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A Season of Sinister Dreams (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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What the Sea Wants (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Tracy Banghart is an author of fiction. Having grown up in the rural area of Maryland and spend summers on a northern Ontario remote island, she’s no stranger to daydreaming and filling time with imagination. With all of that solitude and beautiful natural scenery, Banghart is excited to have the time to not only read but write now.

She’s always been interested in traveling and moving about, never sticking her roots down for too long. When it comes to her current life, she finds meaning in spending time with her husband and their son, as well as their cat and their dog, who is named Scrabble. They all still find time to travel the world and see new things constantly!

Tracy Banghart is the originator and author of the By Blood series. If you love supernatural or fantasy inspired fiction series, then you are going to love this book! The series kicked off in 2013 with the release of the debut novel By Blood, which gives the series its name. That was followed by the exciting release of Tracy Banghart’s sequel, which is titled Moon Blood.

By Blood is the first novel in the series. The main character in this story is Emma Wong. She is seventeen years old and is looking forward to the very real idea that she will be spending her summer in England. Any teen would be excited to spend the summer abroad and in Europe, no less.

Emma is looking forward to her adventure in a place that she fully expects to have beautiful scenery and many dishy guys that are not only hot but have accents too. When it comes to Emma’s life, she’s having trouble navigating her family life. Her mom is estranged, and the new stepfather that she has is totally annoying. If you count a half-brother that just drools all of the time, you’ve got a strange situation for sure.

Emma just wants to take her favorite red leather jacket and get out of there. There is one good thing about the situation, and that’s Josh, the research assistance who’s going to be living in for the summer. Even though she is drunk and kisses him just hours after they first end up meeting, she’s not excited to have him be there and witness how crazy her family can be first hand.

Can she overcome the embarrassment of it all and manage to somehow still have a good time? Emma is not sure, but when she meets a new friends things might be looking up. The girl is actually a Druid and she is quite mysterious, which piques Emma’s interest. Now this vacation is looking even more fun than she thought it would.

With new friends and rituals coming into her life, Emma is finally starting to feel like she is a free woman. This vacation is turning out to be awesome because she finally feels like she is coming into her own and becoming way more independent. She’s ready to ditch all the boring details of family life and get into the world, even starting to fall for a foreign stranger named Simon.

When it comes to this hot guy, she’s starting to fall for him. But even though they get on well doesn’t mean that their love affair will happen or things will go smoothly. Emma is actually about to find out just how complex life can get. Want to find out what happens? Then you’ve got to pick up By Blood by expert author Tracy Banghart to find out!

Can blood be enough to keep us together? This question was first asked in the debut novel of the By Blood series. It continues to be asked in the sequel of the series, Moon Child. If you loved the first book in this crazy paranormal mystery series, you’ll be sure to love Moon Child!

Ever before Emma started to have adventures in England, her friend Diana has her own story to tell. Emma’s her best friend and Diana Calvert loves seeing all of her crazy outfits and awesome fashion choices. She’s over high school and all of the petty drama.

She doesn’t even care if Olivia hates her or David has a crush on her. They can all just forget about all of it. But the drama is getting to her, and she’s feeling distracted. All that she wants in life is to get a dance scholarship so that she can go to college and get out of this small town.

It seems like nothing ever happens in the town of New Freedom. Pennsylvania is really boring, and she just cannot wait for high school to be over so she can graduate and leave and put some distance between her and this town. Nothing interesting ever happens here until she meets someone new.

Nicholas Woodhaven is charming, even if he is pretty pale and has a temper. They start spending time together and the more that they hang out together, the more that she starts to find out that he isn’t the same as other people. Now she’s starting to suspect that Nicholas is not what he says he is.

Nicholas is definitely different from other guys and the more that she gets to know him she likes him. So what if he only goes out to do things at night and appears to live with a slightly off-putting aunt and doesn’t go to school like the rest of the teenagers in the area?

Diana thinks that she gets this guy. But what will happen to her sense of certainty when people in the town start dying one by one? This girl is starting to wonder whether Nicholas can truly be trusted, or if she’s just personalizing someone that might just be a monster. Could she be the next victim of whoever is doing this?

Diana is going to have to trust her gut and get to the bottom of this in the meantime. Find out what happens in this thrilling murder mystery from accomplished author Tracy Banghart by picking it up and catching all of the nonstop action.

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