Top 10 John Grisham Books

I’m writing this on March 8th, 2014. When any new Grisham book comes out, I will read it and if necessary update the list.

John Grisham was my first series pathway into adult novels. I remember when The Client came out in the theatres – my dad was reading the book. Bored during a car trip, I happened to pick it up and glance at it and within minutes I was absolutely hooked. I stayed up all night reading it, and I still remember going to the theatre the next day on no sleep – because I just couldn’t wait.

I then went through every John Grisham novel there was, while anxiously awaiting the newest one. While in my opinion Grishams books aren’t anywhere near as good as they used to be – he is still a quality writer, whose novels I purchase upon release. A few of his recent novels do make this list too!

This is the list of what I feel are the best John Grisham novels, and of course presented in a Top 10 John Grisham Books order because who doesn’t love top ten lists!

#10: The Appeal

The story of a chemical plant that destroyed a small town, and the small towns battle against them. This was one the books that turned me off Grisham a bit. It was a great book, and a great story – but his political viewpoints really came into play here. It really left a bad taste in my mouth, and although I thoroughly enjoyed the book I can’t go back and read it again.

#9: The Associate

Kyle McAvoy is about to join a prestigious law firm, when his past comes back to haunt him. I loved loved LOVED this book except……it just ends. It just completely fizzles out. I remember I couldn’t put it down, then I got to the very end and I was like…..what? That’s it? I was reading it on my Kindle and not paying attention to the percentage – so it was a shock that it just ended so soon, without any real climax.

#8: The Litigators

The story of a small law firm and a burnout who joins them then battles against his old law firm. This was a great book that I really enjoyed. It was a much different style of book with a lot of humour and some great characters.

#7: A Time To Kill

A tremendous book, cutting edge for its time, and the only reason it isn’t higher on the list is because there’s 6 books Grisham did that are better. Still, this is a classic book with a solid movie to boot.

#6: The Rainmaker

This would be higher, but the movie sort of ruined it for me. I enjoyed the movie – but the actors didn’t seem to fit the roles. I love Devito and Damon but just not in those roles. When I’ve went back and read the book – it’s just not as good picturing those two.

#5: The Client

The movie was decent, but oh man was the book that much greater. So gritty and so much more darker. When I read the opening, I still read it barely breathing, just trying to take it all in.

#4: The Partner

I remember reading this book, and it just blew me away. Just some intricate storytelling at its best. Just writing this makes me want to go and read it again. Crap I think I may do that now.

#3: The Firm

Loved the movie, and the book is of course amazing. I still remember the first time I read it – I started at 6pm over dinner while eating chips and curry sauce. I stayed up all night reading it, falling asleep at 6am. I woke up, went out and got some chips and curry sauce and finished it. I’ve read it many times since then – and I always do that while eating chips and curry sauce. Funny how things like that connect in your brain.

#2: The Runaway Jury

Such a great book, and one I read at least once per year. The whole jury studying and scouting process fascinates me, as does of course Rankin Fitch, just an exceptionally written character. And no matter how many times I re-read this book, I still tear up at the verdict announcement.

#1: The King of Torts

This may be a controversial one. You usually see this one rated low on any top lists but it’s my personal favourite. It’s about Clay Carter who ends up getting into the tort game. The rise of him, and the way he changes during the rise is fantastic to read – especially as someone who went through the dot-com bubble back in 2000 as it is eerily reminiscent of that. My favourite John Grisham book ever.

Top Ten Grisham Books Summarized:

My opinions for these were based mainly on readability, looking back at the list. The top 5 books in particular I re-read them almost once per year. And after writing this list I’m probably going to go back and read some of them.

Obviously, everyone has different opinions. Feel free to post yours in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the best John Grisham books.


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