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Publication Order of Travel Writer Mystery Books

The Travel Writer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Descent (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ex-President (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Travel Writer Mystery series is a famous novel series written by the noteworthy American novelist named Jeff Soloway. This series is based on the genres of mystery, thriller, and suspense. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Author Jeff Soloway has penned this award winning and entertaining novel series that features a caper solving, globe trotting travel writer named Jacob Smalls, who has a witty voice as well as a knack of landing in mysterious and sticky situations, and coming out of those with the help of his wit and determination.

The first book of this interesting Travel Writer Mystery series written by Jeff Soloway is entitled ‘The Travel Writer’. It was released by the Alibi publication in the year 2014. The lead characters of this book as mentioned by author Soloway include Pilar Rojas, Jacob Smalls, and a number of other important characters as well. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a journalist from America goes missing from a posh resort in South America, located in the lush Andes jungles. Due to the disappearance of the journalist, the PR agent of the hotel, Pilar Rojas, gets stuck in an international matter. When she is not able to think of anything else that might help her get over with this incident, she decides to call her former lover named Jacob Smalls. Jacob, who works as a travel writer, is given an all expenses paid trip by Pilar Rojas, who asks him only one thing in return. She wants Jacob to dig into the case of the missing journalist and find out what is really going on behind the scene. Jacob Smalls seems very excited to complete this work at the request of Pilar Rojas because he appears to be quite intrigued by the possibility of getting back Pilar in his life. The other factor that enables him to accept to investigative work is his eagerness towards freebies. Subsequently, Jacob Smalls takes the first flight and reaches La Paz, Bolivia. Even though Jacob has not seen Pilar Rojas for several years, he finds her as intoxicating as she used to be when the two used to stay together. However, as soon as Jacob Smalls hits the cobbled streets of the city, he begins to attract all sorts of trouble. All types of goons and political flunkies start scaring Jacob so that he runs away after deciding not to carry out any more investigation. While Jacob tries to collect clues and leads, all his moves and activities get tracked by the boyfriend of the missing journalist. And in the end, it turns out that in the middle of the ancient terraces of the Incan hillside, a top class hotel is hiding a secret that is deadly enough to result in the killing of people.

Another exciting book written by Soloway in the mystery series is called ‘The Last Descent’. This novel was also released by the Alibi in 2016. The primary cast of this book includes Jacob Smalls, Gus Greenbaum, and Jewel Rider. In the story of this book, Jacob Smalls is depicted as taking a trip to Grand Canyon. At the beginning, Jacob is mentioned as the narrator of this plot and a self deprecating travel writer, who specializes in writing travel books about the scenic beauty of Bolivia. He admits that he has a very small reading audience and that he is not quite successful as a travel writer. Therefore, in order to make his ends meet, he starts writing travel articles on a freelance basis. While doing one such freelance work, Jacob Smalls accidentally accompanies his former girlfriend named Jewel Rider on a junket of travel writers to the lavish opening of the Grand Chalet resort. Jacob has agreed to go to the opening because it is a free trip for him and he likes anything that comes free. On the trip, he will be supplied with free liquor and food. And the company of his ex-lover make things much better for Jacob. As Jewel Rider has recently dumped Jacob, he hopes that he can make her give him a second chance at saving their relationship. Jewel Rider considers herself as more serious in her work than the other journalists, at least she is way more serious than her former lover. Her intention behind going on the trip is that she wants to bring down the murdering environmental terrorists, who have started ruining the Canyon and have cut short the water supply of the Southwest. Later, Jewel Rider also gets murdered and Jacob suspects that the Grand Chalet owners are involved in the killing of Jewel Rider. This makes Jacob Smalls have a new purpose in his life. Jacob vows that he is not going to fail Jewel in her death as he failed his ex-girlfriend in her life. He lays out a master plan to find and catch the killer of Jewel Rider.

While doing so, he intends to find a new lover and convince her to get separated from her husband, who is also Jacob’s host and his prime suspect. The whole murder mystery appears constantly surprising and very suspenseful. However, the book is made a treasure because of the superbly detailed, funny, and smart prose of Jeff Soloway. With the creation of Jacob Smalls, Jeff Soloway has given the audience the character of a winsome philosopher. The narrative of Jacob Smalls looks interwoven with the resonant insights related to the true love’s nature and the human nature. This book is filled with some slightly offensive language, but the plot is devoid of any explicit scene. Author Jeff Soloway has described the extramarital affair in the story that looks quite similar to the ones prevalent in the society. The book does not contain anything positive or negative about any religion or religious activities. A lot of readers feel that the most interesting part of this book is the excellent description of Grand Canyon. Author Soloway has also pointed out the challenges faced environmentally to keep the Canyon as a lovely, scenic, and beautiful natural spot. The view of the author is completely against that of the entrepreneurs, who look to reduce the Canyon’s beauty in order to make more money out of it.

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