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Publication Order of American Royalty Books

American Royalty (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Duchess Effect (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Girls Trip Books

Sweet Talkin' Lover (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like Lovers Do (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of In Love with a Tycoon Books

The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pretending with the Playboy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shades of Love Books

Love On My Mind (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Along Came Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Will Always Remember (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Reindeer Games(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Ever After(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tracey Livesey is a bestselling romance fiction author that is best known for the Emma award-winning novel “Love Will Always Remember.” Earlier on she went to the School of Law at the University of Virginia before and after graduation began working as a criminal defense attorney.

The author made her fiction writing debut in 2014 when she published “The Tycoon’s Socialist Bride,” the first of the “In Love with a Tycoon” series.

Over the years, she has made a reputation for herself penning emotional, sexy, and smart contemporary romances in which successful and strong heroines are paired with passionate and powerful heroes.

Tracy is also active in the writer community and has been a president of the Virginia Romance Writers. She is also a member of the Published Author’s Network and has volunteered for the Romance Writers of America’s national committees.
Livesey’s work has been featured in the likes of “CBS This Morning,” “The New York Times,” “Entertainment Weekly,” “The Washington Post,” and “The Chicago Tribune.”

Tracey currently makes her home in Virginia where she lives with her husband from college and their three kids. When she is not being an author, mother, or wife she can be found daydreaming about buying her next designer purse and watching planner videos on YouTube.

Just like many authors, reading and books have been a part of Tracey Livesey’s life ever since she was little. Even as a child she used to pen all manner of plays, poems, and short stories which she sometimes performed at church.

She continued to write through high school, college, and law school even though this was meant for herself and her friends. It would be almost a decade before she decided to make an attempt at professional writing.

Right from her teenage years, she had always loved romance fiction ever since she read her first romance novel aged just twelve. Even as an adult, there is nothing she loves more than curling up with a romance fiction work and experiencing the lows and highs.
The best thing that she loves about such books is that they always end in a happily ever after. While she draws much of her inspiration from the stories she loves to read when it comes to publishing, she gets inspiration from her former life as a former criminal defense attorney.
As an attorney, she was no stranger to analytical thinking and research and these helped in how she got the attention of editors and agents that were critical in getting her published.

As for how she does her writing, Tracey Livesey is an analytical person and hence she tends to be more of a plotter rather than a pantser. When he is planning a new book she will usually work out everything before she starts writing.

There was a time she tried to skip her steps hoping to publish faster but it was a disaster that force her to go back to her process. Her writing ritual usually involves a white noise machine and scented candles since she can never insulate herself.
Whenever she is writing, she can often hear the whoosh of the dishwasher, the hum of the printer, and the A/C turning on. As such, she prefers to have her white noise machine set to crashing waves on the beach or a thunderstorm.

When she is writing breakup and sex scenes, she had a special playlist that she listens to get herself in the mood before she starts to write.

Tracey Livesey’s “Love On My Mind” sees the author make her debut in this sexy and sparkling novel. The lead is a woman that will do anything to achieve her dreams only to discover that sometimes the best-laid plans go awry, particularly when love is involved.
Chelsea Grant is a successful public relations executive who needs just one big assignment to make partner at her firm. She has been charged with making a media darling out of a reclusive computer genius in time for the launch of his new product.

The man has been nicknamed the sexiest nerd alive but he has never had any patience for the press. It looks like a simple enough job but the problem is his company does not want him to know that they hired her for PR purposes.
Two years earlier, the company had a disastrous product launch and Adam Bennett the tech CEO knows the success of his new product depends on the support of the media.

By a twist of fate, a PR specialist comes to his door and he hires her to help turn his image around. They have undeniable chemistry and the more time they spend together the harder they find it to remain professional.

“Along Came Love” is the story of India Shaw, a free-spirited woman who finds herself behind bars following an impulsive and silly decision. The only person she can call in the unfamiliar city of San Francisco is the man she had fled from after a passionate fling that lasted two days.

However, she does not want to divulge that she is pregnant. On his part, Michael Black is a tech executive who believed he would never hear from the flighty beauty he had been with a little over four months back.

Now she is calling him and asking that he post bail for her at a time when his hands are full, as he is dealing with a corporate merger that could break or make his career. Still, he is an honorable man, and this coupled with a need to see her once more makes him get out and head for the jail to bail her out.

When she finally tells him that she is pregnant, he insists that she news to live with him until the birth of the baby. India is wary of depending on a man for anything since their proximity continues to stir up feelings she cannot ignore.
She has never wanted a family and believed a future with Mike was just a figment of her imagination. However, love comes along and threatens to change all her plans.

Tracey Livesey’s novel “Love Will Always Remember” is the story of Leighton Clarke and Jonathan. Clarke’s life had been changed forever by an accident and after she woke up from a coma, she was unable to remember anything for half a dozen years.

She never thought she would ever be afflicted with amnesia as she thought it was something that only happened in soap operas. Disoriented and anxious, the only person she has feelings for is a gorgeous chef named Jonathan Moran who she believes is her fiance.
Jonathan had been asked to take care of her because his brother who is her real fiance needed him. He never intended to fall in love with her but the more time they spent together the more his feelings for her grow.
But what will happen when her memories ultimately come flooding back?

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