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Publication Order of Tracy Whitney Books

If Tomorrow Comes (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Tomorrow (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reckless (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tracy Whitney Series

During his time the American writer Sidney Sheldon was well known as an author of mystery thriller novels, along with contemporary and children’s literature too. Writing for the stage as well as the silver screen, he had an extremely visual sense as well, with his ability in conjuring up a stark and bold image remaining unparalleled. Knowing his audience extremely well, he could also craft well drawn characters too, creating fully three-dimensional personalities who really resonated with his audience. Enticing his readers with intrigue and suspense, he really knew how to keep his audience glued to the edges of their seats, continually waiting to see what came next. This also allowed him to create a number of enduring characters too, as they would stay with readers long after they put the book down. Many of his series that he created would also live on long after his passing, with writers such as Tilly Bagshawe continuing them, picking up from where he left off.

An English author herself, she would work as a journalist prior to taking up fictional writing full-time, a practise that would stay with throughout her writing career. Largely focusing on romance herself, she would be no stranger to thriller novels, understanding them completely, knowing exactly where they needed to be taken. Able to carry on in a similar vein to what had been written previously, she has managed to breathe new life into the characters that Sheldon originally created. This can be seen in some of his most iconic characters, as she has continued their stories, bringing them to a whole new audience.

Reflecting this is Sheldon’s much loved ‘Tracy Whitney’ series, as he would originally write the novel ‘If Tomorrow Comes’ in 1986, introducing the character for the first time. Dealing with a young, intelligent and beautiful woman called Tracy Whitney, it sees her setting about believing herself to be settling down to marry the man she loves. This is suddenly disrupted, as she’s framed by a brutal Mafia gang and abandoned by husband, leaving her with only her wits to save her. It is also her past that comes back to haunt her too, as she attempts to put her history of thievery behind her and move on. All of this proves to be a little more difficult than she initially anticipated though, as she attempts to keep her head above water in this intriguing series of thrillers.

Running for three novels so far, the first was titled ‘If Tomorrow Comes’ and was released in 1986, whilst Bagshawe continued on in 2014 with ‘Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow’. Using his name and his characters, Bagshawe would continue the legacy laid out by Sheldon, taking the story forwards for a whole new generation of fans. She would later follow this up in 2015 with ‘Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless’, doing her utmost to respect the name and brand of Sidney Sheldon, having also furthered other series of his previously. This makes up for a seamless and inventive series that really stands the test of time, bringing to life a character that readers worldwide continue to discover to this day.

If Tomorrow Comes

Brought out through the ‘William Morrow and Co., Inc’ publishing imprint, this would set the ‘Tracy Whitney’ series up for the first time. Originally released in 1985, it would also provide her with her first adventure too, as it introduced her to the world for the first time. Establishing a such an iconic character, it manages to instantly grab the attention of the reader, holding it completely throughout.

In a tale of revenge and intrigue, Tracy Whitney is the young, beautiful and smart woman all ready to marry the man of her dreams. That is until she is suddenly betrayed by a deadly Mafia gang, as they betray her and frame her, leaving her fiancée to abandon her. Leaving the world of glamour and wealth behind her, she must fight to clear her name and seek justice against all those that wronged her. Will she get her revenge? Can she keep herself out of harm’s way? What will happen if tomorrow comes?

Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow

Released through the ‘William Morrow’ publishing house once more, this would pick the series up with Tilly Bagshawe at the helm this time. Continuing on in 2014 on the 7th of October, it would provide the second instalment in the much loved ‘Tracy Whitney’ series. Capturing the feeling of the original, it really manages to stand on its own two feet, as Bagshawe would continue the series in 2015 with ‘Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless’.

Having committed some of the greatest heists the world has ever known, Tracy Whitney and her partner, Jeff Stevens, aim to put all that behind them. The only thing missing in her new more settled life is one thing; a baby, and all the money and ill-gotten wealth won’t be able to change that for her. This then leads to her becoming more unsettled, as she yearns for the feeling adrenaline once again, hoping to feel that rush once more. Then, after a mysterious stranger enters their life, she suddenly disappears one morning leaving her old life behind her. Following a decade of her missing, she is suddenly found abroad in the wake of a series of capers, as now it seems that there’s a killer on her tail, with a detective trying to make sense of the trail of bodies in her wake. Will Tracy Whitney manage to outsmart those plotting against her? Can she save Jeff Stevens, who also seems to be targeted now? For how long will she be chasing tomorrow?

The Tracy Whitney Series

An excellent example of its genre, this an exciting and tense collection of stories, with a strong protagonist driving the narrative forwards. Exciting and suspense fueled, both Sheldon and Bagshawe know exactly what they’re doing here, as they deftly handle the action and character development. Building a sense of foreboding throughout, Tracy Whitney is someone that the audience can really root for, whilst also remaining fully human too. This gives it all a level of depth quite unlike any other, showcasing exactly what can be done with the genre, and the potential it has for real innovation. The influence of the character is still felt to this day, as she will continue to remain an inspiration to the genre and fiction as whole for many years to come.

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