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Tomorrow and Tomorrow (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gone World (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Knee Deep in Little Devils(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tom Sweterlitsch is a published author of fiction.

This American author was born in Iowa on October 21, 1977, moving with his family to Ohio where he would grow up. He would go on to attend Carnegie Mellon and graduate with his Master’s Degree in the subject of literary and cultural theory. He also was employed at the renowned Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for over a decade.

The writer is married and has a daughter with his wife. The family resides together in the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. His first book to be published came out in 2014. It is titled Tomorrow and Tomorrow. The book did well and it was announced that a science fiction movie would be adapted from the novel. Directed by Matt Ross, this is the story of a man who looks into his family’s death after a strange explosion wipes out his entire town– and it comes back to life, recreated in a world of virtual reality.

Tom’s novel The Gone World will also be adapted into a movie. Neill Blomkamp confirmed the news that he would be the director of the 20th Century Fox movie. He had been wanting to do the film since 2015 and is attached to the project that will be directly based on Sweterlitsch’s sci-fi thriller.

Tom is the co-author of Oats Volume 1, a compilation of short films that Tom co-wrote along with director Neill Blomkamp. Oats came out in 2017 and consists of the short film “Rakka”, then “Firebase”, “Zygote”, then “Adam: The Mirror”, which featured the vision of a dystopian future on Earth and was a computer-generated short movie. “Rakka” was about a dark future where some type of aliens have taken over the Earth and colonized it as humanity tries to fight them off and starred Sigourney Weaver. “Firebase” tells the story of the sides of fighters during the Vietnam War who both end up encountering a new threat that they never could have anticipated and starred Steve Boyle, Nic Rhind, and Robert Hobbs. “Zygote” stars Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo and is the story about two survivors that are stranded in a mine in the Arctic and will have to battle to live, while attempting to avoid becoming prey for some other type of terror out there.

Tom Sweterlitsch is the author of the novel Tomorrow and Tomorrow as well as his second novel, The Gone World, published in 2018. If you love creative thrillers that constantly take the reader through twists and turns, be sure to check out these books!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow is the first published fictional novel from author Tom Sweterlitsch. Check this novel out for a dynamic, dystopian tale that will have you turning the pages to see what happens next.

The city of Pittsburgh was the victim of a deadly attack that turned the city to ash. It has now been ten years since that day, and the only thing that is left behind is the Archive. The Archive is a digital record, interactive, that keeps track of the people and the city. Since it’s been ten years, most of the world has easily been able to move on. The future is here, and it’s saturated with media everywhere you look.

Then there’s the lucky one, John Dominic Blaxton. He was there for the blast but was able to make it out. His wife and the daughter they were supposed to welcome into the world together were not so lucky. That was the day that his whole world fell apart, and ever since he’s been forced to stand in the rubble of a perfect life and know that he lost everything.

Going by Dominic, he now spends his waking days and hours in the Archive, immersing himself in yesterday and hiding from the present. His grief is all consuming, and he is obsessed with a past that no longer is. The digital reconstruction is able to be used by anyone that has the desire to revisit places they care for or people they want to see again.

Dominic also works for insurance companies, looking into deaths that have been put into the Archive and try to close cases. One day he notices something off. He’s found code glitches about a crime scene that involved a woman’s body. She had been beautiful and had been left in a park in the mud. His interest is spurred by the details of this case.

He wants to know who this woman is, and why someone would be attempting to get into the system, as it appears that someone is trying to do. Why would they want to erase her life from the system and delete any trace of it?

Dominic must know the truth. But taking on this journey to discover what really happened will take him through a spider web of deception that will bring him from the Archive’s darker spots to the city ruins and the center of a terrible nightmare that just might be worse than he ever anticipated.

Can Dominic crack the case without getting himself deleted in the process? Get a copy of Tomorrow and Tomorrow to find out!

The Gone World is the 2018 novel from Tom Sweterlitsch. Read the book and then see the movie directed by Neill Blomkamp!

The main character in this story is Shannon Moss and the year is 1997. She belongs to a division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. She gets assigned to take on a murder case of the family of a Navy SEAL and also charged with finding his teen daughter. She finds out that the SEAL who was missing was on the U.S.S. Libra as an astronaut, she’s stunned. The ship was thought lost to Deep Time.

Moss knows that time travel can be tough on the mind and thinks that the SEAL traveling to the future may have caused the violence. Now she must travel through time, moving forward to find the girl and find evidence that could confirm the truth. But will what she witnesses there open her eyes to what the future really holds? Read this book and find out!

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