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Rory Clements is a published author of fiction. He is a best-selling author that has won the 2018 CWA Historical Dagger for his novel Nucleus.

Besides being an author, Rory Clements has also worked in newspapers. He has had a long and successful career working in the newspaper business and has been a features editor as well as an associate editor of Today. He has also worked for the Daily Mail as the editor of their Good Health Pages, and at the Evening Standard as the editor of the health section. Currently he now devotes his time to writing full-time from his base of Norfolk, England.

The author is the first to admit that he has a passion when it comes to thrillers. Rory says that he loves reading about men and women that face up to the ultimate test while they are under fire. This extends to enjoying writing about them, something that Rory chalks up to probably being in his blood.

Rory was born in Dover, Kent, but says that he was raised in different outposts all over the world since his father was serving in the Royal Navy. The author says that he grew up ‘hungry’ to be a writer. He worked himself as a newspaper journalist, but even while doing that, he always had dreams of switching over to writing novels. He moved to Norfolk in 2007 and says that he found the ‘perfect’ spot to achieve his ambition of writing novels. He says that he has to have time and space to think, chat, and imagine.

As to why he chose to write thrillers, the author says that it might have something to do with his family history. Rory says that his generation of the Clements family is the first since the Crimean War to have not been in active service in some branch of the military, and he says that he feels fortunate that this is the case. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather participated in three major wars and were able to survive the fighting, but Rory fears that in the same place or situation that he may not have measured up. He says that psychoanalysts might wonder whether he’s trying to compensate for this fact by making stories that revolve around those that have more courage than he does, and he says that in this case that they would potentially have a point.

Regardless, Rory thinks that his personal history has given him a good understanding not only of valor but of the stoicism of those who are in danger, whether it is from enemy agents sin the sea, air, or on the battlefield. He says that these are the qualities of the protagonist of the Tom Wilde series, none other than Tom Wilde. The Cambridge history professor might spend a good portion of his life absorbed in the dusty archives or teaching students in the lecture hall, but when he is called upon to act, he does without hesitation or questioning it.

Corpus is the first novel in the Tom Wilde series by Rory Clements. Check out this engaging spy thriller and you will be addicted to this series! Pick up a copy and see why the Daily Mail calls it ‘dramatic’, ‘pacy and assured’, and ‘well crafted’, with an ‘intricate plot and fascinating historical context’.

The time is 1936, and Europe is in the middle of a period of great turmoil. The Nazis have finally made their way into the Rhineland. Stalin has unleashed his Great Terror in Russia. Meanwhile, Spain has broken out into civil war.

A young English lady works in Berlin to get important papers to a Jewish scientist, evading the Gestapo to do it. But just a few weeks later, she is discovered dead with a silver syringe in her hands. Then in an exclusive club in London, a conspiracy takes off that could threaten the very center of government.

When a couple in society that have fascist leanings are found killed in a brutal fashion, Thomas Wilde comes into play. The Cambridge professor ends up getting drawn into a world of spying that he is only familiar with from the history books. The only thing is that the deeper Thomas Wilde gets into this situation, the more he is finding that links the murders of the couple with the girl who was found dead with the syringe in her hand, and to the scandal that is surrounding the Abdication.

With war in the background, Thomas Wilde has to get to the bottom of this. Jumping around and placed in everywhere from Cambridge to Berlin, the Kent countryside, Spani, and more, this is an international thriller that you won’t want to miss. Pick up this spy thriller to find out what happens and see why the Guardian called this novel ‘enjoyable’ and the Sunday Telegraph praised its ‘exciting narrative twists’.

Nucleus is the second novel in the Tom Wilde series by Rory Clements. The historical adventure starts up again with the follow-up to the debut novel in the series.

On the eve of war, there’s a secret out there that is so deadly that no one may end up being safe from it. The time is June, and the year is 1939. England is throwing parties everywhere and going like tomorrow will never come, all while having gas masks ready to go. The May Balls are being put on with intensity in Cambridge, however, the good times are not to last.

The Nazis are still active and have invaded Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, the Jews are being persecuted so absolutely in Germany that parents are sending their kids to Britain on the Kindertransport to be safe. Meanwhile, the IRA’s S-plan bombing campaign has led to over a hundred terrorist outrages around England.

A huge event goes unreported at the same time. Otto Hahn in Germany has made the first man-created fission and now the possibility of an atomic device coming to fruition is very likely. The Nazis have set their own physicist group up to build their own superbomb, aware that the Americans and the British are doing the same.

The atom was split in the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, so could the scientists there win the nuclear bomb race? The generals working for Hitler need to know the secrets, making it safer for them to wage war. When one of the finest minds in Cambridge is murdered, Tom Wilde finds himself pulled into a situation he cannot escape from.

Little does he knows it’s a conspiracy that reaches further than he knows. Can he face down deadly forces that could threaten the entire world? Read this book to find out!

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