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Publication Order of Tory Brennan (Virals) Books

By: Kathy Reichs, Brendan Reichs

Virals is a series of novels for both young and adults written by American crime writer and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. Kathy Reichs began the series of Virals in 2010. The novel is build over the adventurous life of Troy Brennan and her three friends, who are curious and science geek teenagers.

The plot is structured in a way that holds the readers interests and allows their imagination predominate, as the stories have science fiction and fantasy elements.

Tory Brennan, the protagonist of Virals, is a girl of 14, who has recently moved to an island offshore South California, called Morris. Morris is a deserted island with only one connector to modern world: the road. Most maps even don’t acknowledge the existence of Morris Island. She moved here after her mother’s death and get to know her newfound father for the first time. Her father’s name is Christopher Howard, whom she calls Kit. He also knew about the existence of his daughter recently and still is shocked by the fact.

Her newly discovered father works in science research for the University of Charleston, which is why she and her friends with similar pedigrees attend the ritzy prep school in town with the local aristocracy.

Here, Tory finds out that renowned scientist and anthropologist Temperance Brennan is her aunt, who becomes an idol for her. And the most attractive part of aunt Tempe’s job for Tory is that he identifies corpses. Learning about her aunt helps Tory to discover herself and find the answer for why she had rather read about fossilized raptors than go shopping for handbags. Tory Brennan certainly inherited her aunt’s need to find the answers when faced with a mystery. Anyway, Tory has always considered herself as unique, no bizarre as her living atmosphere.

Tory has only three friends in this Island who are adventure seekers like her. All the three friends of her are boys and the fact makes Kit, her father, thrill over the time. Unlike most of their classmates they actually like to learn new things. They all are interested in science. Tory and friends are science geeks and their aim is to explore the outer islands where monkeys and other wildlife abound. So, Tory and her buddies, Hi, Shelton, and Ben, who is two years older than Tory, become an adventurous foursome. Hi is the master of sarcasm among friends. He has a great attraction for technology and usually does not approve of some of Tory’s ideas. Ben is the most serious member of the group. He does not like to smile, but when he smiles, he is changing from a sullen boy to a charming and handsome young man. Shelton is the most intelligent of four when it comes to technology. He loves puzzles, ciphers and anything with numbers, as well as computers. Tory calls him a techno guru. Tory and her companions are fond of getting themselves into trouble and for the most part succeed in getting themselves out.

Always up for a new challenge, Tory and her friends spend most of their time exploring the marshlands of Loggerhead Island, home to the very off-limits Loggerhead Island Research Institute. Everything begins when Tory and her friends Ben, Shelton and Hi go to Loggerhead Island to see if they can find a group of wolf-dogs who are inhabited in the island. But the real adventure for Tory and her friends begin when they rescue a wolfdog from a secret research lab. Tory is assured that parvo, the virus of the wolfdog, cannot infect humans. However, once the treatment begins the four teens start to experience symptoms that make them doubt her initial belief. After the incident, all four become infected with a mysterious illness. Now they are exposed to an experimental strain of canine parvovirus that changes their lives forever. It changes not only their life but DNA as well. Soon friends discover their profound and intense senses and quick reflexes which resembles of those in animals. Now they are Virals.

Another challenge for Tory and friends is by combining their scientific curiosity and their newly discovered superhuman physical abilities solve a cold-case murder that has suddenly become very hot. The only concerning issue in all this case is to stay alive long enough to catch the killer’s scent.

The thrills of fantasy combined with pure science, as well as excellent, superhuman characters features makes the readers breathlessly wail for the next series of the novel. Other series of the novel include Spike, Trace evidence, Terminal, Code. Each of new series of the novel has connection with the others, at the same time it represents another extraordinary and fantastic challenge Tory and friend meet.

It is in Spike that the Virals discover no crime is so tangled for them to discover. In this series Tory and her three friends have to keep a canny saboteur dead set from destroying Tory’s father wedding day, whatever the cost. Trace Evidence is a collection of four short stories based on Virals, which were published at New York Times. In the four stories readers can find more mysteries connected with Tory and friends and have the chance to one more time take look at where it all started before they became Virals. Terminal is the finale of Viral series published in New York Times by Kathy and Brendan Reichs. In the novel Virals are back to their town and they are not packs any more. But now the new pack was infected by a strain of super virus created by Tory’s avenger Chance Clayborne. These new red-eyed Virals challenge Tory’s pack for domination of Charleston, and they will do anything to bring their rivals down. And finally in Code, Tory and her three friends put themselves into an ultimate test finding a geocache which contains an ornate puzzle box.

So, the supernatural elements of the Virals stories written by Kathy Reichs will capture the reader’s attention during the whole time of reading with their scientific and fantastic tangled challenges that are all solved by the help of extra human abilities of Tory and her friends.

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