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Tracy Clark is an award-winning and reputed American writer of contemporary, young adult, and paranormal stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Light Key Trilogy series. Clark’s novels are widely popular and are well known for their rich cast of characters, excellent setting, intriguing storylines, and interesting style of writing. In addition to writing novels, Clark runs a blog called Moxie Fruit. She writes interesting blogs on this page for midlife females. Clark says that one part of her career is dedicated to the teenage readers and the other part is for the midlife readers, especially women. Author Clark was born in Reno, Nevada, United States. She is now happily married and has college-going children. Recently, Clark has moved out of the cold Sierras and relocated to the sunny area of the state. Clark sees her children as a continues source of interesting dialogue. They also help her in staying young and catching up with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Author Clark is the recipient of the SCBWI Grant. She has also participated in the prestigious Mentor Program of the Nevada SCBWI on two occasions. Other than being a noteworthy author, Clark is a trained private pilot, a chocolate connoisseur, and an irredeemable dreamer. She spends her days and nights juggling between her different careers as a blogger, teacher, photographer, and writer. Having raised her children is one of the well-accomplished tasks of her life. Author Clark lived in her hometown of Reno until the age of 11. Her real upbringing was carried out in Southern California. In spite of that, she considers herself a valley girl. During her early twenties, Clark went back to live in northern Nevada again. Nowadays, she resides in sunny southern California along with her loving husband and children.

Clark has spent 20 years of her life working as a professional photographer. Despite that, she thinks that she is an Everyday Photographer. This is because she likes to shoot on an everyday basis and the subject matters that are her most favorite are often seen in the everyday-ordinary. Author Clark’s successful career in the field of photography enabled her to lay the foundation of a collaborative photography blog called Shutter Sisters. This blog celebrates women who are highly passionate about photography. Clark also undertakes lessons on creative photography at the Big Pictures Classes. She is one of the co-authors of a column in DP Magazine called Point of Focus. The other activities in which she is involved include writing at Babble Voices, running UNF campaign, etc. Clark is the eldest among the 3 Disney Sisters.

The Light Key series written by author Tracy Clark is comprised of 3 books in total, released between 2014 and 2015. All three books’ stories revolve around the life of the central character named Cora Sandoval. Other essential characters mentioned by Clark in this series include Finn Doyle, Giovanni, Mari, Dun, Tulki, etc. Clark has set the plots of all the three novels in Ireland and the United States. The debut book of this paranormal/fantasy series is entitled ‘Scintillate’. It was released by the Entangled Teen publication in 2014. The book opens by introducing Cora Sandoval as a girl having a miserable life. She lives an unexciting, insulated life and blames her father for most of the miseries.

Cora Sandoval’s mother went missing in Ireland when she was just 5 years old and her father has been beside her like a human handcuff since then. Suddenly, Cora Sandoval’s life takes an extraordinary turn when she starts seeing colorful lights around the individuals. She sees the colors around everyone except herself, and only she glows luminous silver. It is only later learned by Cora that there are other people like her in this world and their race is called Scintilla. Also, such people are being hunted and killed by a distinct group called the Arrazi. While Cora Sandoval investigates the dangers associated with her newfound auras, she gets inexplicably attracted towards Finn Doyle. Finn is an exchange student from Ireland and possesses a handsome personality and a charming look.

Cora and Finn fall in love instantly as their attraction is magnetic, primal, and strong. However, Cora’s father disapproves her relationship with Finn, while Finn’s mom orders him to move back to Ireland. Later, mysteries begin to unravel slowly and make Cora realize that she was living a life full of lies. When a supernatural killer is on her trail to kill her, Cora flees away to Ireland to search her missing mother and find out her reality. While in Ireland, Cora comes across another silver-glowing person like her. And after passing through danger and threats, she discovers the true meaning of the powers inside her and the role they play in the conspiracy that has spanned many centuries. And when Cora Sandoval learns that her powers are capable of protecting mankind from the dangerous conspiracies, she prepares herself to do what is expected of her without fearing the threats in her path.

Another exciting novel of this series is called ‘Illuminate’. It was also published by the Entangled Teen in 2015. Initially, this novel opens by mentioning that Cora Sandoval is one of the few remaining of the extraordinary race called Scintilla. She misses her loved ones, whom she has lost during the course of fighting the dark forces of Arrazi. Cora Sandoval is capable of unraveling the human history’s biggest conspiracy and decoding its link to the human race’s fate. As she follows the trail of many centuries-old secrets and clues, she stumbles upon a shocking and dangerous truth. Many known & unknown enemies follow her trail to stop her from disentangling the conspiracy.

To succeed in her mission of safeguarding mankind, Cora Sandoval is required to locate every ancient clue hidden in the religions, mythologies, and the art of humankind. And while doing so, she must prevent her heart from getting torn apart by the 2 boys she has developed feelings of love for, one of which is an Arazzi and the other is a Scintilla. Cora vows to keep fighting till her last breath and save herself, the world, and the Scintilla. This book became equally popular and successful among the fans of paranormal and fantasy stories. They liked and appreciated the story of Cora Sandoval very much.

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