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Tony Wirt is a horror fiction author from Lake Mills Iowa who published his debut fiction work “A Necessary Act” in 2016.
He had his first taste of success as a storyteller when he was in the first grade when one of his essays titled “Airplane II” was featured in the “Creative Courier,” which was the “Lake Mills Elementary School’s” yearly paper.
When he was older, he attended the University of Iowa, where he got his degrees in Communication Studies and Journalism.

Following his graduation, he spent nearly a decade at the Hawkeye Athletic Department at the University of Iowa doing media relations.

He has also worked a wide range of odd jobs such as ice cream slinger for Dairy Queen ice, movie ticket taker, and sportswriter.

He currently makes his home in Rochester Minnesota, where he lives with his wife and two kids. When he is not writing, he can usually be found fly fishing and listening to his favorite music.

While Tony Wirt loved traveling and working odd jobs, he eventually got married and when he got a baby, he could no longer travel with abandon as he once had.

He thought that maybe life as a stay-at-home dad would not be so hard. Besides, he had always wanted to write a novel and become a published author.

What better way to have all the time to write that manuscript, given that he had all manner of ideas he had in his head?

Even though he was so certain that he would have so much time on his hands, he soon realized that caring for a six-month-old left precious little time to do anything else, let alone try to write.
He was barely able to keep up with a blog he had started writing when his daughter was born.

The good thing is that kids usually grow fast and as his daughter grew more independent the idea for a novel once again began poking its head from the huge pile of dirty clothing it had soiled.

Tony Wirt had just begun writing his novel when he learned that his wife was once again pregnant. While it was not the best news, particularly for his writing career, he knew exactly what he was getting into this time.

He got down to work determined to get however much he could onto the page before the kid was born. By the time his second child arrived, he had more than 14,000 words from which grew the manuscript that would become “A Necessary Act.”

Wirt has now penned at least three titles, even if he has had many detours. Some of these detours include working for the Editorial Advisory Board of the Rochester Post-Bulletin, where he used to write opinion pieces before he got his novel done.

“Just Stay Way” by Tony Wirt introduces Craig Finnegan and his family who recently moved into a new home in a small town in Minnesota. He is a stay-at-home father who dreams of one day becoming a published author but has been struggling to focus.
Besides he has to take care of his seven-year-old girl who just cannot entertain herself and constantly interrupts him making it hard to write anything.

As such, he could not be happier when he comes home one afternoon to find Alice his daughter playing with Levi a neighborhood boy.

Over the next few days, he has the tranquility he needs to write as Levi and Alice play in the Finnegan backyard. Levi happens to be the only friend Alice has and her father is happy that at last, she has found someone that she can play with.
But as the days pass, Craig becomes increasingly unhappy with the situation. The more he gets to know the strange and quiet Levi, the more the alarm bells in his head begin to sound.

Things come to a head when he starts hearing strange sounds at night and household electronics begin to go missing.
He tries his best to explain away the strange happenings but he increasingly feels that Levi might have something to do with all the bizarre happenings.

Tony Wirt’s novel “A Necessary Act” asks the question is it possible to stop a serial killer before he begins his spree and if so how far can you go?

Most of the Lake Mills Community High School students thought Scott was a bizarre fellow. But what David and his best friend Matt witnessed was more than they could have ever imagined.

They had initially kept the secret to themselves but on their way to the library, they found themselves on different trajectories. Even the best-laid plans could have some unexpected effects that could change everything.

Fifteen years later, Matt is fired from his gig as a high-profile reporter and has to come back to the hometown he fought so hard to leave. He has a chance at redemption as he has been offered a job by the weekly publication in town where he got his start.
But he soon realizes that the community has since moved on from its past except for David. He has not forgotten anything and still thinks Scott is a serial killer.

Soon enough, a girl is murdered in town and suddenly Matt thinks that this may just be the big break he needs to restart his career.
But he may just be the next target of the serial killer.

“Opal vs. The Woods” by Tony Wirt is an interesting work that follows the life and times of Opal, a declawed and domesticated cat.

After she gets lost in the woods, she is at a loss and since she cannot find her way back home, she makes friends with Nuts, a squirrel who tells her of all the dangers she could face.
Things are made worse by the fact that she has no claws, which means she will not be able to climb and escape the many predators on the forest floor.

By sheer luck, she manages to survive an encounter with three raccoons and Nuts seeks out the Squirrl in Charge for her sake.

The latter promises to solve their problem as long as Opal brings them a giant bag of acorns that the raccoons stole. Nuts offers her assistance to Opal and she agrees to bring them the giant bag of acorns.
But what they will have to do may mean the end of both Nuts and Opal before the setting of the sun.

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