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Tom Swan & the Head of St. George Books In Order

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Publication Order of Tom Swan Books

Castillon (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Venice (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Constantinople (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rome (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rhodes (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chios (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tom Swan and the Keys of Saint Peter (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tom Swan and the Last Spartans (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Tom Swan and the Head of St. George series is a series of highly popular historical fiction books written by the well known author from Canada named Christian Cameron. Along with the popular novels, the series is also comprised of a few novellas. The series consists of a total of 6 novels, which were released between the years 2012 and 2013. Each and every book in this historical fiction series depicts the lead character in the form of Tom Swan. Author Cameron has introduced Tom Swan as a young Englishman, who gets taken as a captive in France at the time of the 15th century. Tom is described as not having the qualities of a soldier, but he is a talented scholar and merchant. He seems to be in search of the left out pieces of the Ancient Rome and Greece. Over the course of the intriguing series, author Christian has depicted that Tom Swan has the habit of landing himself in a few bad situations. However, he goes on to use his cleverness on each of the occasions, that help him to get out of the tight spots. On one such occasion, he manages to save himself from getting executed at the very last moment. Author Christian started writing the series in the year 2012. He completed and published its first book titled Castillon in the same year. Currently, author Christian is working the next plots of the series, which are going to be published in the future novels of the series very soon. The adventures of Tom Swan continue in another historical adventure series by author Christian Cameron called Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade.

In the beginning of the Tom Swan series, author Christian has described the time of the 1450s in France. Tom Swan is introduced as a young and hard working Englishman who kneels deep in the dirt as he waits for the French to kill, who have held him captive. After capturing Tom, the French a lot of atrocities on him as they hate him for being an Englishman. Professionally, he is not a soldier, but a merchant and a great scholar, who is in search of the remnants of the Ancient Greece and Rome graves, temples, unicorn horns, pottery, and fabulous animals. Along with his special professional skills, Tom Swan also appears to have the talent of ending up in the middle of places where severe violence takes place. Even though he does not intend to get stuck in the violent stricken areas, he ends up in such places on numerous occasions. But, he uses his wits to avoid getting executed each time. After escaping from the near death situations, Tom sets out on an adventurous journey that takes him to a number of exciting places such as Italy, where he engages in street duels. In the course of his journey, Tom Swan meets many remarkable men, including Vlad Dracula and Leonardo Da Vinci. He also comes across the intrigues of the fall of Constantinople and War of Roses. After the success of the first few books in the series, author Christian received the motivation to write some more novels in the series. Similar to the initial books, the series’ later books were also equally successful and this helped author Christian further increase his popularity as an author of historical fiction novels.

One of the initial novels published in the Tom Swan and the Head of St. George series is titled as ‘Venice’. The Orion publication released this book in the year 2012. This book serves as the second installment of the fast paced serial that is set in Europe during the turbulent times of the 15th century. Tom Swan is once again shown as a young Englishman, who continues his adventurous journey all across the Europe. The start of the book depicts that Tom Swam goes to Italy in a Cardinal’s bodyguard. After reaching there, he finds it to be a different world. The food there tastes delicious and the women appear to be very beautiful. The men in Italy are equally quick in making friends as well as drawing knives at the enemies. Tom Swan likes the environment of Italy very much. Very soon, he dives into the plotting, politics, fashion, and art of Italy. He also enters into the Renaissance Italy, the bordellos. His adventurous journey once again lands him in a few troubles. But, he comes out of every situation alive and healthy, as usual with the help of his wit and intelligence. Tom continues with his search of the ancient remnants of Greece as well as Rome, including temples, unicorn horns, pottery, grave, and fabulous animals. As he moves ahead with his adventure, Tom Swan gets the chance to meet some other remarkable men such as the pope, Hunyadi Janos, and Sultan Mehmet II. After this, he moves from the intrigues of the Roman streets to the Belgrade Siege.

The next installment of the historical fiction series is titled as ‘Constantinople’. The publishers at the Orion publication once again helped to publish the book in 2012. In the opening scene of this book, Tom Swan is depicted as being caught and kept as a prisoner in Constantinople by the Turks. He faces the threat of being made to serve in slavery for the rest of his life. Later, Tom learns that it is not really the Turks who have kept him as a prisoner, but one beautiful woman. Now, Tom Swan is required to search this woman holding the string and find his way to freedom. He goes on to meet some other prominent men like Cyriaco from Ancona, Sultan Mehmet II, the Sforza family. As the series continues, Tom Swan goes on to become heavily injured in a sea fight full of desperation. When he wakes up, he finds out that he has reached a town in Greece, which is standing in a fight in opposition with the Turks. However, what really surprises Tom Swan is the fact that there are no women in the town. As Tom is about to heal completely, rich men come to hire him. All of them seem to want only one thing from him and that is, a fantastic jewel made the great Alexander.

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