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Tom Reynolds
Author Tom Reynolds graduated from The University of Maryland- College Park with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, where he accidentally minored in English.

He lives with a dog named Ginger, who despite being unable to read proved to be an incredible late night writing partner.

Tom is also the co-host of The Complete Guide to Everything and a pop culture podcast called Pop Everything.

Tom’s debut novel, called “Meta”, was released in the year 2013. His work is from the science fiction and young adult genres.

“Meta” is the first novel in the “Meta Superhero” series and was released in the year 2013. It has been ten long years since Connor Connolly’s parents died in ‘The Battle’: a clash between Jones and The Governor, two of the strongest metas in the world. Before ‘The Battle’ the world was full of metas, which are super-powered humans whose own amazing abilities came from mysterious wristbands. Since then there is one that’s never been seen again.

Connor, who is now sixteen years old, lives in Bay View City with Derrick, his older brother and is a meta-obsessed blogger. Connor just tries to keep his dead down just long enough to get through high school. This all changes the night he tries to save one girl’s life and he wakes up to find the first new pair of metabands anybody’s ever seen wrapped around his wrists.

Connor quickly finds an unlikely ally in Midnight, a masked vigilante that helps him learn how he can harness his newfound abilities, as he also tries balancing his summer job at the lake. Connor, as a meta, becomes known as Omni, quite possibly the most powerful meta the world’s ever seen, however it isn’t too long before he learns that he is no longer alone.

“The Second Wave” is the second novel in the “Meta Superhero” series and was released in the year 2014. Summer has ended and it is time for Connor Connolly to go back to school to start his Sophomore year, only trouble is that the world’s changed overnight, with the world now being populated with thousands of new metahumans.

Now he doesn’t just have to deal with the pressures of being superhuman and training with Midnight, but he’s also got to balance relationships with his best friends Jim and Sarah, two people that find themselves on opposing sides of the fence when it comes to their feelings about the new metahumans.

While the world struggles to adjust to the events of the previous few months, Connor’s alter ego Omni gets a job at the Silver Island Meta Detention Facility, which is now overcrowded. When he gets recruited for a job to help a government agency disarm one of the most secretive and powerful metas in all of Culver City he never expects what ends up going wrong. And how it’s going to affect the rest of the world, regular humans and metas alike.

“Rise of the Circle” is the third novel in the “Meta Superhero” series and was released in the year 2015. While metahumans emerge the world over, some greet them like they’re saviors while the others view them as a threat to humanity itself. There’s a group of elite soldiers come into possession of one of the most powerful of metabands seen to date, with the capability of destroying what was believed to be indestructible: the metabands themselves.

With Silver Island Metahuman Detention Facility being destroyed, Bay View City goes into full lockdown. Alpha Team impose protection, but it comes with a price: complete and full ban of metahumans inside the city. Refusal to follow along is punishable by execution.

Forced to depart from the city that he calls home, he’s given a second chance at the elite prep school across the bay, one that has a huge secret.

“Omni’s Fall” is the fourth novel in the “Meta Superhero” series and was released in the year 2019. Can Omni, with the whole world against him, fight back or is he going to fall?

Connor Connolly’s gambit to defeat Alpha Team worked, however not without significant cost. Those that helped him now find themselves without any powers and Bay View City is worse off than ever before. Midnight quit answering his calls and nobody has seen Iris in weeks now. Connor’s metabands might have also been finally damaged beyond repair. Even the attempt to stop the nuclear meltdown blows up in his face and it turns many around the world against him.

At the same time, life back at the academy is not going too great either. Now that Sarah knows the full truth about Omni she feels a bit betrayed. She is spending time with a mysterious ties with ties to Kaldonia, the hermit kingdom that has banned all metahumans. With the training facility on its last legs, Michelle gives Connor an ultimatum: leave the academy or quit using his metabands.

However when he tags along on the surprise field trip off to Kaldonia, he finds a secret tech that might impact metahumans worldwide for good. Are these revelations going to help Connor or just help destroy him?

“New Empire” is the fifth novel in the “Meta Superhero” series and was released in the year 2019. There’s an alien ship coming, and not even the mightiest of Earth’s metahumans are able to stop it.

Connor Connolly is keeping a secret that is going to change the world forever. Extraterrestrial life does exist and it is on its way to Earth. The refugees from Volaris are promising to bring rather incredibly tech that’s going to change the world. However they’re not telling the full story about their mysterious connection to metaband tech.

Connor is determined to learn the truth, however his metabands are gone. Relying on the stolen alien nanosuit is his only chance. With the stakes reaching an all time high, he has to partner up with Iris and Midnight on one daring heist with just a single goal: find a way to get to Volaris. However it’s going to be much easier said than done. Along the way, he’ll need to uncover the connection with an odd metahuman that vanished ten years ago. The Queen of Volaris may not be who she’s claimed to be.

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