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Toy Soldiers Series
Toy Soldiers is a zombie apocalype series by Devon C. Ford. This series starts with an apocalypse brought about by an accidental spillage of a bioweapon. Those infected by this weapon become zombies baying for human blood and more people to infect. Since the military is involved, the zombies are shot at sight, so everyone throughout London is careful to avoid being infected. However, as the numbers rise, it becomes increasingly hard to survive for those within and outside the military camp. Perhaps the most striking thing about this series is how the author describes all characters’ thinking. It becomes easy to identify with the different characters and, at times, predict what is going to happen next.

Apocalypse is the first book in the Toy Soldier series. An accidental leak of a bio-weapon leaves London in chaos. The many people who touch the bioweapon are robbed of their ability to think rationally, leaving them with only one desire- find as many other living creatures and infect them too. A troop of soldiers has been cut off from senior leadership and information. Sergeant Major Johnson, a member of this troop, is forced to act independently until the remaining government command and military reestablish themselves. However, those infected by the bioweapon have a different plan. They have gathered into massive groups and are sweeping the country, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

What happens when the infected people get to Johnson’s base? Can the sergeant manage to keep his team safe from the zombies? This is a heart-stopping zombie story where the characters will be working to survive against the odds. The book stands out for its memorable characters that will continue to evolve as the story continues. First, there is Peter, a nine-year-old who grew up in a troubled home. We first meet Peter in school in the military base, where most of his classmates are absent. He goes home to find his parents watching TV. Later we learn that Peter is the only survivor in his family. Born a survivor, this young boy starts making weapons like he saw his father do in the past and manages to put up a good fight.

Major Johnson is a born leader, and he is determined to protect the Yeomanry squadron. He and his team are trapped, and they wait as the zombies approach from all corners. Johnson takes time to study them in a bid to figure out how to eliminate them before they attack anyone in his team. The zombies are not all the same. The fast and agile type, known as the biters, seems to lead the slower ones. Some children are extremely aggressive, and they are among the biters leading the pack. It is interesting how they think and the conversations they have in their heads before an attack.

Apocalypse is an intriguing story that unfolds very fast and comes with a good dose of dark humor. The author writes in a fluid and descriptive way, bringing the characters and different scenes to life. It is amazing how he allows us into the characters’ heads, so we know why they act the way they do. This deeper understanding makes it easy to identify with the characters. This, plus the author’s knowledge in military matters, makes this read like a true story. If you would like to cozy up with a good Zombie story, this book would be a perfect choice.

Aftermath is the second book in the Toy Soldier series. This book starts where the first one ended, and the spread of the virus only worsened. Those remaining from Johnson’s Yeomanry are not taking all this lying down. Sure, the future looks uncertain, but the men are determined to shoot the zombies that dare to come within their vicinity. To further enhance their chances of survival, the scattered troops come together to try and defeat the advancing enemy. Can the military men be able to defeat the growing evil? How do the leaders ensure that they do not lose more members to the zombies?
Peter is still stuck in the rural part of England but has been taking good care of himself as the chaos escalates. The young boy has figured out a way to survive until he has to be responsible for someone else. Now that amber is by his side, Peter has to work twice as much while ensuring that they have enough resources to last until the following day. Is there a way these kids can escape to a safer location? What are the chances that Peter and Amber will live through the catastrophe?

This second book is just as outstanding as the first one. The author has taken time to explain military jargon making everything easy to understand. Additionally, the posturing between the military and different groups of survivors introduces an exciting twist to the story. Throughout the country, survivors are staking claims on land and whatever resources they can lay their hands on? What happens when even the survivors cannot come together to fight against a common enemy? What about the zombie apocalypse and the growing number of infected people? Can Johnson’s troops still make a difference?
Aftermath is an outstanding follow-up to the Apocalypse. The characters introduced in the first book continue to find new ways to adapt, and those who get infected join the zombie bandwagon or are killed before they can infect other people. It is fun watching Peter learn to take care of someone else, a job he does well even though no one extended this form of kindness to him before. While the conditions are not favorable for Peter and Amber, it is amazing how these two have managed to live this far. Will these two young kids survive all the madness going around them? What dangers will they be facing this time around? Read this book to the end to get your answers. The military line is quite accurate, and the author continues to make this horror read like a true story.

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