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Tom Threadgill is a reputed American writer of suspense, thriller, mystery, and fiction novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Jeremy Winter series. Previously, Threadgill used to write novels only on a part-time basis. But, his love for writing suspense stories increased so much that he chose to make a full-time career out of it. His books are distinctly focused on clean and suspenseful action and have a strong storyline and character development. During the time Threadgill is not writing any stories, he can be found teaching, editing, and mentoring the aspiring writers in developing good storytelling skills. In the downtime, Threadgill likes to do woodworking, attending writers’ workshops, riding on his Harley, etc. Currently, Threadgill resides in western Tennessee along with his wife. He is at work on his next suspense/thriller book and is expected to publish it soon. Threadgill can be usually contacted through his personal website, where he likes to interact with the fans and reviewers and tries to sort out their queries. He even keeps them updated with the recent happenings in his professional and personal lives.

Author Threadgill was born and brought up in Memphis. He claims to have seen the Mississippi when it was not in the form of a river, but just a stream of water. Threadgill also claims that his childhood was quite unremarkable. There were times when he almost got arrested and his father made him try cigars so that he would not go for cigarettes. Threadgill was threaded to become a profession Pong player, but it just didn’t work out in his favor. He married his sweetheart from high school and relocated to Nashville to start his married life. Threadgill studied at Belmont University and obtained a degree in English. Also, he learned to type on an IBM Selectric. While he was busy with his graduation and writing prospects, Threadgill helped his beautiful wife undertake a course in nursing and assisted her in seeing it through with the help of flashcards. During the time Threadgill stayed in Nashville, he obtained employment in a company of package delivery and spent almost 30 years working for it. He often jokes that he worked his way up the ranking ladder and searched for a stapler for most of the time.

Threadgill’s job took him to places like Indiana, Texas, Missouri, and Florida. Eventually, he took early retirement and began focusing on his writing interests. Threadgill and his wife moved to West Tennessee when they found a helpful literary agent in the county. Plus, they enjoyed the widespread greenery in the region. Nowadays, Threadgill spends most of this time writing novels and piddling in his yard. His favorite pastimes include playing jokes with his children, working out jigsaw puzzles, target practicing, and woodworking. Occasionally, he and his wife ride his bike in the mountains while listening to music. Threadgill is a hardcore hockey fan and follows the team of Predators. Threadgill is quite happy with the way his writing career has shaped up over the years and hopes to achieve more success in the years to come. He is grateful to all the fans and supporters for loving his work and supporting his novels with their kind words. He is at work on the release of his third Jeremy Winter book and is also working on the development of a new book series, whose first book is expected to come out in 2020.

The Jeremy Winter Thriller series written by author Tom Threadgill is comprised of a total of 2 books released between 2018 and 2019. It is based on the life of an FBI agent named Jeremy Winter. Other essential characters depicted by Threadgill in the series include Catherine Mae Blackston, Maggie Keeley, and several others. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Coming of Winter’. It was released by the Lamplighter Suspense publication in 2018. The book opens by mentioning the mysterious disappearance of a woman named Catherine Mae Blackston. Several other women have also disappeared before her in similar circumstances. FBI Agent Jeremy Winter is given the charge of investigating Catherine Blackston’s missing case. While carrying out the investigation of the recent activities of Catherine Blackston, Jeremy Winter learns about the disappearance of many other people in the state. He thinks that the mysterious disappearance of Blackston is much more than just a woman lost at hiking. But, Jeremy finds it too difficult to convince his boss. So, he teams up with a local cop to look deeper into this case.

As more clues are found, a dark figure emerges from the past life of Jeremy Winter. This dark figure poses a great threat to his life and also threatens to get him removed from the Bureau. Jeremy becomes worried that his girlfriend Maggie Keeley will get dragged into this high-stakes dangerous game of politics. Maggie Keeley is also an agent like Jeremy and is qualified enough to face any challenges thrown at her. As Jeremy chooses to slow down the investigation,citing the danger to Maggie’s life, the count of missing persons goes on increasing. Finally, he works out the list of suspects and catches the one responsible for all the disappearances.

The second volume of the series is called ‘Dead of Winter’. It was also published by Lamplighter Suspense in 2019. This novel opens by showing that the fingers of dead ladies start appearing in the mailbox of the Supreme Court. Horrified by this incident, the Bureau asks former agent Jeremy Winter to come back and help in investigating the horrific case. Maggie Keeley, who is still his girlfriend and has now become his new boss, heads the investigation. Keeley and Winter look for the serial killer and put a halt to his killing spree. They come to know that the murderer has cited five more cities strike, but they don’t know anything about his time of attack or his next target. Later, they get their hands on an important clue at the death scene of a young woman that takes them to a sparsely populated town in west Texas. As Jeremy and Maggie close in, they undergo several twists & turns in ways that they had never imagined. In the end, Jeremy Winter is forced to choose between revenge and justice. This novel found a lot of takers, who liked and appreciated it from start to end.

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  1. Papa John: 2 years ago

    I echo the comments from Mr. Petroski; I greatly appreciate an engaging story that can stand on its own w/out garbage language. I am about to finish Collision and will tackle the Winter series next.

  2. Peter Steven Petroski: 3 years ago

    Picked up my first novel of yours, Collision of Lies, love the characters, good suspense, clean and no swearing! Thanks Tom! I write faith based non fiction, new one coming out soon, Ambassadors for Christ, New Horizon Press.


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