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Tosca Lee is a thriller, suspense and historical fiction author best known for the “Book of Mortals” series with Ted Dekker. The biracial author was born to Professor Sang-Moon Lee a Korean father and a Caucasian mother in Roanoke, Virginia in 1969. Her father was a fan of the opera and in fact, dreamt of performing at the opera but his dreams never materialized. Moon Lee thus decided to name his daughter Tosca as a tribute to one of the most popular performers in Puccini. Tosca has said that growing up, she was a geek-nerd and loved everything about science fiction and superheroes. In fact, she kept waiting to be swept off her feet and carried away by Luke Skywalker. As a teen, she trained as both a pianist and ballerina, though her injuries and height combined to make a career in ballet impossible. Tosca Lee went to Smith College in Massachusetts and graduated with a bachelor’s in English before attending Oxford University, from which she got her degree in International Economics. In interviews, she has asserted that writing is something that was in her blood since she was a youth as she won several contests as a teen. One year into college, she told her friends “I think I want to write a novel” and soon after wrote the manuscript for her first novel though she never got it published.

During the 90s, Tosca Lee got a job with “Smart Computing Magazine” and even published two books in computing. She also entered and won Mrs. Nebraska in 1996 and was the first runner up of the 1998 Mrs. United States pageant. She used the fame from the pageant to rally support for her campaign against breast cancer though she also continued working on her second novel and as a freelance technical writer and model. In the year 2000, she found inspiration for her first published novel when she participated in an online role-playing and storytelling group. It was from this that she wrote the manuscript that would become her debut novel “Demon: A Memoir” that she published in 2007. From 2003 she worked as a leadership consultant at the Gallup Organization and consulted for Fortune 500 companies traveling all over the US, Europe and the Pan Pacific. By the time she published “Havah: The Story of Eve” in 2010, the urge to write was so strong that she quit her job with Gallup to become a full-time author. Collaborating with Ted Dekker the bestselling Christian suspense writer, she soon had her first bestselling series in “Books of Mortals.” Since then she has ventured out on her own and has had bestselling titles such as “Iscariot” and “Sheba” and series such as “Descendants of the House of Bathory” and “Line Between.” Apart from her historical fiction, she has also authored contemporary apocalyptic and adult supernatural thrillers though she still writes in the broad Christian fiction genre. Lee currently lives with her husband and children in Lincoln Nebraska. When she is not writing, she enjoys theology, travel, cooking, travel, movies and playing football and video games with her kids.

“Forbidden” the first novel of “The Books of Mortals” series is a gripping thriller that combines the talents of Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker. It is set in a grim future where the world just avoided an apocalyptic incident by a whisker. All the threats to the civilization have been dealt with and there is practically no war, no hatred and no anger in the world as the only thing left sis perfect peace. But what nobody knows is that every man walking the earth is a zombie, stripped of their human genes centuries ago though they appear totally normal. But then Rom a young man just about to die finds a piece of cryptic writing and a vial of blood. The writing says that the vial of blood will give him his life back if he drank it. But first, he needs to follow the message in the writing and go on a perilous journey of discovery that will need him to leave everything he knows behind. The quest is to rouse humanity to the transforming power of true love and life, though the blood will also reawaken green, ambition and hatred. “Forbidden” is a novel set in a frightening medieval future and is the story of staggering stakes and dark desires.

Tosca Lee’s “Mortal” is set nine years after Feyn gave her own life to ensure that Jonathan survived and brought hope of life to the zombie humans. But a month before Jon can become king of the domain, there are rumors that powerful forces have been planning to ensure he does not become sovereign. The new powers are the Dark Bloods who are still Corpse though they have the speed, emotions, and strengths of Mortals. When a Dark Blood is captured by the Mortals, he says that he and all his brethren are creations of Saric, a man who everyone believes had been dead for nearly a decade. A few weeks later, Saric appears and alongside him is Feyn who was to take up the reigns as king. He has somehow managed to revive Feyn from stasis and using a vial of blood had restored her to life. He then proceeds to kill Rowan who was acting as regent for Jonathan and declares Feyn as Sovereign. Things are getting even tougher for Jon who is afraid for his life and the fate of his purpose. But the biggest concern is that he has recently become very erratic and there are doubts whether he is the person to save them from the tyrants.

“Sovereign” picks up six years from the end of “Mortal” in a world in which fear is the overarching emotion for all people. The world has split into several camps; the sovereigns that follow Rom and the Immortals that follow Feyn, the Corpses who are the majority that are emotionless except for fear and then the Dark Bloods that are also ruled by Feyn. Saric had killed Jonathan and was last seen fleeing into the wilderness. Jonathan had agreed to give up his life so that he could fulfill the destiny of the prophecy. But even though Saric is gone, there is no happiness or joy they thought they would have and in fact, they are even more miserable. What no one had recognized is that Jonathan had not come to bring about a political kingdom but rather a social kingdom that had to do with matters of the heart. Meanwhile, The Dark Bloods are growing exponentially, the Sovereigns number in the tens while the Immortals are in their thousands. Outnumbered, a Sovereign magician has come up with a virus that rids the sovereigns of their emotions and kills Immortals and Dark Bloods. Jordin and Rom are determined to save Jonathan’s legacy but their plan might have a very high cost – they might just lose their lives and their positions as Sovereigns.

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