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Tom Rob Smith was born in 1979 to a Swedish mother and an English father and he was brought up in south London. He started his writing career by writing plays while at school. He still continued writing while he was in St. John’s Cambridge. He graduated from the university in 2001 and went ahead to further his education in Italy. In Italy he studied creative writing for a period of one year. And also worked as a script writer.

His first novel was titled child 44, this novel is unrelentingly is an award winning novel and it has been named one of the top 100 thrillers of all time by NPR. The novel was also longlisted for the man boker describes two brothers who are trying to catch a stray cat and smith is able to narrate the story in a unique way which will catch even the people who are used to reading thriller novels with a surprise. The novel is exquisitely and wonderfully plotted and most the most amazing side of it is that it is fearfully narrated.

Most of the novel takes place over the course period of four months some two decades after the boys chase the unfortunate cat. It’s the Stalin era and during this period the state is like god. The state security force rules with an iron fist. just being in possession of a an wrong book or just uttering something wrong can directly earn you a ticket to the gulag for a period of not less than 20 years.

The main character in the novel Leo Demidov, is one of the state best officers. He is a war hero and an idealist who has quite benefited from his position. He has a beautiful wife and a comfortable house in Moscow. Unfortunately his world is turned upside down when he tries to investigate on a killer who is killing youngster all over Russia. He is demoted and sent to exile in a grim city in the wilderness of Russia.

Demidov is humiliated serving as a small town cop in a country where officially there is no crime. He is shocked when he finds himself investigating the murder of a young boy in his are that has almost the same similarities as the one he tried to investigate in Moscow while serving as secret security officer. Demidov is convinced that a bloody killer is prowling throughout Russia killing young people. He is determined to carry out investigations but the problem is how can he investigate a crime that does not exist? The state has declared itself a paradise and trying to go against the state you will find yourself in great trouble. For Demadov to be able to solve the mystery he will have to overcome his, put his life in danger plus that of his family.

His second novel is the secret speech. According to the novel it is 1956 and it’s a period during which the Soviet Union is experiencing a wave of change. Stalin is dead and a state once governed by fear is beginning to weaken, creating an environment of lawlessness where the police have turned into criminals and the criminals have taken vengeance against the police. The regime is beginning to fracture.

A series of murders have taken Moscow by storm. And no one is safe neither the mightier ones nor the connected. With his newly established homicide department Leo decides to investigate only to find that he and his family are in great danger. Leo is a former security officer who arrested and terrorized his fellow citizens and despite all his efforts to try and bury the past, it has become almost impossible to atone the shadow of his previous rescue his family, Leo is forced to make a desperate choice and face an almost impossible journey that may bring redemption or end up shattering their uncertain future.

Tom rob third novel in his series is titled “agent 69”.leo Demidov no longer works for Moscow secret police. He becomes suspicious when his wife and her two adopted daughters are invited on a “peace tour” in the city of New York. Unfortunately he is not allowed to travel with his family. Unfortunately his wife and his two daughters are killed in what appears to be a political conspiracy. He demands only one thing, justice. Leo want to know who destroyed his family but his request is ignored by the system.

Driven by anger and bitterness Leo decides to take matter into his own hands and unearth what happened on the night his wife and her two daughters were killed in New York. And it’s a quest that will take years to unearth and force Leo to travel around the world from the mountains of Moscow to Afghanistan a country controlled by the Soviet Union and to New York in pursuit of that one person who could tell him the truth.

Los Angeles times describes this novel as “haunting and one of smith most ambitious book”, USA today describes it as “an atmospheric thriller” while Chicago tribune describes it as “realistic and mesmerizing”

His fourth novel is called “the farm” it’s a novel about a character named Daniel who believed that his parents were enjoying their retirement in a remote farm located in Sweden. A single phone from his father changes everything. His father calls him telling him that her mother is not feeling well. Daniels father tell him that his mother has been imagining terrible things. She has suffered a psychotic break down before and she was taken to a mental hospital.

Before Daniel board a plane to Sweden his mother gives him a call. And tell him that everything his father had informed him was pure lie. She tell Daniel that she is not mad and she requires the help of police. She instructs Daniel to meet her at Heathrow.

Daniel finds himself in a very confusing situation. He is obviously caught between his parents and not sure whom she is supposed to believe. Unwillingly Daniel finds himself a judge and a jury of her mother as she pours a tale of secrets, lies and crimes that aims to implicate his father.

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  1. wayne kidd: 3 months ago

    My enjoyment in reading Child 44 is one of the main reasons I’ve become addicted to reading books of that gendre. I currently read 43 authors and buy every book they’ve written within this gendre.
    Thanks Tom Rob Smith!

  2. Monica Redmond: 2 years ago

    Child 44 is superb, suspense & tension throughout, kept me reading ‘just another chapter’….. Reading Secret Speech, as promising.
    Agent 6 to follow!

  3. Dr Paul Kimber: 2 years ago

    I read child 44 and agree with everything you say. I have bought the other two books in the trilogy and look forward to reading them.


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