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Publication Order of Rachel Scott Books

Asylum Harbor (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burn Out (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look For Me (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
CutRun (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceptive Measures (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look For Me is a prequel novella that takes place prior to the novel Asylum Harbor

Publication Order of Hollywood Hills Books

Special Delivery (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Killing Sands(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Traci Hohenstein is one of the highly reputed authors from The United States, who is famous for writing successful mystery, crime fiction, suspense, and thriller novels. She is particularly well known for writing the highly renowned thriller series called the Rachel Scott series. Currently, author Traci resides in her home located in Florida along with her loving husband and 3 adorable children. Apart from spending time doing hard work in developing her novels, author Traci likes to spend time on the beach along with her family members. She likes to build sandcastles or soak herself in the hot sun at the beach. She started her writing career in the year 2011 and wrote and published her debut book in the year 2011. Her first book is titled as Asylum Harbor. Author Traci has written one more popular novel series called Hollywood Hills, which is written in the form of a trilogy series. Author Traci has written this series based on the romance genre. She has even written a collection of stories called The Killing Sands. This collection features a few stories written by other prominent authors like Tim Ellis, Rick Murcer, Dani Amore, Rebecca Stroud, Lawrence Kelter, and Gary Ponzo. As of now, author Traci is working on the development of the next novel in the Rachel Scott series.

Author Traci says that she is sometimes helped by her husband for writing her novels, who makes sure that he manages time from his firefighting job and assist his wife whenever she needs him. She says that she likes her husband very much for one particular reason and that is, he agreed to build a house near the beach. Because of this, she can hang out near the sea shores whenever she feels the need to relax and have some time away from her novel writing works. In her spare time, author Traci likes to paddle board. The Rachel Scott series written by Traci Hohenstein revolves around the lead character named Rachel Scott, who runs a search & rescue company known as Florida OmniSearch. Along with helping other people in finding their lost loved ones, she also tries to find her own disappeared daughter. For the readers who like to read romance novels, author Traci has written the Hollywood Hills series. This series is comprised of three novellas of romantic comedy. Author Traci likes to hear the important reviews from her fans and readers about her recently published books. More than the reviews of the critics, Traci values the reviews of the readers. For this reason, she likes to remain in contact with them quite frequently. She has maintained a Facebook page for this purpose and also replies to the queries of the readers through her private mail. On her Facebook page, author Traci posts information about the latest developments in her writing career as well as informs the readers about the release dates of her upcoming novels. She also likes to post excerpts of the plots of her books, pictures, character descriptions, appearances, as well as many more such things. Author Traci hopes that the readers will like all her future novels just like they have appreciated all her previous books and thereby help her to establish herself as one of prominent novelists.

The Hollywood Hills series written by Traci Hohenstein consists of three books in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2012. The first book in this series was published under the title of ‘Special Delivery’. Author Traci released this book as a self publication in the year 2011. In the plot of this book, she has introduced the lead characters as Dr. Hope Love, Dr. Brad, Venus Vanderbilt, and Dr. Olivia Campanelli. The plot begins with the depiction of Dr. Hope Love as a beautiful and single doctor, who is famous for delivering the babies of the hottest stars of Hollywood. After having a successful, glamorous, and a perfect life for some time, her world is turned upside down when her father selects Dr. Brad Whitford to assist her in her popular medical office. Dr. Hope’s father was also a doctor by profession and used to practice along with her at the medical office as a partner. But, due to his retirement, he feels that he should appoint someone to take his place and help his daughter in the medical practice. Dr. Hope does not appreciate this decision of her father because she feels that she does not need a new guy. But, she goes on to fall in love with Dr. Brad and then everything changes. Dr. Hope approaches her best friend named Venus Vanderbilt, who is a popular romance novelist, to get some good advice from her. However, she comes to know that Venus is growing through her own personal problem in life. She thinks that her husband has indulged in an affair with another woman. Later, Dr. Hope learns that a renowned heart surgeon named Dr. Olivia Campanelli is attracted towards Dr. Brad and is trying to get him attracted towards her, she feels that she might have missed an important chance of having love in her life. Now, she wonders whether it will be good to juggle with her medical practice and win Dr. Brad back to her heart.

The next novel of this series is titled as ‘Split Decision’. It was released in the Kindle format in the year 2012. Author Traci has described the main characters in this book in the form of Ava Spivey, Sawyer Winston, as well as all the popular characters of the first book, namely Hope, Brad, and Venus. In the starting sequence of the novel, it is shown that Ava Spivey is a famous divorce attorney from Hollywood. She is well known for showing her tenacity during the courtroom trials and allowing her celebrity clients to get multi-million dollar settlements. But, when she comes across a surprise encounter with one of her friends from high school, her own happily married life starts falling apart. Later, she gets retained by a popular action star from Hollywood named Sawyer Winston, to present in a big divorce scandal. But, Ava Spivey finds herself in a great trouble when she comes to know that a media person is threatening to reveal an important secret that was strictly confided only to her by Sawyer Winston. Seeing herself in sorts of trouble at the moment, Ava wonders whether she will be able to save her career and her marriage. The book appears to be a delightful and a perfect story for all those readers who like to enjoy reading a light and funny book in their relaxing time.

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