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Publication Order of Tornians Books

The “Tornians” series is a set of bestselling paranormal romance fiction novels by M.K. Eidem.

Reading is something that she loved doing right from when she was a child. She still remembers how she used to steal books from her sisters’ bookshelf and only sneaked them back when she was done.

When she was in her teenage years, whenever she read a novel, she started wondering how a story would have ended if some character did not fall in love with another or if they changed their mindset.

It was then that she started coming up with alternate endings to the many novels that she used to read. But it was not until both of her children left the house as adults that she started penning her own works.

“Grim,” the first novel of the “Tornians” series of novels was penned in 2013. Eidem has said that the inspiration for her novels comes from her love for writing and her desire to share her stories with her fans.

M.K. Eidem embarked on her writing journey when she was still a child writing on loose leaf, wide-spaced paper, and a pencil that she had to sharpen every few minutes.

During her childhood, she loved writing about the lead singer of her then favorite rock band that she made the hero of her story. As such, she was always into romance, even though she only started her journey toward publishing in 2012.

She was then watching a TV show when she thought she could do better. As one of the original “Star Trek” fans who adored Captain Kirk, she borrows inspiration from that to provide a very realistic feel to her stories.

It was perhaps this that led her toward writing paranormal romance. As a huge history buff, she also hopes that she can write in other genres including historical romance in the future.

The “Tornians” series of novels tells an interesting story set in an alien world. The world was afflicted by a great infection that had resulted in the near extinction of many species, including the Kaliszian and Tornian civilizations.

The Kaliszians had been made severely deficient when it came to producing food for their population. Much of their food-bearing vegetation had died off while the transplanted ones were unable to survive.

This left the Kaliszinas dependent on the Tornians to feed their people in exchange for their mineral wealth.

For the Tornians, their DNA had changed such that most children born were males. In the interim, they celebrated given that they were a warrior civilization.

But over time the lack of females to breed would become a problem that threatened to destroy the entire civilization.

The Tornians series makes for sensation series of works that takes its readers to an alien world. It is a place where people have to learn to fight for those they love and defeat enemies that are ready to destroy their civilizations.
Coming with all manner of attacks, kidnapping, political plots, and intense action it makes for beautiful stories with heartwarming moments.

“Grim,” the first novel of the “Tornians” series is a beautiful story of the most feared and strongest warrior of the Tornian Empire named King Grim Vasteri.

He is the blood brother to the Emperor, King of Luda who faces extinction of his line, given that he is deemed unfit by all women since he was scarred.

On the other hand, is the widowed mother of two kids in Lisa Miller whose husband died of cancer a few months ago. She dearly misses him and her family and friends have been asking her to get back into the dating pool.

But she is not ready to do that since she does not think there is any man she could love as she did her late husband. Moreover, she does not believe there is anyone that could love her kids like their own and hence she opts to stay single.

She had gone to pay her respects to her husband at his grave when she was abducted. She woke up on an alien ship being transported to an alien world. She demands to be taken back to her home and children and viciously attacks her captors.

Grim believes this is his only chance at getting with a female. He tells her that he will protect and take her two daughters as his own if she agrees to be his wife.

She knows this is the only way she can get back to her children setting the stage for massive changes in the Tornian Empire.

The second novel of the “Tornians” series of novels is Wray. The lead in the novel is the Emperor of the Tornian Empire Wray Vasteri, whose family has ruled over Tornia since the great infection more than five centuries ago.

He now fears that he may be the last of his name since he cannot find any compatible females to mate with. If he cannot find a solution fast enough, the entire civilization may collapse and die.

For this reason, he is meeting the Emperor of the Kaliszian Empire Liron. On his way to Kaliszian space, he had crossed paths with a Ganglian ship on which they had discovered a small female.

Kim is a woman that has led a hard life but things only get worse when her sister had gone missing and her parents were suddenly killed.

As a nineteen-year-old, she had led a sheltered life as she was spoiled by her parents and had come to expect good things from life. Seeking to change her ways, she had gone into space to find her sister only to be taken by some alien race.
Wray believes she could just be the answer his civilization has been looking for.

“Ynyr” is the third novel of the “Tornians” series of novels that tells the story of one of the most interesting characters. Ynyr was the third born male in his family and even though he was a worthy and fit warrior, no female would ever join with him.
His mother had refused to leave his manno, which had made most people look down on the entire family. Uli his brother had a better chance of finding a woman that would join with him, as he would one day become lord given that he was the firstborn male.
Vali the second-born son also had a chance but everyone born after that would have a hard time with females.

The most they could hope to achieve in life is to serve their family with honor. But everything changed when some new females arrived in their world from Earth.

On her part, Abby has led a tough life particularly since she lost her entire family as a sixteen-year-old. Finally, she believes things are looking up as she was about to achieve her dream to become a teacher.

But things changed when she decided to help a friend who needed someone to fill in for her at the library where she works.

Abby and Ynyr come together in a very unexpected way, which makes for the beginning of a very unique relationship.

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