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Tori Harris is a reputed American writer, who is known for writing science fiction, space opera, and military fiction novels. He is particularly famous for being the author of the successful Terra Fleet Command Saga novel series. Harris was born on March 18, 1969. He was brought up at the time of the original films of the Star Wars. The exposure to Star War films early in his life made him develop an interest in the sci-fi genre. Harris continues to be a hardcore fan of science fiction stories even today. During the initial stage of his professional career, Harris got the chance to fly the United States Air Force jets for a brief period and believes that he was fortunate enough to have got this opportunity.

Author Harris loves to fly and is involved in it as a private pilot even today. Another thing that Harris became a fan of while growing up is reading. He loves reading very much. When the idea of writing his own sci-fi story came to his mind, he thought of combining his military science fiction with classical naval fiction. The outcome of his experiment worked wonders for him and he practices it even today. The authors who have inspired Harris to write science fiction books include Ryk Brown, Tom Clancy, Patrick O’Brian, Joshua Dalzelle, Michael Hicks, etc. Currently, Harris resides in Tennessee. He is happily married and has the support of his beautiful wife.

Harris is blessed with a couple of daughters, who also motivate him to write inspiring stories. Author Harris has a fondness for pet animals and has a pet dog at his house named Bizkit. He is quite content with the way his literary career has shaped up. He wants to keep writing exciting science fiction books for many more years to come and entertain his fans with his excellent storytelling abilities. Harris is grateful to all the readers who have helped him in becoming a noteworthy author by liking and appreciating his work. Harris likes to interact with his fans through various social media sites and takes all their inputs and suggestions seriously. Harris is now busy writing the next book in his popular Terran Fleet Command series and is expected to finish the writing part soon and publish it for his desperately waiting fans.

The Terran Fleet Command Saga series written by author Tori Harris is comprised of a total of 5 books released between 2015 and 2018. This series is set in the 23rd century and revolves around the interaction of humans with aliens in interstellar space. This series begins by mentioning that Earth has been receiving mysterious transmissions of data from different deep space locations for the past 50 years. After studying the nature of the transmissions, it is found that they are coming from an advanced form of technology. If humans get hold of this advanced technology, then they will be able to travel faster than light overnight. Subsequently, the first team of researchers and scientists are sent to interstellar space in a starship to bring back more information. However, they don’t have any information about alien benefactors. Even their motivations behind sending the transmissions to Earth still remain unexplained.

Some of the essential characters mentioned by Harris in the books include Tom Prescott, Kevin Patterson, Bruce Abrams, Griffin, Rugali Naftur, etc. The series’ debut book is entitled ‘TFS Ingenuity’. It was released in 2015 as a Paperback edition. The book’s plot takes place in the year 2277. It is seen that Captain Tom Prescott carries the first team of scientists and researchers to space on the first starship of the Terra Fleet Command, TFS Ingenuity. After cruising for several days, they come across a first contact condition. The team learns that there are other planets that have been granted civilization and access to stars before Earth. It is also found that the Faustian gift has caused interstellar wars for centuries. As it is learned that the existence of humanity hangs in the balance due to the upcoming military strike at the hands of the technologically advanced alien forces, all the hopes of saving Earth and humanity lie in the hands of Ingenuity and Captain Prescott’s unarmed crew in space.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘TFS Theseus’. It was self-published by Harris in 2016. This book opens by showing that the Humanity is approached by the Pelaran’s Guardian spacecraft and is asked to enter the Pelaran Alliance. This seems to be a new chapter in the 500-year long mission of the Guardian to cultivate the human world. Following the approach for the alliance, humans are left to decide whether they want to join the powerful alliance or chart their own course. If the latter is decided, then they have to decide which civilizations are worthy enough to be trusted. As Earth decides to become the first world that declined the invitation of the Pelarans, it prepares to defend itself from a deadly attack as the Pelarans have the reputation of destroying the planet that rejects their offer. Admiral Kevin Patterson gathers a team of his formidable men on board the flagship of the Terran Fleet, TFS Navajo. He hopes to defend the Earth from the outside forces. It is very well known that the attack is going to take place at any moment. So, Kevin Patterson decides to steer TFS Navajo in search of the enemy and take the first initiative.

On the other hand, Tom Prescott returns from his first TFC battle and finds that his starship has been heavily damaged. He thinks of carrying out the repair work as soon as possible and join Admiral Patterson in his effort to save the Earth. This new mission is not just to defend Earth from the powerful Pelaran forces, but also to prevent a large-scale interstellar war. The novel is associated with numerous elements of science fiction such as military sci-fi, space exploration sci-fi, first contact, space opera techno-thriller, colonization, alien invasion, genetic engineering, galactic empire, etc. The depiction of all these elements led to a worldwide success of the novel. Its success set the stage for the other books that followed in the series later. The book’s success also contributed to the overall success of the series.

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