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Tracy Andreen is a young adult romance fiction author that was raised in Tulsa Oklahoma even though she was born in Southern California.

In her teenage years, she went to the Univerity of Oklahoma where she got her bachelor’s degree in professional writing and journalism.

After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles where she would spend several years in film development mainly working for Mandalay Pictures and Dreamworks/Amblin.

Andreen embarked on her fiction writing career when she decided to visit some Mandalay properties that had then been in development. She would ultimately quit the world of film development to become a full-time writer of fiction and movies.
Since that time, she has penned more than two dozen movies for UPtv, Lifetime, and the Hallmark Channel.

She made her young adult romance fiction writing debut with the publishing of “So, This is Chrismas” in 2021.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found gardening, hiking, rearranging her fantasy football team, checking out homes on Zillow, and making some cool candles.

While she grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma, Tracy always dreamed of becoming a creative in Hollywood. It is for this reason that she moved to Los Angles after graduating from college.
In Los Angeles, she was lucky enough to get a job with some big-name film companies but ultimately she found most of her success working with the Hallmark Channel.

The good thing about working at Hallmark and Mandalay is that she had the opportunity to work as a screenwriter, which would later be a huge influence on her fiction writing career.
Tracy Andreen was lucky that Hallmark had many executives with a literary background who helped her hone her screenwriting skills.

She used to work for the most part with the female executive that offered encouragement, motivation, and tips on how to write the best scripts.

Many of her bosses were readers just like her and they used to talk about what they read as they had a huge appreciation for storytelling and storyteller.
For a person that grew up reading novels and spent much of her time in bookstores, there was no better place to develop as an author.

Tracy Andreen’s process for writing her scripts and novels usually involves her notebooks and pens alongside a cup of tea.

She loves to put ideas on paper as she finds it easier to retain information this way as opposed to typing them into a laptop. Moreover, putting things on paper means she cannot as easily delete what may be good ideas as she would on computers.
Her house is full of drawers and boxes that have notebooks that go back decades. She usually does a lot of research on her fiction and scripts including the notes from the producers and networks to ensure she has penned the best story she can.
Tracy often begins with a broad idea which she then distills into a few aspects and characters on which she will then build her story.

Given the complexity of writing, she has sometimes compared it to managed schizophrenia. She often hears voices in her head telling her what to say and which direction to take which may be very different from what had originally been envisioned.

“So, This is Christmas” by Tracy Andreen is the story of Finley Brown.

She is in junior high and is just done with the first semester as the newest scholar attending a very prestigious school.

It had not been the best experience as she had come from being a small pond big fish to a mediocre minnow that is part of nothing and for the most part outside of everything.
It had been a morale-sapping experience but it strengthened her as she put the past in the rearview mirror and reached for greater things.

But things hanged when she goes back home for Christmas. She finds her parents have been separated for months and her ex and best friend have recently started dating.
Things only get more interesting and complicated when an awkward and aloof English guy turns up with his aunt hoping to celebrate Christmas in town.

It seems that the article she had written on social media praising her small town as an idyllic holiday paradise is what had attracted Arthur to the town.

She had worked hard to show the many snobs in her school that she was not a failure by staying back home but now it has complicated things. It is now up to Brown to give Arthur the Christmas he had been promised.
It makes for an interesting novel about friends, family, home, and finding your place and love.

Tracy Andreen’s novel “So, This is Love” sees Finley Brown back at the Connecticut-based Barrington Academy for her next semester.

Following an amazing holiday, she cannot wait to reconnect with her classmate Arthur Chakrabarti who she had spent several weeks in Christmas Oklahoma.

Following their Christmas holiday Arthur and his aunt had left for London and it has been several weeks since they had seen each other.

They had an intense kiss a few weeks back at her hometown and she cannot wait to see him again but the man acts aloof when they finally met.

She is left devastated and goes to Ayisha her new friend for comfort. There is nothing she wants more than enjoy the semester and put Arthur in her rearview mirror.

Ayisha and Finley decide that they will be going on the annual ski trip the school usually organizes. But then what they believed would be a lot of fun is a trip filled with drama.

Brown is informed that Arthur is unable to date her since he will be going back to England in a few weeks. Finley also gets into a fight with Bronwyn Campbell the Queen Bee who wants revenge.

At least Finley has her two friends Petra and Ayisha to spend time with so that she can avoid uneasy encounters with Bronwyn. But things get complicated when Arthur says he wants to talk about becoming friends.

She does not want to become friends as she has stronger feelings for him if he would only stand up to his status-obsessed father.

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