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The ‘Tracers’ series of novels comprises of eight suspenseful novels based on romance, mystery and thriller genres. All the novels are written by the USA Today and New York Times best-selling author Laura Griffin and published by the Pocket Star Books from 2009 to 2014. A new novel in the series is about to be published soon. The initial couple of novels described a plot full of romantic suspense an received very high ratings. The characters of the series are described as romantically attached to one another and enriched in suspense and mystery. The interesting style of writing and superb description of the characters keeps the readers interested till the very last page. The characters are termed as Tracers by the author, who work as forensic scientists and provide the necessary help to the detectives in solving mysteries and unsolvable crimes. They are a bunch of dedicated people who try to catch killers and criminals and bring justice to the victims. The Tracers are described as a bunch of relentless investigators. All the installments of the series unfold a different mystery and relationship and feature the high-tech laboratory where the Tracers work with determination and interact with each other so as to solve the crimes. They meet people from all walks of life and showcase a wide array of forensic specialties. The secondary characters of the series are equally characterized as the main characters and have important roles to play in the series. A brief description of the character sketches done by the author is as follows:

Mia Voss is a DNA specialist who uses all her knowledge to catch the criminals. Because of her undying attitude she becomes a victim on one occasion and reaches out to cop Ric Santos for help.

Sophie Barrett is a passionate lab worker at the Delphi Center. She is known as the smiling face of the lab by the other members of the law enforcement agencies.

Alexandra Lovell is a kind-hearted person who loves to help troubled women. She has great computer skills and works at the cyber crimes unit of the Delphi Center. She is also very cunning and specializes in apprehending online predators.

Kelsey Quinn works as a forensic anthropologist and studies the skeletal remains of the corpses to find out clues about the murderers. She unearths a deadly secret in the later part of the series while trying to study ancient skeletons around the Texas border.

Scott Black works as a ballistics expert in the lab. He used to be a former Navy SEAL and uses his knowledge about firearms to solve the crimes.

Ben Lawson is one of the most talented sleuths of the Delphi Center. He is an expert in catching online predators by using his extensive knowledge about cyber crimes.

Jonah is a homicide detective, sniper and a former sharp shooter in the army.

Ric Santos is a homicide cop who helps the Tracers in solving the crimes and protecting them from the criminals.

Gage Brewer is a US Navy SEAL and an explosives specialist. He aids the Tracers to solve the suspenseful crimes happening tin the city.

Troy Stockton is introduced as a crime writer. He is known for getting real life stories for his writings at any cost.

Elaina McCord is a newly appointed FBI agent who is determined to become a criminal profiler.

Nathan Deveraux is a homicide detective and one of the primary characters of the series. He comes from New Orleans and works for Austin PD in the first part of the series.

Derek is a US Navy SEAL and the team member of Gage Brewer.

The first novel of the series was titled ‘Untraceable’ and was published in the year 2009. The novel introduces Alexandra Lovell as a private investigator who uses her computer skills to help her clients from getting off their miserable lives and start a new one safely. When one of her clients, Melanie Bess vanishes mysteriously Alexandra sets out to find the truth behind her disappearance. Melanie was desperate to escape from her husband who was a cop with an abusive nature. Alexandra tries to use every resource possible to find the trail of Melanie Bess. She forms a team of elite forensics experts who are known as Tracers. She also takes the help of Nathan Deveraux, a detective working for Austin PD, and sets out on the mission to untangle the truth. Nathan’s way of working is different from Alexandra as he does not have the habit of getting involved in a case with no suspects. The homicide cop, however, believes his instincts and does not walk away. There is a certain attraction between Alexandra and Nathan. Later, Nathan tries to understand the emerging situations and believes that the investigation is going to take them deeper than they expected. Alexandra is at the risk of becoming the next victim as she gets closer to the truth. Nathan strives hard to help Alexandra solve the mystery of Melanie’s disappearance and the same time tries to protect her from the criminals.

The second novel of the series was titled ‘Unspeakable’ and got published in the year 2010. The plot of this novel is set in Texas and depicts the attempts of FBI agent Elaina McFord to find a killer, who in turn finds her and she is on the verge of becoming a victim. The novel introduces Elaina McFord who achieves her dream of becoming an FBI profiler. But her dream turns into nightmare when she feels threatened in her very first case while trying to investigate a string of murders near a beach resort in Texas. The victims are all young who were drugged and murdered brutally. Their bodies are left stranded in the marshland. Elaina’s investigation makes her to believe that the murders are the latest offerings from a serial killer who has been performing these brutal crimes for years. However, the local police do not believe her, but this does not stop her from continuing with the investigation. Elaina meets Troy Stocton, who is a crime story writer known for getting his stories at any cost. Although he has an irresistible playboy image, Elaina finds him to be the last person she can trust. The case is getting personal for Elaina as she is allied with Troy and the elite team of forensics experts known as the Tracers. Soon, she learns that the killer has started taunting her to be the next victim. She is determined to stop this ruthless killer and save her life and career, which seem to be in jeopardy in only her first case as an FBI profiler. The series was very successful in reaching out to a large number of readers worldwide. Reputed weekly magazines praised the efforts of Laura Griffin in bringing such mysterious and suspenseful series. The first novel of the series went on to win the Daphne du Maurier Award. Laura also won numerous other awards including the RITA Award, for her interesting novels.

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