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Publication Order of The Reader Trilogy Books

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We Are Not Free (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thousand Steps into Night (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kindling (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The House Where Death Lives(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Traci Chee is a published author of fiction. She is known for writing stories primarily for young adults. She became a best selling author on the New York Times thanks to her Reader trilogy as well as her 2020 novel We Are Not Free.

The author spent her childhood growing up in a small town, the type that contains more cows overall than it does people. She still feels at home when she is in the mountains, hiking and coming across highland lakes hidden from view.

Chee is known for loving all things that have to do with words. She loves book arts as well as books on art. She also loves doing paper crafts and reading poetry. She also has a number of other hobbies, including bonsai gardening, painting eggs, as well as having regular game nights that also serve as potlucks with friends and family.

The author attended UC Santa Cruz, where she studied creative writing and literature. From there, she went on to attend San Francisco State University, graduating with her master of arts degree. She currently resides in California along with her dog.

Traci Chee is the creator and the writer of the Sea of Ink and Gold series of fictional novels, also known as the Reader series. The series first got started in 2016 with the publication of the debut novel, The Reader. The sequel would come out just a year later and is titled The Speaker. The third novel in the series was published in 2018. It is titled The Storyteller and makes this series a trilogy.

The Reader is the debut novel in the Reader series, also known as the series Sea of Ink and Gold, by Traci Chee. If you are a young adult reader, adult reader, like young adult genre books, or enjoy works such as Shadow and Bone, be sure to check this series out for yourself!

This is a world where no one has ever heard of reading. Main character Sefia is about to find out the hard way what it often takes to survive. She has no other choice after she experiences the death of her father, who was murdered. In fear for her life, she chooses to go and escape to wilderness.

She goes there along with the companionship of her skilled aunt Nin. This woman teaches her niece all of the things that she knows about surviving. She teaches Sefia how to track, how to hunt, and even how to steal. However, things go horribly wrong for them both when her aunt is kidnapped. This means Sefia is all on her own out there, and even though she’s learned a decent amount about how to survive in the wild, she’s not able to find out where her aunt has been kidnapped to.

Having no idea whether Aunt Nin is even still alive, she’s got to work with what she’s got. There is a clue about the murder of her father that may also be related to the kidnapping of her aunt. Her father did leave behind an unusual object, shaped like a rectangle and like nothing she has ever seen. Sefia eventually realizes that the object is a book, something that has not been heard of in the society today, which is illiterate.

She uses the book to try and find out what really went on when her dad was killed and to try and find her aunt and rescue her. The help of a stranger may also prove to be valuable in this quest. She wants more than anything to find justice for her family and hold the people that harmed them responsible for their actions.

This adventure is nonstop action from start to finish. Can Sefia get what she wants? Or will she find out that all of her actions have totally been in vain? Read the exciting first book in this series to find out for yourself!

The Speaker is the second installment of the Reader series, also known as the Sea of Ink and Gold series, from author Traci Chee. If you loved the first book or are a fan of books such as Inkheart and The Hunger Games, then be sure to check out this unique fantasy story for yourself!

The main character from the first tale, Sefia, is back again, and this time she has a friend. She is now running with a friend named Archer. They’ve just managed to get away from the Guard, but only just. Now they’re out in the world together, running away and trying to use the safety that the wilderness and forest provides to try and heal up and decide what they are going to do next.

Archer also has his own personal issues of the past to deal with. He’s continually bothered by painful recollections and trying to get over his past trauma linked to the impressors. It’s hard not to see their cruelty and remember what he went through, but he’s trying to work through it.

Then Archer and Sefia come across a group of impressors while they are in the forest. Archer deals with them the only way that he knows how. He hurts them and then sets their captives free to live without being under the fist of these people. It’s actually helping him deal with the nightmare by taking an active role.

Sefia agrees to help him, and Archer goes all over Deliene doing what he can to try and do the same thing, rescue boys under the control of impressors and set them free. Meanwhile, Sefia keeps a watchful eye over her book and continues to try and look into it and find out its secrets.

They seem to just keep getting into more battles and fights. The thing is that the more that they do it, the more that Archer seems to want to fight. Now his need for violence is getting out of control. Sefia knew him a a gentle kid, but now he’s grown to become a more serious warrior. Sefia’s doing what she can to try and figure out what’s going on.

Now she’s getting to the bottom of links that connect his fate to her parents betraying the Guard in the past. The two must find a way to get ahead of the Guard before a war starts up that takes in the entire kingdom, with humanity’s destiny determined along with it. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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