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Publication Order of Masters and Mercenaries: Topped Books

Topped is a romance series by Lexi Blake. The series stars several couples, with each book concentrating on each duo’s love story. From the awesome relationship between a hurting veteran and a woman with enough baggage to the romance between two strangers who never thought true love is possible, this book covers it all, and much more. While each book focuses on one couple, other characters’ stories continue in the background, so there is never a dull moment while reading any of the books. The series covers a lot of BDSM lifestyle so you can be sure that the romance here is sizzling hot.


Luscious is the first book in the Topped series. The book stars Macon Miles, an ex-military man trying to rebuild his life and his love Allyson Jones. Macon has sacrificed enough for his country. After a patrol in Afghanistan turns tragic, Macon loses a part of his leg, which marks the end of his career. Soon after, he loses his wife, and for a long time, Macon losses his zeal for life. When his brother, Adam, offers him an exciting opportunity, Macon is excited to grab it. Now his new-found love is cooking, and he already works as a pastry chef at a new restaurant in Dallas named Top. It is while he is working here that Macon meets Allyson.

Allyson is a woman on a mission. When her foster mother breathed her last, Allyson promised that she would find out what happened to the foster brother she lost in Afghanistan. While the military sent a report about his death’s circumstances, neither Ally nor her mother believed it. Ally knows that there is the only man who knows the truth- Macon Miles. She does her research and follows him where he works at Top Restaurant. Ally is fortunate to also get a job at the restaurant. Now that she works beside Macon, she is sure that it is only a matter of time before she gets all the information she needs from him.

Things do not go as planned because both Macon and Ally fall deep in love with each other. Ally makes Macon feel loved, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. The chemistry between these two is on another level, and Ally is torn between following her heart and fulfilling her dead mother’s wishes. What will happen when Macon tells Ally the truth about her brother’s death? Will their budding relationship survive this revelation? Follow Macon, a damaged man with enough baggage, and Ally as they navigate their new-found love. Both characters are lovable, and you can only hope that they overcome all the challenges that come their way.

Luscious is a sexy, sweet, and tasty story characterized by likable characters, a great flow, and a consistent pace. The story revolves around a veteran trying to reintegrate into society and a woman who is haunted by the past. These two make quite a pair, and the unique storyline, together with their instant attraction, turns this into a page-turner. This book is perfect if you are looking for a story filled with passion, heat, and suspense. Macon and Ally’s courting is enjoyable, and you will find the kinky parts delightful. If you are a kinky romance lover, you should definitely give this book a try.

Just One Taste

Just One Taste is the second book in the Topped series. In this book, the main focus is on Eric Vail and Deena Holmes. Eric left the Navy and followed his passion for the kitchen. After serving as a sous chef at the Top Restaurant, he is looking to advance his training in all matters cooking. His skills continue to be pushed every day he works at the Top. This is precisely what he wants, but he knows that advanced training will enable him to meet the restaurant’s clientele’ demands. While Eric is killing it in the kitchen, getting his ultimate prize still remains a challenge. Despite his efforts, Deena doesn’t seem too keen to start a relationship with him.

Deena is a server at the Top. The young lady is sweet, beautiful, and everything else a man is looking for. However, she is also distant, especially when Eric tries to make a move. Deena has had it rough when it comes to love, and she has sworn off relationships. The last thing she needs right now is a man to complicate her life, just like the other ones she has been with before. Sure, she thinks that Eric is the most handsome man who ever walked the surface of the earth, but who is to tell how he will behave when she is already invested in the relationship?

Well, when Deena takes up a trainee position at the Sanctum BDSM Club, she is looking to acquire some new skills and also get some space from Eric. However, she will soon realize that Eric is also taking the same class, and the two have been paired together. How will Deena cope with working so closely with the man who fills her dreams every night? Eric and Deena will find themselves exploring things at Sanctum as they learn about each other. An unexpected intimacy will start growing, but a blast from the past will threaten to end this new-found love. Follow Erica and Deena as they get to know each other and fight to save their relationship.

Just One Taste comes with all the right ingredients for a romance story. There is an impressive cast, an intriguing storyline, and just the right dose of romance. The playtime between Eric and Deena will leave you feeling all warm inside, and it is refreshing to meet an alpha male who is all rough on the outside but comes with a heart of gold. This book combines scorching chemistry, good food, and family. There is also some element of human struggle. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a beautiful love story that will have your attention from the first page to the last one.

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