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Tonya Kuper is one of the upcoming and famous authors of America who likes to write her novels based on the young adult, contemporary, and science fiction genres. She was born in Galesburg, Illinois, United States. Kuper made her debut in the world of writing with her first novel titled ‘Anomaly’. With its success, she was able to write and publish another novel called Enigma, which also became very much successful. Currently, author Kuper is working on the third novel of her career, which she is going to release early next year. Kuper is married and is the mother of two handsome sons. Apart from writing novels, she likes to listen to music and read the young adult and contemporary novels written by other authors. As a child, Kuper grew in a small rural town in west central Illinois and completed her study in the same town with only 35 students in her class. Kuper says that she loved having less number of students in her batch as it allowed her to interact with all of them frequently and participate in each and every activity in her college. She could be found in everything that was somehow related to music as well as plays, clubs, yearbooks, and not to forget being a cheerleader. Eventually, Kuper completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of Elementary Education and then with an MS degree in the subject of Reading Education. While studying in a small college in Illinois, she met her husband, with whom she moved back to his hometown in Nebraska and two have lived there since then. Kuper lives in Omaha and considers it to be quite a metropolis contrary to the popular belief that it is otherwise. Being the mother of two sweet and witty boys makes her extremely happy.

Kuper has always been a stay at home mother after the birth of her first son. And now, she utilizes the free time at home in writing novels, which has now made her a work at home mother. Author Tonya Kuper says that she always had a great passion towards reading, which began when she earned her first Pizz Hut Book at a very young age. Later, she started reading various popular novel series in order to develop her own skills of writing plots and doing characterizations. Some of the famous series read by her include The Romona series, the James Howe Bunnicula series, the Green Gables, the Little Women, etc. When Kuper was doing her Masters program, she began reading young adult novels and fell in love with the genre. Since then, she tried to read books based on all the genres that she can, including adult and children’s fiction as well as nonfiction. Other than writing novels, author Kuper is a junkie when it comes to listening to rock music. She even tries to attend as many musical concerts as she can. Kuper also likes different types of accents like Irish, Southern, English, and Canadian. The only reason she likes them is because she does not have a particular accent of her own. Author Kuper is also addicted to chocolates and peanut butter. Whenever she gets any spare time at her home, Kuper likes to spend it by playing several mad games with her witty sons. Besides this, she also likes to watch Star Wars. Very recently, Kuper has become the fan of the Sherlock Holmes series, especially after seeing Benedict Cummerbatch portray the role of Sherlock Holmes in the television series.

The two novels written by author Kuper fall under the Schrodinger’s Consortium series, the first novel of which, Anomaly, was released by the Entangled Teen publishing house in the year 2014. The plot of the novel deals with the lives of the main characters Josie Harper and Reid Wentworth. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Josie gets dumped by her boyfriend on the occasion of her birth anniversary. She had an elder brother who is dead and she has now reached that age when he had died. Josie contains a type of virus in her body which can be located only by her father. The virus causes Josie to be wanting to hurl a lot. Soon, some weird things begin to happen in her life. When Josie sees the bad-ass and hot Reid Wentworth on his motorcycle, everything begins to change for her. She begins to search for the answers that she had never bothered about ever in her life. Josie also comes to know that she is an Oculus and has the ability to change the realities with the help of her thoughts. As Reid begins to protect and guide her, he gets charged with wrong doings. Also, Reid is the only person standing tall between Josie and the secret organization that is looking to kill her.

The second novel of the series was published by the Entangled Teen publishing house in the year 2015. It is titled as Enigma and serves as the sequel to the first novel written by Tonya Kuper. The plot of this novel is full of romantic page turners and exciting twists and turns. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Josie is shown as being on the hunt by her own race. She seems to be running away from everyone as all of them try to control, knowing that she can change reality with her thought as she is an Oculi. She does not seem to have any feelings towards Reid Wentworth as she mainly focuses on her attempt to unite the Resistance in order to fight against the Consortium. The fact that her life has changed after discovering that she is an Oculus does not look good. Also, the Consortium is looking to enslave the whole human race. Hence, they are looking to kill Josie Harper as being an Oculus, she can alter the reality and they do not want her to do that. After joining the largest Resistance hub, Josie discovers that she does not only have the ability to change the truth, but she has the power that no other Oculus has. She learns that the consortium is flying with a famous researcher to enslave the humans, she teams up with Reid Wentworth and in order to find the researcher and save the friend of Reid named Santos, who was captured by the Consortium in order to get Josie. Soon, they get trapped in a dangerous situation and the only people that Reid and Josie can trust are themselves.

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