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About Tommy Robinson

Controversial British figure Tommy Robinson has become a prominent voice within certain communities and circles. Regarded as an activist and spokesperson for the far-right, his politics have had a polarizing effect throughout British society. This has led to him becoming a regular fixture within the news, working with a variety of political organisations as well. Over time he has also gone on to write a book chronicling his life up to this point, which has led to him reaching a wider audience.

Early and Personal Life

Born Stephen Christopher Yaxley on the 27th of November, 1982, he would grow up in Luton, England. Later he would take up a variety of pseudonyms, including Paul Harris, Andrew McMaster and Wayne King, before finally settling upon his current name Tommy Robinson. This, he has stated, came from the name a member of the ‘Men in Gear’ football hooligan crew, being the one which followed Luton Town Football Club.

Leaving school, he stated how he would go on to Luton Airport where he would study aircraft engineering on an apprenticeship. Qualifying in 2003 he would then lose his job, followed by a 12-month prison sentence for assault on an off-duty police officer. After this he would then go on to join the British National Party in 2004, which Nick Griffin headed at that time.

This would see the beginning of his career in politics, as he would later go on to become the leader of the English Defence League. He would also go on to join the ‘British Freedom Party’, which would focus on right-wing activism too, along with his work in the EDL. During this time he would regularly speak in the media, becoming a known figurehead for his particular brand of politics.

Later in 2013 he would step down as leader of the English Defence League, putting the party behind him. Speaking for himself, he would then become a spokesperson and activist for his own views, continuing to speak at different venues on his politics. He has also become vocal across social-media, with many people both for and against the right-wing politics that he stands for.

Writing Career

Releasing his first title in 2015, Tommy Robinson would self-publish his own book, which was a memoir called ‘Enemy of the State’. A non-fiction work, it would offer a recounting of his life as told by him up until that point, taking a look back at what made him the person that he is today. Going back to his childhood, it would feature an inside account told in his own words, along with his own perspective and outlook.

Focusing on stand-alone titles, he would recount much of his life over the years, along with his own personal perspective. This would come from a right-wing stance, mainly focusing on how he saw immigration, along with his views on Islam. Later he would also come to write the book ‘Mohammed’s Koran’, which would go into this in greater detail, which he would write alongside Peter Mcloughin.

These writings would reiterate much of what was going on in his own life, providing his version of events. With his activism shaping his work, it would offer an insight into who he was, and is, as a person operating in the media’s eye. This would also feed into his work as a correspondent for right-wing outlets online, many of which would also report on his own work in turn.

Enemy of the State

First published in 2015 this would come out on the 9th of December, providing what was the memoir of Tommy Robinson. Written by him, it would come out through ‘The Press News Ltd’ publishing imprint, as it would be self-published by him. It would also feature many of his own views, with him seeking to give the reader an insight into what had made him.

This would take a look at the life of Stephen Christopher Yaxley up until the point of publication, and how he came to establish Tommy Robinson. Looking at his life growing up in Luton, he tells his life story so far, along with how he came to form his views and opinions. Included in this would be many experiences from his later life, such as his arrests and of the time spent with the English Defence League.

Mohammed’s Koran

Released through the ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing’ outlet, this would come out on the 25th of January in 2017. Written alongside Peter Mcloughin they would both essentially publish and market this book themselves, using the brand that Robinson had already established. This would be a joint effort between them, with Mcloughin already having written various pieces, much of it also from a far-right perspective.

Using the subtitle ‘Why Muslim’s Kill for Islam’, this would provide a polemic against Islam, describing how Robinson and Mcloughin viewed it. Looking at the Koran, they seek to persuade the reader as to their own personal interpretation of the Muslim text. Seeking to look at it through a lens free from academia as they both regard it, they are set on dismantling the religion using their outsider’s perspective.

Various Media Appearances

Over the years Robinson has appeared on a number of television and radio shows, espousing his opinions and beliefs. These have included his anti-Islam rhetoric, which he has sought to make one of his sole issues in recent years, something which can be seen reflected in his books. Looking to increase his profile, he uses these appearances to build his own brand and put forwards his message as a right-wing activist.

Whilst this has been met with many responses from a range of voices, he has also heavily invested in social-media, which has equally faced a mixed reception. Featured on programs such as ‘Good Morning Britain’, he has previously worked as a correspondent on ‘The Rebel Media’ too, which is a right-wing Canadian website. This has led to him becoming the figure that he is today, working as an activist and putting his own message across.

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