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Trailer Park Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Trailer Park Mysteries Books

Flamingo Fatale (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Over Easy (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Served Cold (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bring Your Own Poison (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leftover Dead (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Trailer park Mysteries is a popular series of cozy mystery novels written by Jimmie Ruth Evans, who is one of the leading Americans writers. The series feature Wanda Nell Culpepper, who is the main actor of the series. The protagonist works in the kountry kitchen restaurants and does part time jobs at graveyard at a local Budget Mart.

Jimmie Ruth Evans also called Dean James is the manager of murder by the Book in Houston, which is one of the oldest and largest mystery books in bookstores. He is a Mississippi writer who has been living with his family in Grenada County since 1831. He was born in the city of Calhoun and grew up in a farm in the pleasant Grove community in Grenada County. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Delta State University in 1980 and master’s degree at Delta State University in 1981.

He has co-authored a number of mystery non-fiction books with other fellow writers. He won Agatha and Macavity Awards and has been nominated twice for Edgar award. Up to today, Dean James has published eight novels, with four other under contract novels. Although he was born and grows up in Mississippi, he has lived in Texas for many years. He is a Ph.D. holder from medieval history from Rice University. He has also earned M.S. in library science at the University in North Texas in 1992. He worked as a medical librarian at the Texas medical Center for over twenty years in Houston.

Jimmy Ruth Evans released the first novel of the series, Flamingo Fatale, in 2005. Last and the latest book in this series were released in 2008 after five successful novels. The Trailer Park mysteries of Jimmy Ruth feature five novels, which Flamingo Fatale, Best Served Cold, Murder over Easy, Bring Your Own Poison and Leftover Dead.


The Trailer Park Mysteries appeals to the audience and has received a number of awards from different organizations. They receive Agatha award in 2008 as the best book. Agatha is award seems to be very close to the Cozy Mystery genre. The Award if given to the best series that meets malice Domestic requirements that does not involve excessive violence, no explicit sex and characters are usually known to each other.

1. Flamingo Fatale:

Flamingo Fatale feature a single mother who is living is a trailer park in Tullahoma, Mississippi by the name Wanda Nell Culpepper. The mother works at the kountry kitchen as well as budget mart to support his two daughters and grandson. Wanda Nell comes home after toiling for the whole day only to find her ex-husband, Bobby Ray, boasting himself at home with wad of cash. She argues with him and sends him away.

The following day, Wanda noticed that one of his ornamental flamingos in her garden was missing. She looks for her flamingo and finds it impaled the dead body of Bobby Ray. She soon finds herself the main suspect of murder when a member of the sheriff’s department and childhood friend of Bobby Ray seem determined to blame her for her ex-husband’s death.

FLAMINGO FATALE is a very interesting novel which reveals how interesting the small southern community is. Different characters in the novel make the whole story interesting with Wanda taking the central stage of the story. She is very hard working as she tries to better the life of his children. Her friend mayrene works at a local beauty parlor and earn good gun-toting sidekicks. Wanda Nell’s mother in law seems to be rich can drive anyone to drink. All these women bring humor on the book and we can even see some hints of romance for Wanda Nell.

Evans’ FLAMINGO FATALE is generally a delightfully constructed novel that makes a perfect summer for novel lovers. It is carefully plotted and written with sparkle and warmth. Strength of a family and love is the two important themes featured in the first book of the series. It well-paced and action packed as it takes the reader through an exciting world to the finale.

2. Murder Over Easy:

This is the second book in the series with Wanda Nell Culpepper being the main actor. Murder over Easy reveal Wanda as a divorced woman of three who does two jobs to support her family and lives in a trailer park. Evans presents a small-town landscape in her mysteries. It present women as people with guts and common sense and are trying to help friends solve problems. The women are taking the law into their own hands and that is where the story gets interesting.

The story begins with Wanda receiving a call from his Boss, Melvin, who informs him that he has been jailed for murder of a fellow employee Fayetta. She knows that her boss is not guilty and does not deserve being jailed for a crime that he has not committed. She works with her sleuthing partner Mayrene to clear Melvin’s name. On their way, the two discovered a found a private men’s club with surprising scandal.

At the Kountry Kitchen, Wanda Nell receives a surprising customer, her brother Rusty. She last saw him before her mother died. Wanda Nell tries to mediate and help to heal the rift between them but Rusty seems to have other scores to settle in town. The man is later murdered and Rusty is accused of murdering the man. Wanda is sure that his brother is not the killer and has to find out the killer before the whole things stink like yesterday’s leftovers.

Evans in his book left the audience throughout without revealing who the murderer could have been and leaves people in suspense throughout. However, he managed to create an interesting and convincing world.

Television show and movies:

Jimmie Ruth Evans’ series have produced movies and shows that have been featured in various TVs that include a number of BBC series. Some of these series have been shown in United States’ Televisions such as PBS and A&E. The series are popular and appealing to the audience and are never enough to watch once. They are great series that appeal to most audience.

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