does have one thing going for him, however, and that’s the fact that Walt Sydowski is on the case. The two are friends and Walt is one of the more famous and respected homicide inspectors on the San Franciscan Police Department payroll. Walt has one of the highest clearance rates in the state of California and he is the real deal. But at the same time that he’s one of the biggest hotshots in the department, Walt has also had to deal with the loss of his wife and the memories of cases past.

Not every case that you leave always leaves you behind when it’s done. The memories tend to linger, and dreams and nightmares, as well as waking life, seems to bring certain details up whenever it feels like it. Walt is haunted by the heartbreaking death of a girl and the fact that he cannot solve the case, even years later.

Both of the men have to face the fact that they are in a race against time. The clock is ticking now and they have to find out the truth behind a spree of kidnappings that have been affecting the Bay Area and terrorizing the public. This thriller is set in the late nineties and to find out what happens, you’re going to have to pick up this book and read it yourself.

Cold Fear is the second book in Rick Mofina’s exciting murder mystery and thriller series named after two friends who share similar scars from their pasts, one is a journalist and one works as a homicide inspector. Sometimes their jobs line up to form the perfect storm.

The setting is a remote corner of the Glacier National Park in Montana. The area is known as the Devil’s Grasp. It is there that a little girl and her dog go missing completely. The girl and her dog Kobee are from San Francisco and are on a camping trip with family. Her mother and father told the authorities that she simply disappeared in that area.

The family is worried by the fact that the girl is still missing and they know that there is no time to waste. A task force spanning several agencies leaps into action in a massive search to try and find the girl and her dog. Paige is out in the wilderness somewhere, fighting to survive. With the odds and time running out, the entire nation becomes gripped by the drama unfolding in front of them.

Meanwhile, the FBI is working behind the scenes to figure out other angles to this story. The agency is starting to grow doubtful of the truth that is being told by Paige’s parents, and when they discover their recent history they have even more cause to worry.

With the evidence building up and a horrible secret lurking in their past, is Paige really gone? Or do her parents know where she is? Can Tom and Walt figure it out? You’re going to have to check out the exciting second book in this series by Rick Mofina to find out!

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