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Publication Order of Killer Intent Books

Tony Kent is a renowned English writer of mystery, thriller, and crime fiction novels and a former boxer and barrister. He is particularly famous for writing the book called Killer Intent and its sequel novel entitled Marked for Death. In 2018, his debut book was marked as one of the must-reads. It was also selected for a book club called Zoe Ball. Award-winning director Duncan Jones has been roped in to direct the TV adaptation of the book. Author Kent was brought up in London in a close-knit family hailing from Ireland. He spent a few years living in Scotland, where he studied law. During his career working as a barrister, he was among the top-ranking barristers of his time. His case history included defending and prosecuting many nationally reported and high-profile trials. Prior to beginning his career in the legal department, Kent was an international boxer.

As a heavyweight boxer, he won numerous amateur titles throughout the nation. Author Kent claims that he developed a love for crime thrillers after gaining inspiration from the works of powerhouse writers like Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Frederick Forsyth, John Grisham, and various others. The people close to him know that he has always been artistic, diverse, and extremely successful in his professional life. It first started in France when he began pursuing his dream of becoming a barrister. Kent was equipped with some natural gifts and skills. He possessed a dream that he pursued with dedication and perseverance. Even though he did not have too much financial support, he didn’t stop at anything to fulfill his dream.

Kent was able to enjoy the fruits of his dedication and persistence only several years later when he graduated with a law degree and began defending high-profile cases in court. Now, he enjoys his days as a crime writer and is looking forward to writing many more exciting novels of crime and mystery. Kent succeeded in finding a publisher for his first book Killer Intent in the form of a nonfiction independent publisher called Elliot & Thompson. It was also the first time for the publisher to publish a crime fiction novel. Lorne Forsyth, Elliott & Thompson’s chairman, was so impressed by the work of Kent that he signed a 4-book contract with him. The publisher has said that in his first book, Kent has succeeded in fulfilling his long-held dream of writing a thriller. His story combines the multiple facets of his skills as an author. Kent has provided a unique insight into the crime world and has given good information about the power and intensity of combat by hand.

Lorne Forsyth discovered that Kent possesses an extraordinary talent the moment he started reading his first novel. By signing a four-book deal with him, he thinks that he has found a real deal for his company. Kent’s rich life experience as a criminal barrister and his storytelling abilities are a good combination for a natural storyteller. Author Kent is grateful for all the support he has received in his career so far. He is hopeful of entertaining readers all over the world with many more interesting stories of thriller/crime fiction in the years to come. Until then, he hopes that the readers will continue to read his already published books and help them become more successful.

The Killer Intent series written by author Tony Kent is comprised of a total of 2 books, released between 2018 and 2019. It features the primary characters in the roles of Joe Dempsey, Sarah Truman, and Michael Devlin. Kent has depicted Joe Dempsey as a military intelligence officer with deadly skills. Sarah Truman is shown as a reporter working for the CNN, while Michael Devlin is seen as a criminal barrister hailing from Belfast, who has a secret past. A few other essential characters mentioned in the novels include Joelle Levy, Adam Blunt, etc. Joelle Levy is described as a Detective Chief Inspector, while Adam Blunt is shown portraying the role of a former solicitor, who becomes a victim of a gruesome murder. Kent has set both the books in London. The debut book of this crime fiction series is entitled ‘Killer Intent’. It was released in 2018 by the Elliott & Thompson publication. The book opens by showing that an assassination attempt sets into motion a chain reaction throughout London that result in explosive events.

The extent of the chaos is so enormous that even the elite security forces of Britain seem powerless in stopping them. They even look helpless in preventing the threat to overthrow the rule of the current government. As the deadly and dark conspiracy unfolds, 3 strangers find themselves entangled in its web. Joe Dempsey, Michael Devlin, and Sarah Truman don’t know which path to take to save themselves and the city from the huge chaos. They also don’t know who to trust and who not to. The circle of the people they can trust continues to grow smaller with each passing day. The situation becomes so dangerous that Devlin, Truman, and Dempsey decide to go underground and work as a team to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. They indulge themselves in a race against time and get caught up in a life or death situation in trying to find out the culprit responsible for causing the great chaos across London. Finally, they succeed in stopping the sinister plot of the criminal just in time and prevent the entire city from getting consumed in it.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘Marked for Death’. It was also published by Elliott & Thomspon in 2019. This novel opens with the depiction of a grisly crucifixion of a former Chief Justice in London. This shocking murder shakes the entire legal establishment of London. DCI Joelle Levy is given the task of finding out the killer. As Joelle Levy begins the investigation, he realizes that the victim had many potential enemies due to his 50 years of career in the legal department. He finds a ray of hope when an identical killing of an ex-solicitor named Adam Blunt comes to his notice. Sarah Truman is again assigned to cover the story from the beginning. She carries out an investigation of her own from the sides. Sarah never expected that her investigation will lead her to the door of her own house and her fiancee, Michael Devlin. Michael is determined to prove his client’s innocence. But, he struggles with guilt and grief after being caught in a psychopath’s quest for revenge. He decides to take it upon himself to catch the killer and bring him to justice before time runs out.

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