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Publication Order of Touched Saga Books

The Caress of Fate (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unfaithful (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mark of Fate (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brokenhearted (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow of Fate (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Expiation (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Touched Saga Books

Touched Series by Elisa S. Amore is a paranormal romance saga best described as a star crossed story of fate and love. Elisa Amore the author asserts that she would dream up the stories in the Touched series in between delivering orders while she was working at her parents’ restaurant. As an adult, she fell in love with traveling and Pizza and in fact did say that some of her most inspired moments for the series came to her while touring Verona, the home of Romeo’s Juliet, and walking alongside the canals of Venice. She cites Nicholas Sparks and Julius Shakespeare as her favorite authors that have had a major influence on her writing. She loves to pen her paranormal stories at night when the stars are out and the whole world is asleep. Alisa Amore translated the first novel of the series “Touched: The Caress of Fate” from Italian to English in 2016 and the novel went on to sell more than 200,000 copies. The novel immediately shot up the charts and she became one of the most read paranormal writers in the United States and Europe. The novel’s trailer played to Italian movie goers during the premier of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Part 2.” She is currently a full time author and apart from the Touched series, she has written the “Dark Tournament” series and two short novels “The Shadow of Fate” and “The Mark of Fate.” When she is not writing she loves to walk in the woods, swim, read and daydream. Due to her love for books her family calls her “the bookworm.”

The Touched series are dark paranormal novels full of manipulation, insecurity, heartbreak, jealousy, romance and a heart wrenching love story. The leads in the story are Gemma Bloom and Evan James, who are characters from two worlds that could not have any more different. Gemma is a high school student with a love for reading paranormal novels. While she is a mortal human, she has highly attuned senses that make her able to sense things no other human can. Meanwhile, Evan James is a fearless and emotionless warrior, an angel of death that would never let anyone or anything stop him from doing his duty. He is an immortal being that has never known emotions and feelings over the 300 years that he has been dead, until now. But he has been sent to kill Gemma, the girl that he finds himself hopelessly falling in love with. Even as he is an angel of death, he is a handsome hot sexy man with tattoos that rides a motorbike which makes him irresistible. Evan has always been committed to his mission and has never once failed to carry it out, but the moment he sets his eyes on Gemma and her eyes light on him, they know that they are facing up to a destiny none of them ever prepared for. He is determined to protect her no matter the consequences, which is sure to get him in a lot of trouble with his superiors. She is different from anyone he has ever been with before as she makes him lose control. It seems that when he is with her ,his emotionless, fearless and cold nature melts away to leave behind a nervous, kind, fun, big tease, and notorious flirt.

“Touched: The Caress of Fate” the first novel of the Touched series is a saga that introduces a new breed of Angels – the knights of death. They are a deadly, ancient and inescapable race from the Subterranean caverns of hell charged with bringing death and destiny to people whose time has come. They are governed by the Masala, a mysterious council that ensures that every man lives out their destiny as it had been written since the beginning of time. But one of the Masala named Evan seems to have fallen under the spell of one of the humans he has been sent to kill, threatening to interfere with destiny and challenging his own nature. The moment Gemma’s eyes meets the piercing gaze of the Angel of Death Evan James, she feels an ominous shadow that creeps into her life. Nonetheless she does not know that death is on her doorstep and that Evan is an angel of Death sent to take her life. Gemma is different from other humans as she can see the angel of death who no other mortal can see. What follows is a forbidden story of love that goes against everyone and everything that the two lovers know and stand for. It is a dangerous, romantic, and dark novel that combines deep emotions, heartrending decisions, devastating passion and secrets that cannot be confessed. This gives the story an intensity and passion that unites Gemma and Evan in feelings that will be as inescapable as their destinies.

“Unfaithful: The Deception of Night”, the second novel of the series picks up from where the first novel left off. For Gemma, it has been five months since she had encountered Death, though she is still sure that a dark reality remains hidden in the shadows. While she had come face to face with death, the last few months that she had spent with Evan have been some of the happiest of her life. But she knows that no one had ever cheated death and knows that the game is far from over. Meanwhile, Evan has let his guard down, become overconfident and revealed a deep secret. It is huge error which only blood can pay for, which means that death is looms larger than ever. Death has sent its faithful servants to carry out his mission of killing Gemma. Evan will do anything to save her but the servants that have been sent will go to the places they think are safest to find them and fulfill their mission. In the face of death, passion, emotional devastation, betrayal, and jealousy Gemma and Evan will learn that escaping destiny is not that easy.

“Brokenhearted: The Power of Darkness” is a gut wrenching yet beautiful story of the love between Evan and Gemma which defies even death. Their friends Gwen and Simon have sworn to stay by the side of Gemma and her child to protect her from malevolent forces though her grief may be a bigger problem. She is grieving her loss of Evan who she dreams is locked up and tortured in Hell. Her nights are full of nightmares of a woman trying to lure her to the same fate. She soon learns that she is a Witch and that Evan has actually been held captive and is now going through unimaginable tortures in Hell. But just the fact that Evan still lives gives her determination and a renewed sense of hope that they will be reunited. She will do anything to save the love of her life, even if she has to go to Hell and take Evan’s place of torture with the Witches. Her friends tell her that she will lose her humanity if she gave herself over to the Witches, but she remains convinced that will Evan’s love she can hold on to who she is. Ignoring all advice, she sets out and traverses some of the worst terrors anyone ever has to endure, even as she picks up some of the unlikeliest of allies along the way.

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