Top 10 Reasons To Buy An E-Reader

As I write this it is September 2014. I made the switch to an e-reader in January 2012. It was a decision I didn’t make on a whim – I had a spare room with over 800 books both hardcover and paperback. It was a decision I contemplated for over 4 months. Even when I got my e-reader(the classic non-touch Kindle) I wasn’t sure I would be able to adjust to it.

Boy was I wrong. There are a lot of decisions I’ve made in life, and switching to the Kindle is easily amongst the top 10. Probably higher than asking my wife “Will you marry me?” – that’s how much I love my Kindle. I ended up giving away my massive library of books a few months later, and going completely digital.

I know a lot of people are hesitant to buy an e-reader, be it a Kindle or a Kobo. I now own a Kindle Paperwhite as well and I seem to have the same conversation with a lot of friends who are hesitant about buying an e-reader.

If you’re on the fence then I’m going to summarize my discussions with those friends in this Top 10 List of reasons as to why you should buy an e-reader. This is generally talking about e-readers that are made mainly for reading(Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo Touch etc) as opposed to tablets such as the Kindle Fire or the Kobo Arc.

#10: Battery Life

The first thing I tell people: you don’t need to worry about the battery. I’ve been on a vacation for a week in Mexico, read every day for hours and still not had to charge it. The battery life on these bad boys is great, and if you ever do need to charge it it’s a simple USB cable you can use anywhere. It also charges very fast.

#9: Easy To Use

People get concerned about technology etc. That’s understandable but you really don’t need to. Select the book you want and it automatically downloads to your e-reader and is right there, one click away and ready to read. The whole process is just incredibly simple.

#8: Read in the Dark

Whether you are using an e-reader with a backlight like the Kindle Paperwhite, or just a regular e-reader with a dollar store lamp clamped on top of it – you can read the Kindle in the dark very easy. Not like a book where you NEED a lamp attached to it and then it can be awkward turning the pages.

#7: e-ink is Awesome

It’s not hard on your eyes, it’s not like staring at a computer monitor. Reading via e-ink is great, to the point you will eventually prefer it to reading books.

Also if you like largetype books or even smalltype you can customize the font size with ease.

#6: It’s Fast

Going from a new page on an e-reader is probably faster than turning the page on a book. And no need to lick your finger when the pages stick together!

#5: Read While Eating

I’m a big “read while eating” guy – it’s rare I sit down at a meal without a book in front of me. However it’s a real pain stopping the meal to turn the page on a book especially when I’m a fast reader – oh and then sometimes the pages won’t stay and will require being held down. Such a pain.

Not with the e-reader. Just prop it up against something or use a stand and just tap the next page button or screen area with your pinky as you eat.

#4: Internet Access

Traveling but don’t want to take a laptop or tablet just to check your e-mails? Most e-readers have a web browser and even apps so you can do the basic internet things on it.

#3: Get Books Instantly

If you read a series of books – such as the Jack Reacher series – and you will immediately buy his latest book blindly(as I do), then e-readers are great for that. No need to wait for the mail if you order online and hope it’s not delayed, or have to go to your local book store. Just wake up, turn on your e-reader and your new book will be sitting there waiting for you to read over breakfast.

#2: A Full Library in Your Pocket

I’m a fast reader. Like – really fast. If I go on vacation for a week then I’m going to be doing a lot of reading. Be it at the cottage, or on a Mexican beach or just on the flights to and fro my destination.

Previously, I’d have to pack 6-7 books. Not only because I’d read this much but because I was never sure what I’d be in the mood for. That was a pain especially as someone who attempts to pack as lightly as possible.

Thankfully that is not an issue with an e-reader. My kindle fits in my pocket and I have literally over 1,000 books on there so I can read anything, anytime.

#1: It’s Cheap. Seriously.

You’re on the fence? That’s understandable. But man – e-readers are cheap! Sure you might look at the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Voyage and all the features – but you don’t have to invest that much to begin with!

Spend $50-$80. Get yourself an early version Kindle or Kobo or another e-reader. You’re still getting a quality e-reader as long as you go with a brand name like that. Then give it a try. If you don’t like it, gift it to someone else or sell it.

What do you have to lose?

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  • Billl

    I enjoyed my Kindle from the first. It really became a valuable reader when I discovered borrowing books from the local library via online. Lots of favorite books have been found this way, and the convenience is incredible. BUT the very best is being able to control the font size. I hate reading glasses, and generally don’t need to use them, but some books are printed with a font so small an eagle might have difficulty focusing on the print. I’ve probably read 200 books via my Kindle, 1/2 of them current print and from the library.

    • Ron Bates

      I, too, like the borrowing from the library. Only thing about that is, with my library system, it many times takes a while to get the book that I want. But, I can usually find something that I want to read that is available immediately.

      Also, the font size is a major point for me. Even though I wear glasses, many font sizes are just too small for me. I do read large print, but, the size of the book can become a problem, there. And, paperbacks are pretty much out of the picture because of their font sizes. Some are OK, but, not many. The ability to change the font size on the Kindle is invaluable, to me.

  • Ron Bates

    A year ago, my daughter got me a Kindle for Christmas. At first, I was overjoyed that she would do that. But, a bit later, I seriously wondered if I could get into it very much. Well, suffice it to say that that notion not only didn’t last long, but, that I got into it very much. Now, it’s hard for me to even remember that I had misgivings about it. It seems like I’m always reading a book on it or finding a new one to stash on it. Use Bookgorilla and Book Bub a lot to gather books.

    I still read hard copy books, but, with these tired old eyes, I pretty much have to stick to large print books. And, some of those become cumbersome to read. But, on the Kindle, I can adjust the font size. Kind of hard to do with printed books. There are non large print books printed in a font size that I can read, but, I’m pretty much blind when it comes to paperback books. Hardly ever find one with big enough print for me.

    Love my Kindle! Thank you, Daughter!

  • Diane Manson

    I received a Nook Tablet as a Christmas present from my husband. Love it and find that you can actually get through books a little quicker. Also noticed the Nook seems very well-made, which is why my husband chose it over others. Enjoying it so far.

  • CrankyHuman

    I am still unable to figure out how you bookmark where you stopped reading, or how to ‘flip through’ (as you can do with a real book) an e-book. I sometimes have 3-4 books I am reading at the same time, how does an e-reader juggle that?

    • Mrs. Pringle

      In the kindle, you can go out of the book, go into another one and when you return to the first one, you’ll be right where you left off.

    • puzzlenutty

      Not sure about Kindle for bookmarking, but if you use Overdrive to access your local library then you will see a series of tools in the upper right hand of the page. The flag is your bookmark. Also you can manage your books
      in Overdrive.
      I have three books set to read most of the time.
      Hope this helped a little.

    • Allen Round

      An old post but maybe someone will see this. The Kindle apps and ereaders go right back to where you were in any book saved on it. You can have started several books and when you go back you will be where you left off.

  • Barbara Hughes

    My only argument against the e-reader is that I donate my real books to the school library where I work. We are a small school with a very limited budget for books so if I did not bring mine in there would be no library. I do have a Kindle Paperwhite and sort of like it. I carry it with me in my purse so that I always have something to read when I am in a waiting room for a doctor or something. I seems like there is a lot more page turning to do on those, but it is nice to have it with me when I am waiting for something.