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Publication Order of Trace Books

Trace (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
And 47 Miles of Rope (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Elephants Forget (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pigs Get Fat (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once a Mutt (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Old a Cat (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Up with Fleas (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Trace series is a series of mystery and suspense novels written one of the noted authors from the United States named Warren Murphy. This series is filled with a lot of funny scenes along with mystery as author Murphy has written based on the theme of humor. There is a total of 7 books in this series, which were released between the years 1983 and 1987. Each and every novel of the series features the lead character and chief protagonist in the form of Devlin Tracy aka Trace. He is depicted by author Murphy as a private investigator, who lives in Las Vegas and operates in and around the city. In the funny mystery series, Devlin Tracy has been described as an efficient and worthy insurance investigator who has received many rewards in this profession. He resides in a luxurious condo located near the Las Vegas Strip. Trace goes to work or accepts a case whenever he feels like working and the rest of the time he likes to enjoy his luxurious life. Author Murphy has also described him as a drinker of vodka with a pint. He is a man who is capable of crack opening any person who tries to act wisely or oversmartly in front on him. Devlin Tracy has a girlfriend with whom his relationship is considered to be quite complicated. However, all these things do not matter to the insurance company called Garrison Fidelity, in which Trace works. They are only interested in the results and business, which Develin Tracy does not fail to produce each and every time.

The company believes in his capabilities as an insurance investigator and this is the reason they keep his retained in spite of using his own policies at work. This series is described as one of the funniest mystery series that has ever been written, by the Mystery and Detective Monthly magazine. The successful and popular books written in the series by author Murphy have helped him to win numerous awards over the years. In fact, all 7 books of the series have won a national award each. Also, the debut novel of the mystery series was listed by Dick Lochte as one of the top twenty private eye books of all time. Such a positive review from the president of the American Private Eye Writers meant a lot to author Murphy as it helped to boost his morale and write a few more bestselling novels in the series as well as in his writing career. On the whole, the series is regarded as the one which makes the readers laugh and keep them hooked until the last page. The series was first published in the year 1982 under the title of Digger series. Later, it was renamed in the year 1983 as Trace as per the requirement of the publishers. When the series was named as Digger, the main character developed by author Murphy was named Julian Burroughs aka Digger. The name was eventually changed to Devlin Tracy, but all the characteristics remained the same. As a private eye, Devlin Tracy is shown as one of his kind. After winning 7 national awards, it went on to become one of the most successful and honored mystery series in the history of modern detective series. Throughout the series, author Murphy has Trace undergoing a number of adventures and solving the mysteries around him.

One of the popular novels published in the Trace series by author Warren Murphy is titled as ‘When Elephants Forget’. The Signet publication released this book in the year 1984. Murphy has set the plot of this book in New York and has once again described Trace as playing the central role. The beginning of the story shows Trace arriving in New York. According to him, it is one of the lousiest places to visit and an even worse city to try and make a living. However, as per the commands of his superiors at the insurance company, he had come to Manhattan to verify the death of a member of the Family that challenged the Mafia. To add to his trouble at work, his girlfriend named Chico decides to accompany him. She thinks that she will help Devlin Tracy remained focussed on his work and at the same time explore the fun elements in and around the happening city. Trace realized that the whole city was under the effect of cocaine and the users as well as sellers were affected by it alike. Also, he found that the people of Manhattan were such that they won’t give a straight answer to even the most polite question you ask. In the end, Devlin Tracy decides to take the matter in his own hand and investigate to make the city crime free. He digs to the core of the city’s crime and makes the criminal bosses pay for destroying the purity of the city. When he successfully achieves the difficult task, he is praised by the government as well as by his insurance company because no one else was able to do it before him.

The next well known book written in the series is titled as ‘Pigs Get Fat’. It was also released by the Signet publishers in the year 1985. At the start of this book, author Murphy has introduced a character named Thomas Collins, who makes his living by dealing in the real estate business in and around San Francisco. But, he used to indulge in sexual activities with each and every woman that he could and he can become habituated by it. He had a beautiful wife and a step daughter, both of whom were afraid of him and his activities. Thomas had a secretary who used to help with the pleasures of sex and in return he would give pour his money on her. In spite of her enjoying with her, Thomas’s thirst for sex was never satisfied and he would visit hookers in the town. Later, he disappears and is not found anywhere. He had insured a big sum on his life which was up for grabs after his disappearance. Now, the insurance company appoints Develin Tracy to investigate the matter and find Thomas Collins. Trace must be able to find out whether he has plotted his own disappearance or something has really happened to him. The company fears that it h will face a huge pay-off if Trace is not able to come up with any clue leading to Thomas Collins’s discovery. Devlin does not want to get distracted by his beautiful girlfriend Chico. He wants to talk to each and every woman that he has slept with so as to find out why he was so much into sex. He wants to find out whether sex has proved too deadly for him or there is some other reason behind his disappearance. At any cost, Trace has to find Thomas and prevent his company from paying the huge amount to his family as per his insurance policy. This novel too was well appreciated by the readers and the critics all over the world. Eventually, it won the Edgar Award in the year 1986 and was nominated for the Shamus Award as well.

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