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Before Craig Robertson became a full-time writer, Robertson worked as a journalist for one of the leading newspaper in Scotland for approximately twenty years. During this period that Craig Robertson was working for the Scottish newspaper, he had the opportunity of interviewing three influential prime ministers and report on major events such as the 9/11. Craig Robertson scooped a major award, beating Oprah Winfrey and several other influential people. Furthermore, Craig Robertson resided in Mumbai, where he dispensed polio drops and even spent time as a death row inmate in the United States. A majority of the novels that Craig Robertson has penned have been set in the exceedingly mean streets of Glasgow. Random is Craig Robertson’s first novel, which was shortlisted for a 2010 CWA Blood Dagger Award. The book also went ahead to become a New York Times bestseller novel and was selected as a Crime Novel of the Year. Craig Robertson has also penned down a series of novels, which feature the protagonist, Tony Winter who is a professional photographer and one Rachel Narrey, who is a detective sergeant.

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Based in the city of Glasgow, Random is a well-written thriller. The book begins as bodies begin to pile up, all with an exceedingly strange signature from the killer. Another exceedingly strange thing is that the victims are not connected. After sometime, the killer stops using the signature methodology. It appears as if there is no reason and rhyme to the killings. While the police conduct their own investigation, DS Rachel Narrey tries to fight off the pressure that normally comes from any hierarchy. The killer about the connections informs the media. As the name suggests, Random is the story about a serial killer, who appears to select his victims randomly. Craig Robertson, the author, is quite innovative when selecting the modes of killing. The descriptions of the drunkards, low life and yuppie boozers are exceedingly entertaining. There are several exceedingly tense moments, where the life of the main character is at risk and an exceedingly neat finale.

Apart from the two main characters, the readers do not get to see much about the police investigators and the secondary characters as well. Random is focused entirely on the killer. All in all, this is a well-paced, well written and easy to read thriller. Despite the fact that concepts are not new, they are delivered with panache and the reader is going to love reading about them. One aspect that makes this book stand out from the all the other thrillers is that the book has been penned down from the killer’s point of view. This, in turn, places the readers in a moral conflict. The most interesting aspect of this novel is the random techniques and tactics that the killer employs. The author, Craig Robertson presents an exceedingly profound historical and theoretical background to the novel’s plot. Robertson also provides the readers with an insight into the physical and biological process of the killer’s victims. A majority of the chapters contain newspaper articles, which talk about the exceedingly cruel murders conducted by the killer.

The style, form, and content have been authentically written in newspaper style such that the creation of an authentic and actual crime is supported. Despite the fact that the atmosphere that the author presents is dark and a little bit disturbing, the story is lightened up by irony and a few jokes as well. Snapshot is the second book in the Tony Winter book series by Craig Robertson. As the second crime novel in the Tony Winter book series, Snapshot follows Tony Winter, the protagonist, and a crime scene photographer. Crime scene photography is a job that very few people will be willing to do, let alone enjoy it. What Tony’s camera normally sees, is normally the aftermath of destruction, the horror, the broken and the blood as well. The true face of the killer is believed to be reflected in the eyes of the victim, however, if this is not the case, the Tony Winter believes that he could decipher what the victim was feeling when he or she was being killed.

Tony has never wished death on anyone. Nonetheless, once the death has occurred, Tony Winter feeds on it. Tony Winter believes that this is an unusual emotion for one to feel. He knows only of two people who possess this rather strange addiction. With that said, the author, Craig Robertson, explores this theme in the novel snapshot, which is woven into the plot with a killer. The killer in Snapshot is picking up the drug dealers, from those who are not known to those who are in charge in the drug dealing business. The author, Craig Robertson, loves to look at issues from a rather unusual point of view. Random, was Craig Robertson debut novel, and the book was written entirely from the killer’s point of view. Cold Grave is another brilliantly written Tony Winter novel. More than twenty years ago, the body of an exceedingly young woman had been found within the ruins of an Abbey located in one of the uninhabited islands. The woman was never identified, neither was the murder solved.

The father to one of the town’s leading detective, DS Narray has been placed in a nursing home and is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The unsolved murder case was DS Narray’s father last case. The failure to solve the case has continued to haunt him all through retirement. Rachel Narray is interested in the case and is able to give his father a peace of mind. However, DS Narray is forced to deal with her exceedingly difficult boss, who does not want to open a closed case. Tony Winter has always wanted to be a detective but failed at the psychology entrance examination. Dany Neilson is a former police officer and also Tony’s uncle who brought him up. DS Narray, Tony Winter, and Dany Neilson, begin to look into the case that happened so many years ago. Once they begin looking into the investigation, they discover that there are four possible suspects. After interrogating the suspects, the four suspects die in mysterious road accidents. With that said, all the characters in this book have been well drawn and well developed.

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