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Parallax View (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Enemies (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Omega Connection (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hitler Deception (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kremlyov Infection (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bashkir Extraction (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Soviet Assassin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nuclear Option (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Objekt 825 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Tracie Tanner series of novels was written by the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author from Massachusetts, United States, Allen Leverone. The series is based on the mystery and thriller genres and features the main protagonist Tracie Tanner, who is depicted as an agent in the CIA. Author Allen Leverone has written a total of three novels in the Tracie Tanner series, the latest of which was released earlier this year. The first couple of novels of the series were released in 2013 and 2014 respectively, and were published by the Rock Bottom Books publishing house. The first novel of the mystery series was titled ‘Parallax View’ and was released in the year 2013. In this novel, the central character of Tracie Tanner was introduced as an agent in the CIA working for the clandestine operations. The novel is set during the time of the Cold War featuring the tensions prevailing in the Soviet Union. The plot of the novel starts with the possible disintegration of the Soviet Union during the last phase of the Cold Wars. During such uncertain times, a secret group consisting of KGB officials is shown planning to destroy the Soviet Union and establish the own power. However, the foundation of the Soviet Union is not weak that such groups can easily shake it and it will do the all that is possible to avoid its destruction. The Union is strong enough to retaliate and destroy the plans of the mysterious KGB group. The Special Operations agent of the CIA, Tracie Tanner stands strong in between the nasty plans of the KGB group and the possible outbreak of the Third World War.

Tracie Tanner is depicted as a beautiful agent with some extraordinary skills. During the time of Spring of 1987, she is chosen to represent the Soviet Union in a simple mission. Tracie is given the task of delivering a communique to the U.S. President, Ronald Reagon from Mikhail Gorbachev, the General Secretary of the Soviet Union. However, she is required to do this job in an undisclosed manner as the communique consists of some very important documents. She is allowed to resort to any possible means, be it legal or illegal, but the document should not fall into the hands of the KGB officials. Tracie successfully smuggles the documents out of East Germany quite easily and believes that it is going to be an easy task. However, she is about to see the dark side as she is under constant threat from the enemies, the ones outside as well as from the ones in her own department. The shadowy forces keep trying to obtain the documents containing useful and explosive information and prevent it from reaching the U.S. President in the White House. The corrupt officials in her department are quite influential people, who will not stop at anything in their attempt of confiscating the important documents. Soon, agent Tracie Tanner realizes that she is in a great danger and should deliver the documents to the White House as quickly as possible. However, she gets framed in multiple cases including an airplane crash and a series of murders. She is assisted by a young air traffic controller from Maine. The two try to safeguard the important document from the clutches of the deadly KGB group and at the same time are on the run for their own lives. Tracie Tanner gets stuck in a dilemma whether to believe her commanding officers in the CIA or not. In the middle of all these circumstances, she does not get diverted from her mission and shows full commitment to complete it at all costs.

The second novel in the Tracie Tanner thriller series was titled ‘All Enemies – A Tracie Tanner Thriller’ and was published in the year 2014 by the Rock Bottom Books publishing house. The novel, like the first one continues to show the life of CIA agent Tracie Tanner, which is full of hardships and mysteries. The novel is set during the end of the Cold War and the possible outcome of World War Three. The author Allen Leverone has described the locations of Washington and the Soviet Union. In the opening plot of the novel, the Secretary of State for the United States, J. Robert Humphries gets kidnapped at the fall of the year 1987. He gets kidnapped at gunpoint from the outside of his home in Washington, D.C. During the initial investigations the American authorities believe that the Soviet Union has carried out the operation and is completely responsible for the kidnapping of the Secretary of State, Robert Humphries. Meanwhile, agent Tracie Tanner is shown to be recovering from her injuries sustained during the important mission in the first novel of the series. She appointed by the director of the CIA, Aaron Stallings for the mission of searching and saving Robert Humphries safely from the clutches of the Soviets.

In spite of the evidences showing the involvement of the Soviet Union, Tracie is not convinced and believes that there is some other organization involved in the kidnapping of the Secretary of State. Her beliefs seem to turn out as true when she sees the possible danger to her life. Her life and career are at stake and she has to find out Humphries very soon in order to save herself and Hunphries from getting killed. If she does not become successful in saving the life of Robert Humphries, it will result in the outbreak of the Third World War between the United States and the Soviet nations, which the prime motive of the rivals behind the kidnapping of Humphries. Instead of getting hailed as a hero for her tremendous efforts, Tracie is considered as a supporter of the Soviet Union, by everyone except President Reagan. The author Allen Leverone has done a great job in writing down the easy-to-read and well paced novel. He has described the political situations and their backdrops in a realistic and compelling manner. His description of agent Tracie Tanner as an attractive, beautiful, and no nonsense lady was very much appreciated by the readers all over the world. Allen was also praised by the critics and his fellow authors for the exciting plot of the series and its editing during the publication.

The two books in this series that we are going to cover are Parallax Vie and All Enemies.

These two installments plus a third one, cover the life of Tracie Tanner, who is a CIA special operations agent that goes through a lot in her field of expertise. Tracie Tanner has an interesting life that revolves around her job and personal life that is filled with thrills from the start to the finish. Here’s how it revolves.

Parallax View is the first novel in this Tracie Tanner series. In this novel, Tracie Tanner a CIA clandestine operations officer is introduced to us. Set during the cold war, with rising tensions between the US and the Soviet Union. In the last phase of the cold war, the Soviet Union is facing possible disintegration and this further fuels the tension between the two super power world nations. In those perilous times, some officials in the KGB want to take over power and establish their own rule in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union government is stronger than the KGB gives it credit for and it will do all in its power to ensure that it remains in power. The Soviet Union being strong enough to thwart any plans that the KGB comes up with to destroy it. The Special Ops agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, Tracie Tanner is the middle ground between the possible outbreak of world war three and the Soviet Union being overthrown by the KGB forces.

Tracie Tanner is stunningly attractive and she is extremely talented in her field of work which are very rare hand in hand traits. She is charged with the mandate of taking on a special mission for the Soviet Union in the Spring of 1987. This task is to deliver a message to the U.S. President, Ronald Reagan at the time, that is sent from the Secretary General of the Soviet Union called Mikhail Gorbachiv. The package consists of documents that have to be delivered in a non disclosed manner to avoid it getting into the wrong hands. She is given the power to use any means at her disposal to make sure that the document is delivered to its intended target who is the U.S President. Successfully smuggling the documents out of East Germany, Tracie starts to have the idea that this task is going to be the easiest she has ever been appointed for. She faces constant threats and danger from the KGB who are the enemy she has to escape but at the same time, her department starts coming after her. These enemies are in constant motion to make sure that these documents do not reach the U.S president at the White House as the files inside are potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands and could change the course of things. The officials from her department are powerful people who will stop at nothing to ensure that the document does not get to the White House and by so doing, they put all the resources at their disposal to ensure that this happens thus realizing that she is in mortal danger and she has to deliver the package to the President faster than she had intended to. However, things don’t go as planned and she gets framed for multiple counts of felony including a plane crash. She gets help from a young air traffic controller who is from the City of Maine and together they try to get the document safely to the White House while evading capture and death threats from the CIA agents. Despite all that Tracie Tanner faces, she maintains her resolve and using her clandestine experience at her work, to survive and safely Finnish the task that has been out in her hands.

The second installment of this thriller novel series is called All Enemies and it’s more fast paced and even better than the first one. Here, CIA special ops agent, Tracie Tanner is still going through the mysteries and tribulations that she underwent in the first book. There is an eminent war, world war 3, that could happen as the cold war comes to a close. In the novel, the first plot is depicted as J. Robert Humphries the U.S Secretary of State gets kidnapped during the fall of 1987 gets kidnapped outside his residence in Washington D.C at gunpoint. American investigators believe that it is the Soviet Union that is responsible for this kidnapping. Tracie Tanner though, is recovering from the injuries that she had sustained while undertaking her first mission. She is chosen by the CIA director to personally see to it that the Secretary of State is saved and brought back safe and sound from the people that have taken him.

All the evidence leads to the Soviet Union so far but Tracie is convinced that someone is just framing them in order to divert attention from themselves. Once again, her life is in danger as her suspicions about the soviet Union not being involved turning out to be true. Her life and that of the Secretary of State are at stake and she has to find him inorder to save both their lives. She has to be successful in this mission as this is the only guarantee that there will be no outbreak of the third world war between the United States and the Soviet Union which is the motive behind the kidnapping of the Secretary of State by the powerful sources not yet known. She is also portrayed as an enemy of the state instead of the heroine that she is. Lies are fabricated that she has taken the side of the Soviet Union instead of her country. The only one that believes her, surprisingly, is the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. She has to fight to clear her name and save the Secretary of State thereby stopping the occurrence of an imminent world war 3.

That has been the life and times of Tracie Tanner, I hope you enjoyed it and you will get the books in order to get more.

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