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Publication Order of Tough Justice Books

Tough Justice: Exposed written by Carla Cassidy, an award-winning author. She has written more than fifty novels for Harlequin Books. As a result of her great work she received many awards such as Best Silhouette Romance in 1995 after receiving many positive reviews for her book “Anything for Dany”. She also got the Career Achievement Award in 1998 for RT Book Reviews. Her remarkable work can be noted in her recent book series Tough Justice. In this work, she possesses as a special Agent named Lara Grant, who will do anything to get her target. In multiple undercover cases, Lara is forced to take many risks that threaten her life. One of the most dangerous crimes she has to deal with is the Moretti crime ring she is compelled to get too close to the senior members of the gang putting her in a very dangerous position. However, after the end of this first incidence, Lara decides there is a need to start afresh in her life and moves to New York with the hope that she will not be recognized. After a short while in the new city, all falls apart after a dramatic sniper shoots a man she had assisted earlier. The occurrences of Lara’s actions after the exposure build the plot of the thrilling story. The organization of the plot is in eight parts: Exposed, Watched, Burned, Trapped, Twisted, Ambushed, Betrayed, and Hunted.

Lara in the main character of the story. She is a determined lady who does anything it takes to a perfect job. She sacrifices a lot of her personal life to ensure all goes well with the people or community. She can make right critical judgments concerning her career as a detective. Being too familiar with her busy place she realizes that her life is in danger and decides to free to a new town where is list know. She begins a new occupation hoping to settle and build life positively again. Such did not work to her expectation as soon or later she lost a close associate through the sniper shoot. Activities surrounding that made her think otherwise and go back to her previously working place. Lara meets Nick, who she thought, would positively accompany her as a driver on her way back. The journey turned to be sometimes frustrating, fears and appeared dangerous to her. Incidentally, the two, Nick and Lara shared the same profession, but they were too critical to come to a consensus that was a block to her quick achievement to her career. Lara’s diligence and integrity into work are a clear indication of total commitment as she investigated some crime activities in the city, such as the murder of Tina and torn between who the criminal is between Dunst and Sheila. The issue is more complicated as they critically analyzed with Nick the character and the background of Sheila and Dunst, which makes disagree.

Lara and Nick were both adamant to trust each other as they worked together in different activities in the fight of crime. As a result, they interfered with their success up to the point they were posted to another criminal seen where there were a lot of hardships on parking and safety. There posting to Central Park was a real challenge to them because they had not completed the previous task and they had to undertake a new job. The unsuccessful identification on the murder of Tina was very close as it could undo the much work they had done though out their career to enhance safety and eradicate crime. However, in her position in Central Park, she became more patriotic to the security of the people. She purposed to work with Nick, and this made her appear to carry the burden of justice of everyone in the world. Lara wanted to eradicate crime to ensure other innocent people such as Tina will no longer become victims of criminal activities despite their innocence. She became, even more, aggressive on issues or criminal activities that related to her previous cases before she moved to New York. The life of Lara portrays a very determined character who will always achieve her vision whether it there are challenges or not as evidenced by the plot that is full of patriotism, hardships and achievements.

Tough Justice is an incredible book series as it encourages people to be determined to achieve in their field of performance just as Lara did. The worth of the non-regrettable because it teaches the audience that determination and hard work pays off. Lara was able to solve multiple crimes and vices in her community and many other regions. The thrilling story shows the importance of total commitment to the task that one is called to do, even though it means a sacrifice of personal life.

The book series is an intriguing story that shows the importance of appreciating other people’s personality. It is a perfect example of how differences in character can end up being a positive effect in attaining a common goal. For instance, Lara and Nick had different personalities, but they were able to use their differences to achieve significant goals in their careers. The series also provides a perfect opportunity to encourage the reader to access a suspect critically without any influence on the previous background. Nick made an error that almost jeopardized a serious crime because he judged Sheila based on her family history and the some criminal social activities. Also, critical analysis applied by Lara as they evaluated the crime surrounding Tina murder made him disregard the fact that Dunst might have been the killing. This great literary work also focuses on the importance of family ties in the day to day activities. For instance, Lara father was a renowned detective, and this influenced her success in the same career line.

In conclusion, Tough Justice by Carla Cassidy is a great inspiration as one pursues his or her career. The plot is a great thriller hat combines several instances of humor, action, and social issues. In addition to being highly educative, it is also an excellent source of entertainment that emphasizes on themes of social justice and responsibility.

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