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Tracy Brown is a poet, author, and a playwright; she has written some bestselling books (like Essence Magazine, for example) and has written some work for story anthologies. She was born in the year 1974. When Tracy was only fifteen years old, she was pregnant with Ashley (her daughter), and was able to graduate high school. Later on in life, she would have two sons (Justin and Quaviel). Brown has had her work featured in magazines and newspapers around the country.

Tracy Brown sends her message to schools, community organizations, and churches; her message is that girls should dream big. She is a director for the non-profit organization We Are Ladies First, Ltd. in Staten Island, and the goal of it is to inspire, empower, and inform women in the community. Brown has even spoken to her fans and students who are interested in becoming professional writers themselves at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Brown has written quite a bit, in just a short amount of time, turning out about a book a year. She has written the “White Lines” series, the “Snapped” novels, and the “Celeste Styles” series, along with some other novels.She was born and raised in Staten Island, and sets a lot of her work here. They focus on women who go through adversity and triumph over it. She feels that it is her honor to pass on the things that she has seen and heard to her readers, and writing has, for a long time, been her passion. A lot of her work is from the urban fiction genre.

“White Lines” is the first novel in the “White Lines” series that was released in the year 2007. Jada escaped all of her demons and everything that she endured at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. All at the age of sixteen. She partied and all seemed pretty good when she was with the neighborhood kingpin named Born who developed a reputation for being synonymous with respect, power, and money. All the love that he showed her could not save her from her addiction to crack. She goes from crack addict to hooker to survivor and back, but she is able to find the strength to live for her and come out clean on the other side.

Fans of the novel liked the way they were able to gain insight into the world of drugs, and show you how harsh the effects will be on the ones you love. It will also show the reasons why the users change the way that they do. People felt that they really care about Jada as she goes on her journey. This is a page turner that you will spend quite a bit of time reading until the end. You are with the characters the entire time and you are there for every detail. One reader bought the book on the spur of the moment and wound up staying up the whole night reading the book that featured Jada and Born’s love story. Some felt that Tracy Brown is able to weave quite a yarn with this novel and that she is quite the storyteller.

“White Lines II: Sunny” is the second novel in the “White Lines” series that was released in the year 2012. Sunny, it would appear, as though she has everything. Looks, a great home, healthy daughter, and money; not to mention friends who love her. Sunny has a secret that she has been hanging on to. She has not even told her friends this secret. She is unhappy. She misses Dorian, her beloved beau. She feels that no other man will ever live up to him. She has dated some wealthy and powerful men after he died, but they did nothing for her. She chases those white lines once again. Will she finally be able to put her life back together again?

Fans of the novel found it to be quite a page turner that kept them up into the morning hours reading the book. Fans enjoyed reading about the characters from the first book, and where they are in this installment, years later after the first book’s setting. Some liked the shift to Born and Jada, feeling that they were their favorite characters to read about them and they were curious what happened with them after book one ended. Some even liked the twist at the end of the novel, and find that they cannot wait to see where things will go with the next book in the series.

“White Lines III: All Falls Down” is the third novel in the “White Lines” series that was released in the year 2015. This is the conclusion to he love story that began in the first novel in the series. Born and Jada have gone full circle, but have had to pay a heavy price to get there. Jada has gotten things back on track, where they are supposed to be after fighting her demons, getting her son back in her life. Everything still feels as though it is on shaky ground for her, however. The thing that will make things better for her is to have Born back, but it is proving to be the hardest thing that she has ever fought for. Something brutal and shocking happens that tests how strong both Born and Jada’s resolve is, it takes everything they have in the willpower department to stay on top of things.

Fans of the novel liked that the author keeps the pedal to the metal throughout the entire book, not letting up the entire way. It has everything that Brown puts in all of her other books sex, betrayal, drugs, and love. This novel delivered on all of the promise and was worth the time that devoted Tracy Brown readers had to wait to get their hands on it. All of the characters had their stories fulfilled here. This novel kills you slowly with parts of the story, the way it takes you on an emotional roller coaster. It also gives you closure on some of these characters, and wraps everything up for the reader.

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