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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Detransition, Baby (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Masker (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glamour Boutique (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Waveform(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Best of Brevity(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lyric Essay as Resistance: Truth from the Margins(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Torrey Peters is a popular writer of adult fiction, contemporary, LGBTQ, literary fiction, dystopia, and science fiction stories, hailing from Chicago, United States. She is well known for writing her debut book called Detransition, Baby. Additionally, Torrey has penned other successful single novels in her career, including The Masker, Glamour Boutique, etc.

Torrey’s debut novel received worldwide success and critical acclaim. It was nominated for the Women’s Fiction Prize in 2021. Author Torrey was born in a town located close to Chicago, Illinois. Her mother worked as a lawyer while her father was employed as a college professor.

While growing up in Chicago, Torrey completed her schooling at a local school and then moved on to study at Hampshire College. She completed her graduation from Iowa University and even earned her Master’s degree in Fine Arts. This was followed by another Master’s degree in Arts from Dartmouth College in the subject of Comparative Literature.

When Torrey reached the age of twenty-six, she openly accepted herself as gay and began consuming hormones to bring about a physical transition in her body in her thirties. Torrey began her writing career by writing a couple of novellas that she published on her own. Both the novellas were published in 2016 on the online platform and received favorable reviews from several noteworthy reviewers such as Harron Walker.

The first novella, The Masker, revolves around a sissy who contemplates the transition from a man to a woman. In the second novella, Torrey has used dystopian future as the setting of the novella and has shown that bioterrorism has caused the ability of the human body to refrain from producing sex hormones. This novella features the lead character named Patient Zero and shows her cat & mouse relationship with a gun-obsessed, working-class trans girl named Lexi.

With the moderate success of her two initial novellas, Torrey gained the strength to try her hand at writing another novella called Glamour Boutique. This novella follows a casual encounter of the primary characters at a boutique store for crossdressers.

In addition to writing novellas, Torrey has spent the earlier days of her career writing reviews for several gender non-conforming and transgender authors, including Casey Plett, Janet Mock, and Akwaeke Emezi. These authors are said to have released their books through Metonymy, Topside Press, Arsenal Pulp Press, etc. When Torrey decided to publish a full-length novel, she approached Random House with lots of hope and was overjoyed when they agreed to publish her book; Detransition, Baby.

The book achieved praise and critical success for its tender exploration of parenthood, gender, love, and struggle. It follows the life of a trans lady named Reese, who wishes to become pregnant and tries to do it by sleeping with a series of married men. Ames, who was previously Amy, is also shown as a trans girl who undergoes detransitioning to spend the rest of her life as a male.

Katrina is depicted as a Chinese-Jewish woman who gets impregnated by Ames. She is suggested by Ames that Reese be allowed to raise the child saying that he will not be able to fulfill the duties of a father completely.

Author Torrey has claimed that she was inspired to create Ames’ character by a personal experience she went through in 2016 during her visit to Mexico when she had to don a suit to make herself appear as a male and prevent the authorities from raising questions about the male passport. She has also reflected that this novel is penned in the soap opera genre and the characters interact in the way she interacts with her friends.

In the initial months of 2021, a production company announced to produce a TV adaptation of the novel. The writer-producers of Grey’s Anatomy, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, were chosen as the showrunners for the comedy/drama TV adaptation. In 2009, Torrey had married a woman named Melissa Minor, but the two got divorced later.

As of today, she has a fiance and the two reside in New York. She says that she cannot thank her fans and followers enough for the tremendous support she has received from them. Torrey looks forward to writing more books in the future and gaining more support and following. She aims to work for the betterment of trans people through her books.

A successful book written by author Torrey Peters is entitled ‘Infect Your Friends and Loves Ones’. It was released by Createspace in 2016. It consists of the central character named Lexi. The book opens by claiming that the entire world will become trans in the future and Lexi believes it with her heart. She is depicted as a charismatic trans lady and seems furious to see how society treats her trans friends, which makes her resentful quite often.

To wreak vengeance, Lexi makes plans for a future where no one will be able to produce sex hormones and they will be forced to make a choice that she ended up making, which is choosing a body that fits their gender in the best possible way.

Another excellent book penned by the author is known as ‘Detransition, Baby’. It was published by One World publication in January 2021. Torrey has set this book in New York City. The story follows the lives of three women, whose lives cross due to an unexpected pregnancy, forcing them to face their deepest fears and desires about motherhood, sex, and gender.

Initially, it is mentioned that Reese had everything in life, including a loving partner in the form of Amy, a well-paying job, and a nice apartment in the city. The people around her think that what she has achieved in life no other trans woman has been able to scrape together in the previous generations.

But, Reese seems to miss the most important thing in life, which is a child. She became disheartened when her girlfriend decided to detransition and become a male. Now, Reese has taken to sleeping with married males to overcome her loneliness. On the other hand, Ames is also not happy. He thought his life will be easier after detransitioning, but it cost him greatly and strained his relationship with the beautiful Reese.

As he tries to find a solution to this problem, he learns that his lover and boss, Katrina, is pregnant with his child. Seeing this as a chance to get back to Reese and improve his relationship with her, Ames asks Katrina to keep the child and let Reese get involved in raising him.

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