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Publication Order of Salem B&B Mystery Books

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Witch (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Vampire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Pot of Gold (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Wolfman (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Morris and the Mermaid (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Traci Wilton is the pen name of two bestselling authors Traci Hall and Patrice Wilton. Besides writing together, they write novels by themselves too.

Traci Hall is a USA Today bestselling author of over fifty books, published by Samhain Publishing and Medallion Press, as well as independently. Traci writes all kinds of things like contemporary romances, medieval romances, young adult, non-fiction, historical western romances, and coming of age.

Either her popular “By the Sea” series or a who-done-it novel, Traci finds her inspiration in the sunny South Florida that she calls home, which is located right near the ocean.

Patrice Wilton has written over twenty books, some were published by Amazon/Montlake, and some were independently published. She writes romance.

When she was only twelve years old, she knew that she wanted to pen books to take readers off to faraway places. At this time, she had read Trixie Belden and all of the Nancy Drew books, the latter of which she would buy for her grandkids. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and had a great desire to see the world she had read about.

She traveled around the world, working as a flight attendant for seventeen years. She sat down, at the age of forty, and wrote her first book, in longhand. For her, she just has to stay disciplined, writing two to four hours each day, at least five days per week.

Some of her interests include golf, tennis, and writing stories for women of any age. She also likes taking a book with her and heading to the beach.

She has two kids, four wonderful grandkids, and a great guy at her side. They live in Ormond Beach, Florida, where she teaches him patience, and he teaches her how to play golf.

After she finishes writing a novel, she already has some ideas for the next book, and seeing as how she likes writing series, it is a lot easier for her. She begins with her main characters, the conflict, what they want and why they are unable to get it.

Together, they write the “Salem B&B Mystery” series of cozy mystery novels. The first one was released in the year 2019, and was called “Mrs. Morris and the Ghost”. Like the title suggests, the book does have a paranormal twinge to it. It is published by Kensington.

They have been critique partners since the year 2003, allowing them the chance to get to know each other’s writing style well. Most importantly, they trust one another with the vulnerable part of ourselves that you must show when you put words down to make a story.

Staying on the same page with each other is important, and having a plot helps out with this quite a bit. Things get easier with each book they write, since they know the main characters and the main locations in the book.

They also went to Salem, Massachusetts and did all of the things that Charlene would actually do, being the owner of a bed and breakfast. They did this so that she could get to know the town and share the events with her guests.

Salem is a quaint place, and is filled with all kinds of historical tidbits that is going to allow the two writers to come up with stories for as long as they have readers.

“Mrs. Morris and the Ghost” is the first novel in the “Salem B&B Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2019. Charlene Morris, who is forty-two years old, knew that Salem, Massachusetts had a spooky reputation. When she chose to open up her B&B there, she expected to have guests and not ghosts.

Charlene, who is a grieving young widow, needed a brand new start, so she bought a historic mansion without seeing it first. She drove away from Chicago up to New England to begin turning the place into a bed-and-breakfast.

Her very first night staying in the house, she wakes up to discover a handsome guy with stunning blue eyes in her bedroom. Terror becomes utter disbelief as he politely introduces himself, telling her that his name is Jack Strathmore and says that when he was alive, he used to live there.

He believes firmly that somebody pushed him down the stairs three years back, and he is unable to leave the place until somebody figures out who did it. If Charlene really wants to get her business on time for the Halloween tourist rush, and get rid of this haunting house guest, she must investigate. Truth be told, however, this is one ghost that is beginning to grow on her.

The book has a wonderful setting along with a well used paranormal element. Charlene is a strong, intelligent, and interesting main character, and the ghost is also a likable character. Readers are interested in finding out how their relationship is going to change with everything now out in the open. Anybody that is a fan of cozy mysteries, involving ghosts or not, should check this book out.

“Mrs. Morris and the Witch” is the second novel in the “Salem B&B Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2020. It spells trouble when Charlene Morris finds the dead body of a witch during the biggest holiday of the entire year in Salem Massachusetts, Halloween.

Charlene Morris has finished renovations on her historic mansion right in time to greet her guests coming for the town’s yearly Halloween festivities. She is lucky to have her helpful staff to provide support for her, as well as a good looking ghost, Jack, standing invisibly by her side.

Unfortunately, as the revelers get a drink at Brews and Broomsticks, go off on haunted tours, or get their fortunes told, a killer is walking among them. Charlene finds Morganna (a local Wiccan) dead in her own shop, and she begins getting cozy with the local coven, trying to find clues to find the crafty culprit. Salem might be famous for the fake accusations of witchery many centuries ago, but this time there is somebody actually guilty of murder.

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