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Torquil MacLeod Books In Order

Publication Order of Anita Sundstrom Books

Meet Me in Malmo (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Murder in Malmo (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Missing in Malmo (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Midnight in Malmo (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Malmo Midwinter (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Menace in Malmo (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Malice in Malmo (2018) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Chronological Order of Anita Sundstrom Books

A Malmo Midwinter is a prequel novella in the series.

Publication Order of Jack Flyford Misadventures Books

Sweet Smell of Murder (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Torquil MacLeod is a well-established author of mystery and crime novels. MacLeod is widely known for the Malmo mystery series that features Inspector Anita Sundstrom. Despite the fact that Torquil MacLeod was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he grew up in North East England. Before he became an author, MacLeod served as a teacher and then moved to the Birmingham, where he worked for an advertising agency. In the year 2000, Torqill MacLeod began to serve as a copywriter. Torquil MacLeod resides in Cumbria, England, with his two sons, wife and grandchildren as well. MacLeod made his debut as published author, in the year 2010, when he released the novel, Meet in the Malmo, which served as the first book in the Inspector Anita Sundstrom book series.

Torquil MacLeod Best Books

Meet in the Malmo

In this installment, the author, Torquil MacLeod introduces the readers to Ewan Strachan, a sweet but exceedingly useless journalist, who works for a failing newspaper. The book begins as Ewan, has just been recent, downgraded to the monthly lifestyle operation section. Strachan is not only, and all she does is duplicating content from other newspapers. Ewan is more than desperate to cling on, onto his job. Thus he attends an Award winning Swedish film mainly because of the director of the film; Mick Rosylin is an exceedingly old friend, with whom he has lost touch. After meeting up, Rosylin, who at this point is a world know celebrity invites Strachan to the Malmo for an interview. Strachan manages to convince his boss to fund the trip. Upon his arrival in Malmo, Strachan’s bright day turns into a dark one, when he walks into Rosylin’s house only to discover, the dead body of his wife, who was to be the star of the film.

The ensuing police investigation is narrated from Anita Sundstrom’s point of view, a police inspector who is exceedingly competent. However, she still has to put up with a lot of sexism as well as discrimination from her her exceedingly boorish and less gifted superiors. Strachan and Sundstrom eventually become friends and as the investigations continue, they try to establish whether this was a political conspiracy or a crime of passion. With that said, Meet in the Malmo, is an exceedingly detailed 200-page book. The first section of the novel introduces the readers to the life in England, and Strachan, the protagonist as well. Despite the fact that the narrative is too protracted in the initial stages, the overall pace eventually picks up, when the action shifts to the Malmo. The police procedural is told with too much confidence with Tony MacLeod ringing the changes as new suspicion and information continue to come up.

Anita Sundstrom is another noticeable character, who is not only attractive but is also a divorcee with a teenage son who is still at the University. Anita’s friendship with Ewan as well as Ewan’s trip to the Malmo provides the readers with a mammon of opportunity to compare the British and Swedish culture and behavior. Furthermore, the readers are also provided with a great deal of information, about the geography and history of the Malmo, thus if the reader plans to visit this city, they should pick up this book.

Midnight in the Malmo

We meet once again with Anita Sundstrom, who works for the Homicide Department. As the novel begins, she has been enjoying a leave well earned. A woman has been killed back in Malmo while she was jogging through the city park. The police are uncertain of what the motive for the killing was. However, they are more than determined to find the identity of the victim. As all this happens, Anita Sundstrom is still enjoying her holiday back in Malmo. One of the chalets within her neighborhood is more than occupied with a retired diplomat who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which is more than eager to get his memories back. Sadly, the terminally ill man succumbs he could be able to complete his autobiography. However, based on the little insight that he had, the journalist is more than convinced that the death of the terminally ill man was not because of natural causes.

Despite the fact that her vacation is far from an end, Sundstrom is in turn drawn to the case. She eventually becomes more interested in the case when she comes to learn that the diplomat’s father had played an exceedingly crucial role in the events that later on came to change the history of the entire world. With that said, author Torquil MacLeod not only writes simply but also directly. Apart from Anita, we also meet with some of the regulars in the series including Wallen, Hakin, and Moberg as well, who are developed further.

Menace in Malmo

Menace in Malmo is another highly entertaining book series. In this book, Anita is more than determined to go on vacation. However, just as she was about to leave for vacation, she is faced with two cases. The first case was a murder investigation that she had initially worked on. The case has now been reopened, and a cold case team is investigating it. The team us being led by an old enemy who was more than determined to embarrass Anita. As the investigation continues, a train accident occurs, which in turn kicks off an exceedingly dangerous and complex investigation. Menace in Malmo has an excellent plotting, string characters, and highly interesting twists. With that said, Torquil MacLeod is a brilliant writer. She is a writer who truly respects the reader. Furthermore, she also has an exceedingly unique voice. She also has the ability to keep many balls in the air.

Missing in the Malmo

After a trip in the Malmo, a British hunter failed to return home. Once she was briefed on the case, Inspector Anita chooses not to be involved in the case because she believes that this is a simple missing person’s case. When her ex-husband asks her to find his girlfriend, who has disappeared, she also becomes a little b it reluctant. However, when the mysteries begin to take a much sinister turn, Anita eventually finds herself in both affairs. One of the affairs is directly involved in a robbery incidence that happened more than twenty years ago.


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