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The “Torpedo Ink” series is a set of novels by New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. She has more than 50 published works to her name that include several popular series such as the “Sisters of the Heart,” “Drake Sisters,” “Leopard” and “Ghostwalker” series of novels. Five of her novels have been number one on the New York Times bestseller list. “Dark Prince” her debut was the recipient of 3 of 9 PEARL awards in 1999. A writer in demand, she has published with Pocket Books and Leisure Books and is currently with Jove/Berkley. In addition to winning PEARL awards and making the New York Times bestselling list, she has been on Amazon Kindle, Washington Post, B. Daltons, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, Bookscan, USA Today, Borders, Rhapsody Book Club, Ingrams, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. Other honors she has earned include nominations for the RITA award by the Romance Writers of America, a Borders Lifetime Achievement Award and a Romantic Times Magazine Career Achievement Award.

Christine Feehan has always loved writing ever since she was in her teenage years. The ability to create emotions and images with words has always been fascinating. As a writer’ she is also a reader of all kinds of material from encyclopedias to recipes and novels. She has been published in several formats and languages and made her debut into writing with “Dark Prince” the first of the “Dark Carpathian” series of novels first published in 1999. She has also been featured on the cover of “Romantic Times Magazine” and has been on “The Montel Williams Show.” She has also been a speaker at the Romance Writers of America Conferences, Romantic Times Convention, Emerald City Conference, Get Caught Reading at Sea Cruise and the San Diego Comic Con in 2013.

The “Torpedo Ink” MC series tells the story of a Russian biker gang that has escaped their homeland. They had been stolen as toddlers after the murder of their parents. They had then been tortured and brought up to become assassins for the Russian government. To remove all their emotion, terrible things had been done to them. The lead of “Judgment Road” the first of the Torpedo Ink series is MC enforcer Reaper who since leaving Russia has little interest in sex or women. He is a complete freak with emotional and psychological scars who lives for fighting and riding. He meets Torpedo Inks Bar bartender Anya Rafferty, a kind hearted and guarded woman that was raised in shelters but seemingly came out unscathed. In the second novel of the series, Steele, the vice president of the MC club had endured much abuse as a child but is determined to make the most of his life now though he is barely sane. There are fireworks when he meets Breezy Simmons a girl that had endured brutal physical and sexual abuse as a teen as her boyfriend was a member of an MC gang. “Vendetta Road” the third novel of the series is the story of Isaac ‘Ice’ a member of the Torpedo Ink MC Club and Soleil a mystery woman that had been floating and drifting along. He is determined to rescue her from a loveless relationship that threatens to turn violent by offering her protection, love and family.

“Judgment Road” the debut novel of the “Torpedo Ink” series opens to Anya tending bar for the Torpedo Ink MC club. She works hard but keeps to herself though she is never intimidated except by Reaper the enforcer of the club. She believes the man hates her especially when he is involved in an attempt to get her sacked. Reaper is in charge of protecting the club and would do anything for his brothers. He knows that Anya has a secret and does not trust her being so close to his brothers. They need information especially when a neighboring club asks for help when their leader’s wife is taken by unknown people. It is only Anya who could provide that information and lately there has been a great connection between Anya and Reaper. But their relationship is fragile and any sudden moves could mean that he could lose her forever.

“Vengeance Road” the second novel of the “Torpedo Ink” series introduces Breezy Simmons, a woman that has lived the brutal life of a motorcycle club. She is determined to get out and never wants it again. But then her past comes back to haunt her and she has to visit Sea Haven to find the man who has come so close to destroying her life. She is going to find her ex, the man that had chosen his club and left her feeling all alone and used. In Sea Haven, she meets Steele, the vice president of Torpedo Ink, a band of brothers that have been through thick and thin with him. He never once imagined that he would ever have feelings as pure as what he had for Breezy. But to protect her from their harsh way of life, he has to drive her away with cruel words that effectively extinguished her love for him. But now she is back and walking away is not something Steel will let her do. He is going to do anything in his power to make her his again. The stakes are higher this time round given how badly he had messed up the first time round.

“Vendetta Road” is the third novel of the “Torpedo Ink” series by Christine Feehan. It is the story of Isaak “Ice” Koval who is in Vegas with his brothers to conduct some business when he is stopped dead in his tracks. He sees Soleil Brodeur, a sexy and sweet girl next door type. She is an innocent girl that should not spend any time near the ready and rough worlds of motorcycle club members. But from the moment that he saw her, he knew that they belonged together and he would do anything to make her his. She had lived a life of drifting from place to place and now wants to control her own life. She had tried breaking up with her manipulative boyfriend but he started threatening physical harm. Looking for the stranger that had provided her the crucial lifeline, she finds herself in a biker bar in Vegas. It is at the bar that she meets the dangerous and gorgeous man that fits her secret fantasies. She finds herself falling faster with each passing day and cannot restrain herself no matter how hard she tries. But she knows very little about the type of man she has gotten into bed with.

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  1. Rita campbell: 3 years ago

    Based on preview do not like cover for savage he does not appeal at all plus hate to think what book will be like author is getting to graphic on abuse they went thru did not enjoy past books to graphic I go along by cover of book savage needs hair would look better see is ok in books but not depravity turns my stomach


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