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The Devil Makes Three (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Good for Maidens (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Throat an Open Grave (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Gathering Dark(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House Where Death Lives(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tori Bovalino is a fantasy and young adult fiction author that was brought up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tori went to the University of Pittsburgh where she got her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and fiction writing and minored in German. She would attend the University of London, Royal Holloway for her master’s degree in Creative Writing.
She would then do her doctorate conducting research on the relationship between young adult fantasy novels and Russian folklore at RHUL.

She has always loved reading and while she is terrible at picking favorites, her go-to books are The Picture of Dorian Gray, Fire, Pride, and Prejudice. In fact, she has said that she often tends to pick books that make her cry.
Aside from writing novels, she is also an author of poetry and short stories that have been published in various collections and anthologies.

She is currently represented by Amelia Appel and Dr. Uwe Stendr of the TriadaUS Literary Agency. When Tori is not writing she can be found traveling, embroidering, and reading.

Tori has been writing for as long as she can remember and remembers penning her first story as an eleven-year-old.

Her dream of becoming a writer never died out over the years and she started doing NaNoWriMo in 2009, which was twelve years before she would get published.
As such, she has accumulated a lot of experience and material, even if she has a ton of awful writings that will never see the light of day.

She published “The Devil Makes Three,” her debut novel in 2021. The initial inspiration for her debut came when she was in college between her junior and sophomore years.

Tori was then employed at the university campus library and had to work some super eerie shifts during the summer months. Tori often freaked out a lot as she always imagined that there was someone evil in there with her.
As a huge lover of horror fiction, she decided to take those creepy vibes and make them into a fiction work. It was from this and several folklore stories that she developed the story for her novel.

In an interview, Tori Bovalino said that the story of “The Devil Makes Three” came naturally to her. Even though she loves to write contemporary romance, there was no way she was going to let such a good idea pass.

However, the actual development took quite a long time and it was not until several drafts later that she realized she needed a second point of view. She would ultimately add a third point of view when she was in the third round of revisions.

Tori Bovalino has always joked that she is a good editor but an awful writer. Her first drafts have always been terrible and as such, even when an idea comes easily and quickly, it usually takes her months to make it into something that is publishable.
This is what happened with her debut as it would take only two months to write her first draft and about nine months to edit it into something readable.

Tori Bovalino’s novel “The Devil Makes Three” is a work about demons, darkness, and academia that delivers on its promise.

Coming with an atmospheric and eerie setting, compelling characters, and descriptive writing, it all comes together to make for a thrilling and impressive read.

The lead in the novel is Tess a girl that is the library assistant working the summer shift at her new college. It is at the college library where she meets privileged posh student Eliot.
Due to the strong connection they have, she allows him to go down to the recesses of the library and the off-limits grimoires.

Things get interesting when they accidentally release a demon and are forced to collaborate to get out of the sticky situation and save their loved ones too.
Tori Bovalino writes a suspenseful, dark, and unsettling work that gives chills in just the right way.

The author manages to seamlessly blend horror, paranormal and contemporary aspects to make a haunting story that can best be described as creepy and dark.

“Not Good For Maidens” by Tori Bovalino is a beautiful retelling of the fantasy horror story of “Goblin Market” by Christina Rosetti.

Throughout the novel, the author alternates between the lead’s experience as a teenager nearly two decades back and Lou her niece’s experience in the present.

May has a very compelling story and is a fascinating character. Over the course of the story and especially in the present family secrets are brought to life and Lou began to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

There was a story of a pair of star-crossed sapphic loves to make her readers’ hearts ache, the cutthroat world that nobody sees underneath the streets of New York, a coven of witches, and the fierce familial and romantic bonds between women.

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