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Traveler (Tom Abrahams) Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Traveler Books

The “Traveler” series are a set of post-apocalyptic novels by Tom Abrahams, a veteran author and television journalist. Tom has been through places that most sane people would rather not go through. He has reports on events on the ground during a category four hurricane in The Gulf of Mexico and worked and lived without power over four days. He has trekked through Chernobyl, Ukraine in the irradiated exclusion zone, walked through dense jungle in the Amazon forest, and walked up the steps of a crumbling barrio in Mexico City. He has also been to the barren Badlands of Canada from where he was evacuated in an ambulance. The veteran author and TV journalist has spent more than the past two decades telling the biggest stories of the times. He has been a reporter at Capitol Hill, and the East Room of the White House interviewing presidential candidates and presidents and was at the Pentagon in the very early hours after the September 11 attacks.

Tom Abrahams is what is referred to as a hybrid author as he published his political conspiracy, action adventure, and post apocalyptic thriller in both traditional publishing and as an independent. He published “Allegiance” with Post Hill Press, while the “Pilgrimage Trilogy” and the “Traveler” series of novels are self published in Amazon Kindle. “Home,” the debut novel of the series was first published in 2015. Tom currently lives with Courtney, his wife in the suburbs of Houston.

The “Traveler” series of novels are set five years post a pneumonic plague that had wiped off a third of the population of the Earth. Marcus Battle an army veteran is left isolated with his food and guns after the death of his child and wife. He had been a prepper and had made preparations for such an event but had come to learn that no amount of preparations made one fully prepared. Throughout the novels, he is forced to adapt and evolve his strategies in dealing with friends, allies and enemies. He changed his outlook on life upon the death of his wife and child as he saw that any plan no matter how good could fail. In the novels he deals with cartels, insurrectionists and anarchists as he tries to survive in an increasingly violent and hostile world. Set in Texas, he works towards first surviving then makes allies with other survivors to improve his situation. The story is told in the present but also switches back and forth to his time in the army and immediately after the plague hit and a few years after. The main theme in the novels is reality versus appearance and survival. While Marcus often comes very close to losing, his determination often keeps him alive.

In “Home,” the first novel of the “Traveler” series, Marcus Battle is a survivor of a pandemic that had killed most of the populace. As an ex-marine, he had been a prepper and thought he was prepared for anything the world could throw at him. For instance, he had supplies that could last a family of three for up to three years. But his child and wife had been among the victims of the plague leaving him all alone. While watching his compound, he had seen three men chasing a girl and found out that they were part of a cartel. It was at this time that he realized that there were several other survivors in the Albany area in which he lived. He follows the three men and after a brief struggle he kills two while one manages to escape. The man that got away went and told his superiors about Battle, and it was not long before Marcus was facing off with six men attacking his compound. But Marcus is well armed with shock fences and ground mines that made it impossible to attack the perimeter. He ended up killing five of the men and taking one hostage. But he knew the cartel would be back and with greater force.

“Canyon” the second novel of the “Traveler” series of novels continues with the story of PTSD victim and former marine Marcus Battle. He still hears the voice of his wife and son and sometimes speaks to them. He is living as a hermit on his compound with a shoot first and ask questions later motto. After the events of the first novel in which he rescued a young woman that was being chased by three cartel men, he finally has someone to talk to. She told him that the cartel had her son and that they would never relent in coming after him. True words were never said as soon after the cartel sent a large contingent and succeeded in burning down Battle’s compound. Full of anger they set out to revenge and as they are determined to rid the state of thugs and get back the woman’s son. Told as if it is a diary read one day at a time, it flashes back to the past when Marcus was in Syria. These flashbacks help flesh out the characters and make it easy to understand his drive and motivation. We get a picture of a complicated man that is a perfect mixture of anger, compassion, loving family man and warrior.

“Wall,” the third novel of the “Traveler” series of novels, is set a few weeks after Marcus Battle won a vicious death match with six members of the cartel. They were armed with heavy weapons and mounted on horseback but that did not stop him. He finally managed to free the young woman’s son that had been kidnapped. Leaving Lubbock, Texas where they had taken refuge, they head to the Canyon, where they find a group of outcasts calling themselves the Dwellers. They are free from the iron fist rule of the cartel and intend to make war on them. Towards this end, they had many of their members go into the cities undercover to sabotage and one day lead a revolt against the cartel. But in the world they are living in, Marcus could not be so sure if the Dwellers were any better than the Cartel. They are led by a queen so bloodthirsty and cruel she could kill even her own people to get her way. Marcus, the young woman and her son believe the lies of the Dweller queen and help them fight the Cartel in exchange for help crossing the wall into the northern territories of the US. But they may get more than they bargained for when the queen reneges and wants to destroy them.

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